Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania Vol.1 Metal WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Metal, Mania, Double Bass Mania, Double Bass, Double, DELiRiUM, Beta Monkey, Bass

Double Bass Mania Vol.1 Metal WAV

DELiRiUM | 04.26.05 | 566 MB

Loud. Fast. Aggressive. That is what this heavy metal sample disc is all about. If you are chomping at the bit for some fast and furious double bass grooves, order the one and only onslaught you need: Beta Monkey’s Double Bass Mania. With 1000+ double bass grooves, groove variations, fills, one shots, and samples, Double Bass Mania is your only choice for creating the heaviest of tracks. Covering a wide spectrum of tempos and groove feels and drawing inspiration from Racer X, Slayer, Pantera, and Disturbed, Double Bass Mania is designed for metal and hard rock but can easily be adapted for use in other aggressive genres like hard core and other agressive styles. If you play your guitar or bass loud and fast, Double Bass Mania is the only alternative for writing the heavy stuff.

Beta Monkey’s Double Bass Mania Features:

  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: All drum loops are taken from the SAME recording session (all grooves, fills, one shots, etc., are sonically-matched). Like to change tempos or time signatures? You can mix any loop with anything else on the disc. The bottom line here is maximum versatility.
  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: Build even more great grooves with a complete multi-velocity sample collection of all the drums and cymbals recorded on Drum Werks VII.
  • Full Range of Rock Styles: Whether you need straight-ahead 2’s and 4’s or you need some heavily syncopated rock patterns, Drum Werks VII covers a lot of ground. Grooves sets ranging from 79 BPM all the way up to 175 BPM, you’ll find the right grooves for nearly any new rock project.

Disc Stats:

  • 1040 (697 MB) original, license-free drum loops and drum/cymbal samples. All loops and samples are 16/44.
  • Double Bass Mania Groove Sets
  • 55 BPM Heavy Rock DB Riffing (37 loops)
  • 90 BPM Metal Grooves (70 loops)
  • 100 BPM Hard Rock (184 loops)
  • 130 BPM Grooves (67 loops)
  • 140 BPM Grooves #1 (74 loops)
  • 140 BPM Grooves #2 (68 loops)
  • 140 BPM Grooves #3 (54 loops)
  • 140 BPM Hard Triplets (78 loops)
  • 160 BPM Thrash (68 loops)
  • 170 BPM Metal Blasts (125 loops)

Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania Vol.1 Metal WAV

Military Madness KONTAKT 0TH3Rside, kontakt samples audio, Military, Madness, Kontakt, 0TH3Rside

Military Madness KONTAKT

0TH3Rside | 2011 | KONTAKT | 20.75 MB

Miltary Madness’ is a collection of marching drum samples in WAV format which can be looped, cut and joined with each other to make full drum tracks. The pack includes a series of fills, rolls, drags & one-shots, all of which can be joined and/or layered with the other samples seamlessly. The style is typical of a military or brass band drum corps & features standard 4/4 rhythms as well a skip rhythms & jazzy style rhythms, more typical of an American marching band. There’s even some rhythms with stick clicks & rim shots

Military Madness KONTAKT 0TH3Rside, kontakt samples audio, Military, Madness, Kontakt, 0TH3Rside

‘All of the loops are at marching tempo of 120bpm.’

1). Unrar , Use kontakt version 4.05 or higher to play.
2). nJOY another 0TH3Rside release!!

Military Madness KONTAKT

Instant Orchestra v1.0.3.1 HYBRiD R2R, windows presets patches macos samples audio, R2R, Orchestra, Instant, HYBRID, Garritan, Aria

Instant Orchestra v1.0.3.1 HYBRiD

TEAM R2R | 2015.02.21 | 885 MB

Instant Orchestra is about instantly producing orchestral music very quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide an instantly playable orchestral library with many pre-packaged orchestral sounds. This library was designed to be an effective shortcut to reach your musical goals. Consider it as a Swiss army knife for musicians – a clean, simple, multi-purpose orchestral tool that will allow you to do many things in an instant. Moreover, it is affordable and fulfills our mission of simplifying and democratizing making music and orchestrating.

