Funky House Grooves WAV AUDIOSTRiKE, wav samples, WAV, House, Grooves, Funky, AUDIOSTRiKE

Funky House Grooves WAV

AUDIOSTRiKE | 25/01/2015 | 152 MB

If you’re looking to spice your productions up with classical funky & disco oriented sounds – Funky House Grooves is the one you’re looking for. Funky House Grooves packed with late-night drum loops, deep & driving sub-smashing bass loops, disco & funky infused musical loops, dark tech synth loops, no-kick top loops, FX and single hit sounds. 300 Mb of pure deep / tech / funky & disco loops will bring more of freshness & body-shaking vibes to your studio productions. All loops are tempo synced and presented in WAV format. Download contains 292 Mb of WAV Loops.

What’s inside:
– Bass Loops: 40 sub-smashing bassline grooves,from deep low-end destroyers to analog inspired moog-ish sounds.
– Drum Loops: 40 driving beat loops with depth & warmth.
– Music Loops: 25 funk’in’disco elements,from sliced guitar loops to funky & heavily sidechained 80s synth sounds.
– Top Loops: 40 no-kick top loops.Add a kick drum and you’re ready to roll.
– Synth Loops: 40 analog inspired synth loops.From filtered lead-hooks to oldschool raw-tech stabs.
– FX: 10 uplifting FX sounds.
– Single Hits: 36 single kick, clap, tom, snare, perc, hat & crash sounds.

Funky House Grooves WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE

Iberican Tech Sounds Vol.1 WAV AiFF MAGNETRiXX, wav samples aiff, WAV, Tech House, Tech, Sounds, MAGNETRiXX, Iberican, House, Aiff, 125 BPM

Iberican Tech Sounds Vol.1 WAV AiFF

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 19 November 2013 | 220 MB

This Sample Pack covers a wide range of musical styles, you can create from Deep to stunning Tech House tracks with the brand quality that characterizes the sound. You can find a total of 238 Samples in both formats ( Wav 24bit / 44.1 kHz ) 125 BPM and Apple Loops (AIFF 24bit / 44.1 Khz). Libraries are classified in the following categories: 50 LowEnd Loops, processed, from deep Sub-Bass to Electronic Basses to fill up the lower spectrum of your productions with the unique Iberican Groove.


  • • 67 Glitched Vocals Loops, to add a Vocal groove which add rhythm to any production.
  • • 53 Grooving Loops, from electronic underground rhythms to organic percussion rhythms always present in Stereo Productions releases.
  • • 52 Tops Loops, to add swing and movement to the upper part of the spectrum in your mix, and finally 11 Fx (WAV only) that will help you in the transitions and breakdowns to give you the right atmosphere.
  • • 239 Samples
  • • Wav 24bits / 44.1 Khz) 125 BPM Apple Loop ( Aiff 24bits / 44.1 Khz) *50 LowEnd Loops
  • • 67 Glitched Vocals Loops
  • • 53 Groovings Loops
  • • 52 Tops Loops
  • • 11 Fx (Only Wav)


Iberican Tech Sounds Vol.1 WAV AiFF-MAGNETRiXX

Sonic Reality Miroslav Refills Vol.2 Choir REFiLL DVDR DYNAMiCS, refills miroslav samples, Sonic Reality, Sonic, Refills, Refill, Reality, Miroslav Refills, Miroslav, DYNAMiCS, DVDR, Choir

Miroslav Refills Vol.2 Choir

TEAM DYNAMiCS | 05.13.06 | Size: 1.29 GB

Classical male and female human voice choirs with performance articulations and individual syllables for the ultimate in expression and tonal variation. From ohs, ahs, uhs to syllables like Po, Do, Re, Mi, Si, glissandos and other performance variations, these choirs cover a wide range of colors and are the ideal companion to the Miroslav orchestra. Includes additional bonus symphonic textures and powerful interactive orchestra combis.

Sonic Reality Miroslav Refills Vol.2 Choir REFiLL DVDR DYNAMiCS, refills miroslav samples, Sonic Reality, Sonic, Refills, Refill, Reality, Miroslav Refills, Miroslav, DYNAMiCS, DVDR, Choir

This library contains:

  • – Multisamples for Combinator
  • – Multisamples for NN-XT
  • – 305 sounds
  • – 2.14 GB


Sonic Reality Miroslav Refills Vol.2 Choir REFiLL DVDR

Sonic Reality Miroslav Refills Vol.1 Brass REFiLL DVDR DYNAMiCS, refills miroslav samples, Sonic Reality, Sonic, Refills, Refill, Reality, Miroslav Refills, Miroslav, DYNAMiCS, DVDR, Brass

Miroslav Refills Vol.1 Brass REFiLL

TEAM DYNAMiCS | 13.05.2006| Size: 1.49 GB

Instantly playable solo and ensemble Brass featuring trumpets, trombones, French horns, tuba and more from the Miroslav Orchestra archives. Plenty of performance articulations such as sustained, portato, staccato, vibrato, muted, looped and non-looped full duration plus orchestral layers for a majestic symphonic sound. Includes additional bonus symphonic textures and powerful interactive orchestra combis.

