Reflektions Stem Pack WAV, wav sounds samples, WAV, Stem Pack, stem, Reflektions, Pack, P2P

Reflektions Stem Pack WAV

P2P | 16.01.2019 | 224 MB

Reflektions Stem Pack comes with over 80 tracked out stem files that are broken down by instrument elements for you to build, switch, add whatever you see fit. Containing over 10 sub folders we are confident this pack will have your creative inspiration flowing!

– All DAW Compatible
– Windows/Mac Compatible
– 15 Stem Pack Sub Folders
– 87 Tracked Out WAV Files
– Tagged With Root Key & BPM
– 24-Bit / Mono / 44.1kHz / .WAV

Reflektions Stem Pack WAV

Robotic Creations: Heads Up Display Toolkit WAV KONTAKT, wav kontakt sounds samples, WAV, Up, TouchOSC, Toolkit, Sound Effects, SFX, Robots, Robotic, Robot, Kontakt, Heads, FX, Display, Creations

Robotic Creations WAV KONTAKT

TouchOSC | 16.01.2019 | 550 MB

Heads Up Display Toolkit

Our sound design toolkits include the SFX library plus custom companion software which together give the user endless design opportunities. For more information, listen DEMO below.

The Heads Up Display sound effects library is the first installment in the Robotic Creations Collection. Each library within the Robotic Creations Collection contains sound effects designed to match five different robotic personalities with their own unique sonic characteristics: Mimo, the robot buddy; Q5, the vintage robot; NGage, the exosuit; Gregory, the android; and Firewall, the mech suit.

Our library looks like it only contains 150 files, but each file includes numerous sound effects for ease of use while editing. In order to help you work faster and more efficiently, you will find:
– All shorter sound files include multiple iterations, providing you with plenty of options all within the same sonic family. No more searching for a whole new file or manipulating that one great sound when you need to introduce subtle variations.
– All longer sounds loop seamlessly. No need to spend precious time finding the exact right place to create a loop.

This library features the internal tech sounds that you would hear within each distinctive robot’s heads up display, such as:
– 150+ interface beeps
– 80+ success beeps
– 70+ fail beeps
– 50+ data readouts
– 45+ countdowns
– 15+ alarms
– 100+ power ups
– 95+ power downs

Each library within the Robotic Creations Collection contains sound effects designed to match five different robotic personalities with their own unique sonic characteristics.

Boom Box Library’s sound design toolkits allow you to create endless variations, tailoring sounds specifically to the needs of your project. All sound effects are pre-mapped to the sampler Kontakt by Native Instruments, and can be triggered with a MIDI keyboard or further manipulated with a tablet via our custom TouchOSC layouts. Together, these tools give you the hands on experience of performing live changes such as pitch and time alteration as well as playing back multiple layers of sounds at once. Our Toolkits take you beyond simple editorial, giving you everything you need to design your own unique take on the Boom Box Library sound.

– 24 bit / 96 kHz

REQUIREMENTS: KONTAKT version or higher

Robotic Creations: Heads Up Display Toolkit WAV KONTAKT

Shift 3 WAV, wav sounds samples, WAV, Shift, P2P

Shift 3 WAV

P2P | 15.01.2019 | 748 MB

This forward thinking sample pack offers more than 600 finely crafted sounds to give you a fresh and yet rough approach on intelligent music. Containing a huge range of useful, creative and inspiring materials and a wide variety of foley elements. From foley-infused drum loops to organic-electronic beats, top-loops, found sounds, one shot samples and more. In detail this pack includes more than 350 Loops range from 80bpm to 140bpm and 150 Oneshots. All main loops include full mix and individual stems. Dock “SHIFT 3” with your preferred major DAW and you’ll unlock 1.41 GB + of highly organic sounds, layered up into super-individual Drum Hit one-shots divided into folders of Foley, Hats, Kicks, Percussion and more..