You need:
1.Garritan ARIA Player
2.Garritan ARIA Libraries
3.Plogue ARIA Engine

Instant Orchestra v1.0.3.1 HYBRiD-R2R

Upright Bass MULTiFORMAT FANTASTiC, wav rex2 presets patches kontakt exs24 samples audio aiff, Upright Bass, Upright, Soul, Ska, RNB, MULTiFORMAT, Lounge, Jazz, House, Hip Hop, Funk, Fantastic, Breaks, Bass, 90 Bpm, 160 BPM, 140 BPM, 127 BPM, 120 BPM, 110 BPM

Upright Bass MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 19 November 2015 | 535 MB

Upright Bass, a rich collection of Double Bass Loops and Samples guaranteed to bring some low-end funk and soul to the show. Whether you need creeping bass licks, refined staccato swing or off-beat arpeggio rhythms – Upright Bass has all the ingredients you need for a truly warm, live and natural Double Bass accompaniment. Bustin’ out some serious weight, Upright Bass brings you 540 Loops organised into easy to identify musical keys, ready to drop into your tracks or as a basis for a whole new jive in A, C, D, E and G Major. Each set of high-quality recordings also cover the full spectrum of tempos and styles from a downtempo 90BPM jam, to a rip-roaring 160BPM tour de force! Additionally, Upright Bass offers up the warm acoustic sound of the double bass directly to your fingertips with 3 Multi-sampled instruments over 81 individually sampled notes – enabling you to harness all the nuances and low frequency vibrations of the Double Bass – patched and formatted for NNXT, Halion, Sfz, Kontakt and Esx24, without carrying more than a laptop.

In detail expect to find 723MB of content: 540 Loops and 81 Single Hits, divided into the following tempos: 90BPM (76 Loops), 110BPM (95 Loops), 120BPM (124 Loops), 127BPM (124 Loops), 140BPM (93 Loops) and 160BPM (28 Loops). In addition to this there are 540 Apple Loops, 540 Rex2 Loops 3 Multi-Sampled instruments, mentioned earlier.

Upright Bass perfectly fits the bill for RnB, Funk, Soul, Ska, Jazz and Lounge music – but is equally well suited to more conventional genres such as House, Hip Hop, and Breaks. Loopmasters once again bring you soul in abundance, at a range of bass-friendly tempos arranged for prompt application into the mix. Listen to the demo and download the Taster Pack today!

All samples are recorded at 24Bit 44.1Khz.

– 24Bit 44.1KHZ
– 76 90bpm Loops
– 124 120bpm Loops
– 93 140bpm Loops
– 95 110bpm Loops
– 124 127bpm Loops
– 28 160bpm Loops
– 3 Double Bass Multis
– 540 Rex2 Files
– 3 Soft Sampler Patches


8 String Acoustic Bouzouki v1.1 KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, String, Kontakt, Bouzouki, Acoustic, 8 String

8-String Acoustic Bouzouki v1.1 KONTAKT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 03 January 2013 | 1.2 GB

Our 8-string acoustic bouzouki has been thoroughly sampled and produced with all the love and care you would expect from a next-generation virtual instrument. Extensive, custom scripting by Dimitris has been created to simulate real playing as accurately as possible. From dynamic changes to up and down strokes, string selection, note speed, legato slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and more, every facet of bouzouki performance has been painstakingly recreated.

8 String Acoustic Bouzouki v1.1 KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, String, Kontakt, Bouzouki, Acoustic, 8 String

– Multiple dynamics and strokes
– Intelligent scripted engine and interface
– All 8 strings sampled
– Hammer-on, pull-off and legato slides
– Tremolo and pitchbends
– Sampled chord strums
– Easy to load and play!

