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Techno Kicks & Loops WAV

DISCOVER | October 14 2016 | 136 MB

‘Techno Kicks And Loops’  features 100 huge kicks and 100 loops for your next big Techno hits. Inspired by all the top Techno artists from around the world, this pack brings your Techno, Tech or Tribal tracks to life with these kicks and percussive loops to give you the edge in your productions.

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: WAVs
• 100 x Kicks – (One-Shots)
• 029 x Claps – (One-Shots)
• 018 x Hi-Hats – (One-Shots)
• 025 x Percussion – (One-Shots)
• 003 x Ride – (One-Shots)
• 100 x Loops (126BPM)
• 34 x (Kicks And Loops Used In Demo)
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……

Techno Kicks And Loops WAV-DiSCOVER

Archetype SFX MP3 WAV, wav mp3 samples audio, WAV, Sound Effects, SFX, Royalty Free, Mp3, FX, Archetype

Archetype SFX MP3 WAV

P2P | 19 Mar 2018 | 2.37 GB

Create Cinematic Gravitas

You have a vision. Not just for how your project will look, but for how it will feel. Strong visuals grab your viewer’s attention, but proper sound design is essential for a visceral experience.
Archetype SFX offers iconic sound effects for your weighty, powerful projects.

– 120+ Original Sound Effects
– 600+ Variations
– 6 Distinct Categories: 01 Risers, 02 Hits, 03 Whooshes, 04 Glitches, 05 Undertones, 06 Atmospheres
– Mastered for professional use
– WAV – 96000hz (6.6GB)
– MP3 – 48000hz (750MB)
– Royalty-Free

Archetype SFX MP3 WAV

Anticipation SFX MP3 WAV, wav mp3 samples audio, WAV, Sound Effects, SFX, Royalty Free, P2P, Mp3, FX, Anticipation

Anticipation SFX MP3 WAV

P2P | 19 Mar 2018 | 2.77 GB

Create Hopeful Expectation

The bright and bold sounds in this library help fine-tune the emotion in your film. They strike a balance between optimism and tension. But it’s the kind of tension you feel before the big game, before the plane wheels leave the runway, or right before the bride is revealed.

– 80 Original Sound Effects
– 320 Variations
– 5 Distinct Categories: 01 Risers, 02 Hits, 03 Whooshes, 04 Moments, 05 Atmospheres
– Mastered for professional use
– WAV – 96000hz (5.1GB)
– MP3 – 48000hz (365MB)
– Royalty-Free

Anticipation SFX MP3 WAV

Global Trance and Psy Styles MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz rmx rex2 presets patches nn xt kontakt halion exs24 samples audio, Trance, Styles, Psy, MULTiFORMAT, Global, DYNAMiCS

Global Trance & Psy Styles MULTiFORMAT

Team DYNAMiCS | Jan 2010 | 744.78 MB


In this brand new and exclusive collection of royalty free Trance samples you will find everything presented in immaculate 24bit clarity and processed using a huge arsenal of the finest vintage equipment. 40 High Fidelity and Cone Melting Bass loops, more than 130 Heavyweight Drumloops including Full, Top and no Kick for added flexibility, 80+ Lead Lines, 16 ‘Neural Gate’ Loops, 16 Atmospheric Chord Stabs, 68 FX samples, Vocal FX and more than 165 Drum and Percussion Single Sounds, all processed individually…


Global Trance and Psy Styles

  • 700MB+ pack, includes 525 Wav Files, and 250 Loops (24bit).
  • 40 High Fidelity and Cone Melting Bass loops, more than 130 Heavyweight Drumloops including Full, Top and no Kick for added flexibility, 80+ Lead Lines, 16 ‘Neural Gate’ Loops, 16 Atmospheric Chord Stabs, 68 FX samples, Vocal FX and more than 165 Drum and Percussion Single Sounds.
  • 31 Patches ready to play in Reason NNXT, Halion Kontakt, EXS24, SFZ. The patches include 16 Chord Patches, 6 FX patches, 5 Drum Kits.
  • 100% royalty free trance samples.
  • Reason Refill and Apple Loops version available.



Sioux Sample Pack WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Sioux, Sample Pack, Sample, Pack, P2P

Sioux Sample Pack WAV

P2P | 02 February 2015 | 137 MB

Sioux Sample Pack: This is another placement of the series called ”Sioux” It features 61 chopped samples carefully arranged by Dinma including samples from artists such as The Weeknd,Miguel,Jaymes Young & More It can be difficult and time-consuming to create the sounds that you want and need in your productions So here’s a bunch of samples ready to be flipped.