– WAV Files • 48 kHz/24-Bit
– 362 Pristine Sound, Deeply Editable Audio Loops
– 1.41 GB
– 100% royalty free

Shift 3 WAV

Organic House Sessions WAV, wav sounds samples, WAV, Sessions, P2P, Organic House, Organic, House Sessions, House

Organic House Sessions WAV

P2P | 15.01.2019 | 750 MB

Explore the gracefully organic is this beautifully crafted house loops pack. Focusing heavily on live instrumentation, shakers & hand claps, organic bass tones and delicate Rhodes piano phrases a true sense of reflection and nostalgia came be achieved by combining just a few of the many stunning house loops and one shots. Coming in at 1GB in size, this inspiring collection showcases a producer who has clearly mastered his craft. From shimmering acoustic guitar loops to Four Tet inspired kalimba samples, delicate synth loops to the organic analogue bass loops the attention to detail and continued quest for perfection is clear for all to see. Drums take the form of expertly produced organic 4×4 grooves that have been beautifully decorated with with live shaker and percussion loops.

As well as the usual crisp drum one shots you’ll find a batch of manipulated and raw live instrument samples plus a stack of bonus Ukulele and Mandolin loops for even more live instrumentation. So if you’re looking to shake things up with some beautifully performed live instrument loops or your house beats need that organic touch this this ones for you – an absolute stunner.

– Loops: 212
– One Shots: 103

Organic House Sessions WAV

Tech House Ibiza Vol.2 WAV AiFF, wav sounds samples aiff, WAV, Tech House, Tech, P2P, Ibiza, House, Aiff

Tech House Ibiza Vol.2

P2P | 15.01.2018 | 279 MB

A sample pack with all samples in WAV and AIFF (Apple Loops) format. This pack is a booming, boundary breaking collection of modern Tech House and Techno genres. Inspired by Hot Creations, Emerald City Music, Relief, Mother Recordings, DIRTYBIRD, Material, Stil Vor Talent, 8Bit, Wow! Recordings, Snatch! Records, Exploited, Repopulate Mars, Diynamic.

Tech House Ibiza Vol.2 WAV AiFF

Granular Moon KONTAKT, kontakt sounds samples, P2P, Moon, Kontakt, Granular

Granular Moon KONTAKT

P2P | 15.01.2019 | 2.41 GB

“Granular Moon” is a work of dedication to explore ever-evolving sounds. One year in the making, it contains a huge number of atmospheres, pads, field recordings and an additional arp section. All atmospheres and pads are assigned to Mod Wheel and become pulsing sounds, fully editable, synced to your BPM, for the most flexible use as underscore textures. The real core of “Granular Moon” is the Multis folder, here you will find the whole potential of these evolving sounds.

Tech Specs:
– 250+ patches, divided in 5 categories, with Mod Wheel assigned to all sounds.
– 127 original samples (3.73 Gb) delivered in wave 48hz/24bit, ready to use in your favorite DAW too.
– ATMOSPHERES (66) – evolving sounds with intervals – long samples (up to 4 minutes!!).
– FIELD LOOPS (28) – raw environments recorded at hi-res in different locations.
– MULTIS (91) – the real core folder of this library, explore it!
– PADS (30) – tonal playable sounds – analog sources processed with granular synthesis.
– ARPS (36) – additional unusual arps, made with the basic Kontakt arpeggiator script.
– FULL DETAILED MANUAL, with infos and screenshots!
– The beautiful “Replica Delay” of Kontakt 6 has been used in all Atmospheres and Pads: it’s simply gorgeous!!
– Very long samples are used (up to 4 minutes) in all categories, so let the “Granular Moon” sounds evolve over time for best atmospheric results.
– “Granular Moon” is made for Kontakt 6 Full Version Only! (works in demo mode in the Free Kontakt Player, 15 min. only)

– REQUIREMENTS: full version of Kontakt 6.0.2 or newer.