8-String Acoustic Bouzouki v1.1 KONTAKT

Chill Out Ecstasy Vol.2 WAV DiSCOVER, wav samples audio, WORLD, WAV, POP, Fusion, Experimental, Ecstasy, DISCOVER, Cinematic, Chillout, Chill Out, Chill, Ambient

Chill Out Ecstasy Vol.2 WAV

DiSCOVER | 12 February 2016 | 665 MB

Chill Out Ecstasy Vol 2′ brings you Five Professionally Created Construction Kits of Ambient/Chillout music in WAV format. Using guitar, piano, synths and saxophone solos (on keyboard) with lots of ambient pads and piano tracks. This will enhance your creative ideas to produce successful Ambient, Chillout, World, Pop, Fusion, Experimental and Cinematic soundtracks. Each Construction Kit is provided with BPM information and presented with a full mix and its separate individual audio tracks. They can be mixed and matched with other tracks, sounds, and loops. They can be edited according to the requirements of any particular production.

…..::::: Royalty-Free :::::…..
All the tracks and its components are 100% Royalty-Free.

…..::::: Specifications :::::…..
• 5 Construction Kits
• Usable in any DAW
• 111 WAV Files
• 748 MB Unzipped
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• 100% Royalty-Free

…::: DEMO/PREViEW – 1 :::…

…::: DEMO/PREViEW – 2 :::…

Chill Out Ecstasy Vol.2 WAV-DiSCOVER

Chill Out Ecstasy Vol.3 WAV DiSCOVER, wav samples audio, WAV, Ecstasy, DISCOVER, Chill Out, Chill, Ambient

Chill Out Ecstasy Vol.3 WAV

DiSCOVER | February 20 2016 | 611 MB

“Chill Out Ecstasy Vol.3” brings you 5 professionally created construction kits of Ambient/Chill-Out Music in WAV format. Using Guitar, Piano, Synths and Saxophone (on keyboard) solos with a lots of ambient pads and piano tracks which will enhance your creative ideas to produce successful Ambient, Chillout, World beat, Pop, Fusion, Experimental and Cinematic sound tracks. “Chill-Out Ecstasy Vol.3” is packed with 5 Chill-out construction Kits with all separate sessions and audio tracks in WAV format usable with any DAW.

……:::::: Royalty-Free ::::::……
All the tracks and its components are 100% royalty-free.

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
• 5 Construction Kits
• 79 WAV Files
• Usable In Any DAW
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• 100% Royalty-Free

Each Construction Kit (mixed) is provided with BPM information and presented with a full mix and it’s separate individual audio tracks. They can be mixed, matched with other tracks, sounds, and loops and edited according to the requirements of any particular production.

…::: DEMO/PREViEW – 1 :::…

…::: DEMO/PREViEW – 2 :::…

Chill Out Ecstasy Vol.3 WAV-DiSCOVER

Cinematic Trailers Designed WAV SCD, samples audio, WAV, Trailers, SCD, P2P, Designed, Cinematic

Cinematic Trailers Designed WAV

P2P | Mar 16, 2014 | 441.48 MB

You don’t have time to design your own unique trailer and transitions sounds? The CINEMATIC TRAILERS – DESIGNED edition is here to help you. All sound effects were designed by using the source files of the “Cinematic Trailers – Construction Kit” and they all have one thing in common – they are HUGE! We made sure that this collection has exactly the sounds you need to get very quick results – and you can search for any key word very easily with our well grounded Soundminer meta data. This CD stands for 150+ incredible sounds, recorded and produced in 96 KHz, 24-bit to set a new quality standard.

Get 150+ “ready to use” sound effects, pre-designed huge IMPACTS, WHOOSHES, TRANSITIONS and RISES. You want to get incredible sounding results but only have 30 minutes to go? You can do some real magic with this collection! Pull out some sounds – put them in your production and blow away your audience.