  • 61 Unique WAV files
  • 211 MB of Sioux content
  • 32 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo


Sioux Sample Pack WAV

Studio Box Mark III WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Studio, Mark III, Mark, MAGNETRiXX, Box

Studio Box Mark III WAV

Team MAGNETRiXX | 04 December 2014 | 19.4 GB

State-of-the-art sound effects surroundings and ambiences created by leading foley artists and sound designers.Studio Box, now available in version Mark III, is one of the most complete sou ndeffect collections, a comprehensive foley library for your film,- advertising-, games- and music-productions.

Nature Backgrounds and Ambiences
We used multiple microphone positions to capture exciting and unique natural environments never heard before in all this variety.
All nature sounds were recorded in North America and Europe.Wind, storm, rain, hail, thunder, fire, water (coast, river, lake, drops, splash, underwater recordings), country and village scenes with birds, crickets and cicadas and more animals  (frogs, chicken, cow, dog, horse, pig, sheep, sea animals).

Humanity in all its Variety
It took us many years to capture all these great ambiences and voices from all over the world.Cafe and restaurants (indoor/outdoor), solo and crowd laughter, applause, footsteps, doors being opened, shut and locked, children playing, church bells, fireworks. Announcements on airports and train stations. Sport-related sounds, with everything from baseball to wrestling: balls being beaten and  kicked, karate, fencing, billiard, tennis and gymnastics. Single shots and stadion ambiences.

Traffic and Machines
This comprehensive collection of technical sounds are all perfectly recorded and sounding convincingly authentic. A wide range of machine noises (pneumatic, electric, hydr aulic), industrial robots and alarms, mobile equipment, office and household machines.Street atmospheres and general city ambiences. Cars, buses and trucks (driving, squeals, doors). Airplanes inside/outside, helicopter, trams and trains, harbour and boats.

Intergalactic World
Amazing sounds and ambiences created by top sound designers with oscillators, filters and the finest foley artistry, all recorded using the very best reco rding techniques available.The variety and creativity of these Intergalactic atmospheres will fuel your creative vision. Impressive soundscapes and punctuations for your production.

Sounds for motion pictures, games and trailers – an extraordinary and valuable special effects resource. A great choice of button click, roll-over, cartoon effects (zap, boing, sweep, buzzers), music instruments and cluster sounds.


Studio Box Mark III WAV

Mercury KONTAKT SYNTHiC4TE, kontakt samples audio, SYNTHiC4TE, Mercury, Kontakt


SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 04 2017 | 32 GB


Mercury is a grand piano sample library for Kontakt Player featuring a Fazioli F228 recorded at Metropolis Studios in London. One year in the making, crafting it piece by piece in order to make it perfect in every possible way.  Fazioli pianos pursuit perfection. They’re sophistically delicate but with a very rich low-end and a lot of body resonance. Mercury was recorded by Grammy Award winning Paul B. Norris with 5 mic positions from ultra-close to room sound for maximum versatility. It sounds warm and very emotional. Perfect for intimate low-key tracks, but it’s also very punchy and aggressive on high velocities. A combination that you don’t find usually on piano libraries. It has been captured with so much detail and depth that you can make it sound in a million different ways and still sound natural, but it will always retain the character. Mercury can be a big monster library or light-weighted since one microphone only uses ~300MB of RAM. With realism in mind and all the possible features that we could think of including soft pedalling, una corda, sostenuto, sympathetic resonance, microtuning…

Mercury will fit in every situation perfectly, and it will be an honour to know that it has become your go-to piano library. A beautiful and powerful interface rendered in 3D designed to inspire you. From the mixer you can control the different mics separately with the usual parameters that you’d normally get on an audio mixer, and with extra features like a new way of mixing that we call “position enhanced”. In the effects page you can add 4 DSP effects to the sound, specially designed for piano. Metropolis Plates which are two EMT140s from Metropolis Studios, compressor, tilt EQ and chorus. From the settings panel you can control basically any parameter that you might ever need. From the round robin number up to the sympathetic resonance and pedal noises.


Deep House Summer WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Summer, Royalty Free, MIDI, House, Deep House, Deep

Deep House Summer WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 18 March 2018 | 224 MB

“Deep House Summer” a new collection of Deep House! in this pack you will find Construction Kits with Drum Loops, Melody Loops, Fx, MIDI, Vocals and Oneshots. The Midi files are present  to give greater stre ngth and  flexibility in your product. Deep House Summer is 100% Royalty-Free. Enjoy!

Construction Kits:
• un “G min”
• Holiday “E”
• Start “F min”
• Summer “C min”
• You “F#”

• 5 Construction Kits
• 39 Drum Loops
• 39 Music Loops
• 6 Fx
• 22 Midi
• 6 Vocals
• 56 Oneshots
• 351 Mb
• 175 Files
• 24 Bit-Quality
• PC/Mac
• 100% Royalty Free

Deep House Summer WAV MiDi


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