Sonic Reality Miroslav Refills Vol.1 Brass REFiLL DVDR DYNAMiCS, refills miroslav samples, Sonic Reality, Sonic, Refills, Refill, Reality, Miroslav Refills, Miroslav, DYNAMiCS, DVDR, Brass

This library contains:

  • – Multisamples for Combinator
  • – Multisamples for NN-XT
  • – 464 sounds
  • – 2.43 GB


Sonic Reality Miroslav Refills Vol.1 Brass REFiLL DVDR-DYNAMiCS

Luminoso KONTAKT MAGNETRiXX, kontakt samples, Violin, Phrases, MAGNETRiXX, Luminoso, Live Violin, Live, Kontakt, HAPPY NEW YEAR

Luminoso KONTAKT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 29 December 2012 | 6.3 GB

LUMINOSO Live Violin Phrases -Performed by Martin and Kate Richardson, two world-class violinists from the Liverpool Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded in Liverpool’s famous Parr Street studios, Luminoso: Live Phrases is a 15GB collection of thousands of live recorded 6-bar looped phrases compressed down to 7GB using Kontakt’s lossless compression technology. Despite recording only two players, the instrument cleverly layers up to 6 different bars in real-time for the effective sound of a 12-piece string section, or if you wish, you can dial it down to the sound of a solo violin..

Luminoso KONTAKT MAGNETRiXX, kontakt samples, Violin, Phrases, MAGNETRiXX, Luminoso, Live Violin, Live, Kontakt, HAPPY NEW YEAR


  • **Chords, Arpeggios and Runs (selectable from key switches): Major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, sus2, sus4, diminished, augmented, minor 6th, minor 7th, 7th, major 7th, fifths, eastern, chromatic, whole note and other scales.
  • **Rhythm Types (selectable from key switches): quarter notes, 8ths, 16ths, 8th triplets, 16th triplets, quarter note triplets.
  • **Ensemble Size: continuously selectable from solo to 12 players
  • **Mic Positions: Close and Room (with separate volume and pan controls).
  • **Effects suite: convolution and algorithmic reverbs, delay, modulation effects, distortion, compression.
  • **Patch Types: Live (real), Mutated (processed, sound designed patches), Mod Wheel Filter versions (versions of the Live patches, but with the Mod Wheel controlling the filter for a gently synthesized effect)
  • **Additional Options: Load and unload scale types to save memory. Play at double or half project tempo. Spread the players from widely-panned to a close central group.


Luminoso KONTAKT MAGNETRiXX, kontakt samples, Violin, Phrases, MAGNETRiXX, Luminoso, Live Violin, Live, Kontakt, HAPPY NEW YEAR

This fantastic library comes as a single Dual Layer DVD. Format supported:

  • Kontakt 4 Instruments



  • * 7Gb of sounds on a single dual layer DVD
  • * 4300 WAV files in total
  • * 47 Kontakt 4 Instruments with custom Graphic Interface


Luminoso KONTAKT

Hood Dreamz WAV, wav samples, WAV, Royalty Free, Hood, Fantastic, Dreamz

Hood Dreamz WAV

FANTASTiC | 31 August 2018 | 71 MB

‘Hood Dreamz’ is another heavy-hitting, bouncy Trap pack inspired by Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Metro Boomin and many others. In this Kit you will find beefy 808s, hard kicks, melodic pads, dreamy bells, mask flutes and much more. Be sure to add these sounds to your music production and make lit Trap beats, guaranteed. If you’re looking for that nasty 808 sound, this is Kit that will give you that edge of creativity. This gives you flexibility to assign any loop to your favourite synth or sampler. So you can change the pitch and tempo to any extent you like, with no artefacts.


  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 5 Mixed Demos
  • WAV Format
  • Tempo Labelled
  • 100% Royalty-Free


Hood Dreamz WAV

Project X MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches patterns midi fxp flp fl studio samples alp ableton live, Trap, Rap, Project X, Project, MULTiFORMAT, House, Hip Hop, Future Bass, Dubstep


P2P | 30.08.2018 | 3.38 GB


Project X Is Finally Here And It’s Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Released! Project X is a limited release only being offered to 1,250 producers. “X” – ULTIMATE SAMPLE PACK.