  • 150 files
  • 96 kHz
  • 24-bit

Cinematic Trailers Designed WAV SCD

Heavy and Hybrid Trap WAV AUDiOSTRiKE, wav samples audio, WAV, Urban, Trap, HYBRID, Hip Hop, Heavy, Glitch Hop, Electro, Dubstep, Breaks, AUDIOSTRiKE

Heavy & Hybrid Trap WAV

AUDiOSTRiKE | 20/08/2015 | 556 MB

We are proud to present our latest release “Heavy & Hybrid Trap”. A massive blend of the huge festival sound with frenetic TRAP beats, speaker shaking subs and squelchy leads to easily flip any production upside down! This ferocious pack contains everything from the hardest hitting and booty-shakin’ drums to screeching electro leads, dance-floor destroying FX to deep aggressive bass sounds, miscellaneous percussions to quake-inducing subs, boomy 808 kicks to quirky bleeps, crazy pitched vox to searing synths, rapid fire snares to bone-crunching drum one-shots – to keep the club bouncing all night long! You will have all the material you need to create exciting, ground shaking tracks – you can use them in any way you want to add creativity to your killer productions. Every sound is professionally designed, which guarantees that your next productions will sound absolutely unique.

In detail, expect to find 930 MB of high quality loops and samples, including 235 Loops, 218 One-Shots, twp Inspiration Kits (including 19 stems and twp full mix) you’ll have endless possibilities and combinations within your next treasure.

Loops folder contains 50 Bass Loops, 35 Synth Loops, 60 Drum Loops, 20 Drum Fills & Rolls, 15 Fx Loops, 20 Music Loops, 25 Vox Loops and 10 Combi Loops. Oneshots folder comes with 35 Bass Hits, 20 Fx Hits, 20 Instruments Hits, 20 Sub Hits, 15 Synth Hits, 25 Vox Hits and 83 Drum Hits categorized as 12 Claps, 10 Cymbals, 25 Kicks, 18 Percussions and 18 Snares which can easily be loaded into your favourite sampler for reprograming.

This pack also includes 2 mind-bending Inspiration Kits containing two full mixes, plus all component elements broken down to give you complete creative control. All loops are key and tempo-labelled for your flexibility, tempos range from 150 to 172 BPM.

This pack is not only dedicated to be used for Trap but equally suited to be combined with Dubstep, Hip Hop, Urban, Electro, Breaks, and Glitch Hop. Inspired by artists such as Skrillex, Diplo (Jack-U), Snails, 2 Chains, and many more. This is exactly what you need to get that inspiration to create a killer Trap banger.

This pack will sweep you off your feet!

• 24 Bit Quality
• 930 MB
• 50 Bass Loops
• 35 Synth Loops
• 60 Drum Loops
• 20 Drum Fills & Rolls
• 15 FX Loops
• 20 Music Loops
• 25 Vox Loops
• 10 Combi Loops
• 35 Bass Hits
• 83 Drum Hits
• 12 Claps
• 10 Cymbals
• 25 Kicks
• 18 Percussions
• 18 Snares
• 20 FX Hits
• 20 Instruments Hits
• 20 Sub Hits
• 15 Synth Hits
• 25 Vox Hits
• 2 Inspiration Kits (incl 19 stems and 2 full mix)

Heavy and Hybrid Trap WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE

Perfect Progressive Vol.1 WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Progressive, Perfect, MIDI, Fantastic, 132 BPM, 128 BPM

Perfect Progressive Vol.1 WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 12 February 2016 | 462 MB

The pack contains 15 construction kits, perfectly crafted in the ever popular progressive style. This pack is an absolute must for any aspiring or professional producers arsenal!  Perfect Progressive Vol.1 is packed with over 600mb of content including loops & midi files, allowing you to put your own spin on these awesome melodies.

15 Construction Kits:
• A Day Without You Kit 128 bpm C#
• Abstraction Kit 128 bpm F#
• Armada Kit 128 bpm G#
• Dissolved Kit 128 bpm D#
• Heavens Kit 128 bpm F
• Heavens Pad Kit 128 bpm F
• Horizon Kit 128 bpm A
• Missing You Kit 128 bpm A#
• Olympia Kit 128 bpm G
• Seaside Kit 128 bpm A
• Skywalker Kit 128 bpm A#
• Snowflakes Kit 132 bpm G
• The Voice Of Eternity Kit 128 bpm F#
• Who Are You Kit 128 bpm G
• Wrath Kit 128 bpm F#

Perfect Progressive Vol.1 WAV MiDi


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