Granular Moon KONTAKT

KANGLING v1.0.5 KONTAKT, kontakt sounds samples, Sound, P2P, Kontakt, Kangling, Death


P2P | 15.01.2019 | 992 MB

The Sound of Death

Eerie sounds of the most enigmatic and scary trumpet – Kangling, make their mark in the digital world of today. Take a trip to the tides of unknown with our latest library, meticulously crafted to provide yet another level of atmosphere in your compositions. Not only do you get the sound of the Kangling itself, but also an impressive collection of different variations based upon the original.

Kangling — The Sound of Death includes:
– Kangling.
– Silver Bell.
– Damaru.
– 9 presets / 3 multis.
– Size: ~1.5 GB uncompressed.
– 240+ unique samples / 96 kHz 24-bits.
– NKS Support currently in development.
– Latest Full Kontakt 5.0.1 required


Destroyed Six v1.0.1 KONTAKT, kontakt sounds samples, Six, Pianos, P2P, Kontakt, Detuned, Destroyed, Cinematic

Destroyed Six v1.0.1 KONTAKT

P2P | 15.01.2019 | 319 MB

Cinematic Detuned Pianos

Recreated sound of Burning Pianos with strings artifacts. Perfect for cinematic music. In September 2012 we recorded six detuned pianos, then destroyed them with a crossbow, bow, ax and fire, resulting in an incredibly cinematic sound. As a result – integration of these impulses gives a special touch to the overall sound. Each instrument has been pre-recorded – to achieve clean detuned tone of each piano. Our goal was to record a clean sound impulses from crossbow bolts, arrows and air rifles. As a result – integration of these impulses gives a special touch to the overall sound.

Destroyed Six – Cinematic Detuned Pianos includes:
– 6 Detuned Pianos / 17 presets.
– Size: 535 MB uncompressed.
– 500 unique samples / 48 kHz 24-bits.
– NKS Support currently in development.

– Latest Full Kontakt 5.0.1 required

Destroyed Six v1.0.1 KONTAKT

XXLarge 1500 Classic Drumloops AKAi KONTAKT CDDA KRock ALFiSO, wav kontakt cdda sounds samples akai audio samples, XXLarge, Service, KRock, Kontakt, Drumloops, Classic, CDDA, ALFiSO, Akai

XXLarge 1500 Classic Drumloops

Team: KRock | December 10 2013 | 527,09 MB

TEAM ALFiSO | 22.9.2003 | 335 MB


This huge loop library is already a classic! 1500 hypnotic loops, in groups of 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125 and 130 bpm! Workaholics basic tool – styles include hip hop, rap, hardcore, house, techno, all in stereo – 1500 loops, exactly tuned and carefully sorted. Also a sampling starter tip! One of the largest selections of dance grooves available on a single CD! The final and ultimate Loops-Collection for all up-to-date Dancefloor Productions! 80% stereo, absolute exactly tuned to BPM.

 XXLarge 1500 Classic Drumloops AKAi KONTAKT CDDA

Tech House Creations Ibiza Edition WAV, wav sounds samples, WAV, Tech House, Tech, Ibiza Edition, Ibiza, House, Fantastic, Edition, Creations

Tech House Creations Ibiza Edition

FANTASTiC | 14 January 2019 | 474 MB

The pack is brimming with the summer sounds of the White Isle. With a staggering 90 drum loops tried and tested across productions from Samplesound’s team of international engineers, producers and DJ’s. Add some heavy bass loops, shaky percussion loops, next level Vox and 6 construction kits and you’re set to knuckle down in the studio and light up those historic dance floors. Inspired by the King Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations and other labels like Defected and Do Not Sleep. The pack is designed with the legendary dance floors of DC10, Pacha and Ushuaia at the forefront of our sound engineers inspiration.

• 90 Drum Loops
• 66 Top Loops
• 31 Percussion Loops
• 23 Bass Loops
• 20 One Shot Clap-Snare
• 20 One Shot Hi Hat
• 20 One Shot Kick
• 18 Synth Loops
• 18 Vocals
• 6 Kit Constructions

Tech House Creations Ibiza Edition WAV


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