What exactly is Project X?
It’s been over a year since we released our last serious soundbank. So with Project X, we knew we had to come back with something bigger and better than anything we’ve done in the past. To accomplish this, our team spent many months experimenting with new synths, learning new sound design techniques, studying top songs, and much more. We even hired everyone from 20 of the top producers in the industry to classically-trained pianists, and session-guitarists to help make this pack special. So with our newly refined skills, and some of the industry’s top talent on our side, we put together 2500+ incredible samples & loops that are even more high quality, more unique, and more useful than anything we’ve ever made. And Project X is designed for absolutely every producer, regardless of skill level or genre preference. In the past, we’ve made several genre-specific packs (like Infinity, which was best used for House production or Nuclear, which is just for Dubstep. But Project X doesn’t have these limitations. Many of the artists on our team have been creating stellar tracks in genres like Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, House, Hip Hop, and even genres we’ve never even heard before using ONLY Project X.

These bonuses will ONLY be available with this Project X special offer.

This is an awesome collection of resources that we only want to show Project X holders. For that reason, we can’t reveal any details about it. But we will say that it contains some extremely valuable things you need to get your hands on if you want to advance your production career.

This is an incredible collection of vocals that are inspired by legendary artists like Flume, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Diplo, DJ Snake and Porter Robinson. It includes everything from vocal one shots, chants, and phrases to vocal loops, arps, and even vocoder loops! In total, this thing is packing 300 awesome vocals that will help your songs sound professional and “radio ready.”

Regardless of sound design, mix quality, or any other aspect of production… A great melody and chord progression will ALWAYS be effective. And to help you start great songs AND improve them, our team worked with professional songwriters and pianists to put together this diverse collection of inspiring melodies and profound chord progressions. In total, it contains 250 stellar MIDI files that cover every single key and are suitable for ANY genre.

Whats Included In Project X?
Drum Loops:
– Buildup Drums
– Fills
– Hihat Loops
– Perc Loops
– Full Drum Loops
– Top Loops

Drum One-Shots:
– 808s
– Kicks
– Snares
– Claps
– Snaps
– Crashes
– Closed Hihats
– Open Hihats
– Rides
– Percs
– Foley

– Ambience
– Downlifters
– Impacts
– Risers
– White Noise Up
– White Noise Down
– Various FX

– Piano Loops
– Guitar Loops
– String Loops
– Brass Loops

– Arp Loops
– Chord Loops
– Drop Loops – Dubstep
– Drop Loops – Future Bass
– Drop Loops – House
– Drop Loops – Trap
– Melody Loops – Rap & Hip-Hop
– Synth One Shots


Thunder Drum KONTAKT, soniccouture kontakt samples, Thunder, MAGNETRiXX, Kontakt, Drum, AKADEMiC

Thunder Drum KONTAKT

MAGNETRiXX-AKADEMiC | 31 December 2012 | 527 MB

We found our Thunder Drum on an obscure island somewhere in Indonesia, but they are available in many countries around the world. A Thunder Drum is made with a spring attached to the skin, so when it is shaken the spring moves and creates a continuous resonance through the body of the instrument. This results in a sound very much like thunder. The drums come in various shapes and sizes, and are sometimes known by other names such as Thunder Tube, Spring Drum, or, Thunder Maker. For this instrument we recorded a variety of rumbles, peals of thunder, strikes, and special effects using contact mics. As the samples were intended to be manipulated, pitch shifted and mangled, the recordings were made at 96 kHz. The sounds can be pitched very low and still have some interesting high frequency content when working at full resolution.

Focus Sample Mapping
In the past, large sample sets of unpitched ‘special effect’ type sound were not easy to work with. Either you were given one huge folder of samples to sort through and try to make some sense of, or you might have a single sample mapped in each preset – meaning you’d have to slowly auditon each preset to find something you want.

How Focus Mapping Works :

  • 1. Audition all 127 sounds mapped in one keyboard instrument
  • 2. Find a sound you like
  • 3. Hit ‘Focus’ button


Kontakt Library Specs

  • 686 MB core library
  • 24 bit 96khz Sampling
  • KSP Focus Mapping Interface ( see overview page)
  • Effects section with custom convolution reverb IRs


40 Sound Design Presets
– Requires Kontakt 4 or 5 – NOT compatible with free Kontakt Player 4. The single sound is now mapped across the entire keyboard, centered on C3.

Thunder Drum KONTAKT

Ultimate Vocz Cutz BreakzNScratches KONTAKT TRACER, kontakt samples, Vocz, Ultimate, TRACER, scratches, Scratch, Rap, Kontakt, Hip Hop, Dj Scratch, DJ, Cutz, CustomLib, Breakz, Breaks, Break

Vocz-Cutz-Breakz’N’Scratches KONTAKT

Tracer | 31.12.2014 | 287 MB

1st NOTE: Before you awaiting to much i must have to say, this is a own-made custom Kontakt Librarie , made by my self, for my self (and maybe users who can use it here) andbut:
it is just a tiny test snippet , because im not done with this sub-project from my main-idea. Because of collecting 25+ years Samples from any sources i want to store many of those stuff in various kontakt packs and in any genres, all timesync to host and ready to use, mostley for users who have a big heart int things like “Remix”, “Mashup”, “Megamix” or simply Musicians who can browse for some unique loops. But all this is to BIG for me because of the work and upload so i decide now to bring from time to time some tiny packets with various genres, if anyone have interest for this. (The Reason why i post now just a Test-Snippet of this “Librarie” , it should be the first , i decide to start with a mainthread of “ScratchingCutting etc.) cause we have many WAV only of this , but less as proper cutted,Timesynced and Sample Mapped one. So i use here also things who are aviable , but as WAV only, sure i add also own stuff. More difficult is that really all different samples Harmonized perfect with any other inside, to make it aviable combinating ANYTHING in there with each other and finally with the Target in your DAW.

… i give my best to realize such as called a “UEBER” vinylistic Pack for Kontakt, i also add tiny scripts (aviable ones) modded a bit to this thread so you found eg. a mashup buttton in various instruments.

2nd Note:
For maybe all those who think this is a “HIP HOP” thing i can say: RapHipHop is absolute not my fav. genre, so it is should not be a HIP HOP only thing, you found also cuttededited Vocals (Bpm Tight) and more that you can maybe also use in alternate projects. And for, maybe again users who think that is such way of “vinylistic” (eg. “Scratching”) UN-Elite… who cares, i’ve been able to scratch the old way and this here brings me FUN ;P – Btw. actually i add SINGLE wordphrases & instruments and mapping them in a way that you be able to scratch with your PitchBend at the Masterkeyboard (this should be made this coming lib more unique for all, by adding own stuff ready to “fakescratch”…
See it as example decribed above, here (with reason):

Last Note:
i JUST post this because of seeing this cool release “StudioLinkedVST Vinyl Touch Kontakt” for some minutes, beside this i appreciate any critishizm or comments to this, maybe this is such SUB that less peeps it can be use, so i can see if its wanted by more than 5 users or not to make it faster finsihed as usually thought before by my (lazy) self :)

01 CopyPasteCuts-N-Breakz
02 Scratches [Looped+Temposyced]
03 Classic BackBeatz-Groovanizer and Co
04 Scratches Placeholder-Finisher Vocs+Co

…with 600+ samples total-Feel free to test and you can add this btw. as real library (i include a librarie adder inside) – sorry for my bad english & a happy new year to ANY of you here!

Ultimate Vocz-Cutz-Breakz’N’Scratches CustomLib-Tracer

Vintage Radio Vocals Vol.2 WAV AUDIOSTRiKE, wav samples, WAV, Vocals, Vintage, Radio, AUDIOSTRiKE

Vintage Radio Vocals Vol.2 WAV

AUDIOSTRiKE | 29/12/2014 | 86 MB

‘Vintage Radio Vocals & Snippets Vol 2’ is the latest release. This pack contains over 500 vocal snippets, music loops and sound FX from vintage radio broadcasts and plays, covering genres such as Drama, Comedy, Mystery and Roman…  Spice up your tracks with a bit of radio static, great for making a dirty sounding breakdown or adding a bit of atmosphere to a track.  The vocal samples in this pack are perfect for dropping into a project to add a storyline or a bit of comedy into your tracks. Taken from vintage 1930’s and 1940’s radio shows, these samples have been meticulously cut into words and phrases and sound FX and music loops, converted into easy-to-use, high quality WAV format and arranged into easy to navigate folders. The samples are organised into seperate folders arranged by the radio show they are taken from, and then seperate folders for male vocals, female vocals, and music & FX.

You could also add a story or a running dialogue into your productions by mixing and matching different vocal samples. The possibilities are endless, with themes such as Sci-Fi, Romance, War, Mystery and Murder.

Drop in some radio static and a little vocal snippet to make your productions stand out. If you want your music to have an old-time feel, then this pack is ideal for you!

The 500+ samples are all royalty-free and not subject to copyright, so use them as you wish!

• 170 MB of WAV samples (unzipped)
• 502 individual loops & samples

Vintage Radio Vocals Vol.2 WAV-AUDiOSTRiKE


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