Arpology v1.2 KONTAKT MAGNETRiXX, kontakt samples, World Instruments, WoodWinds, Strings, Sound Effects, MAGNETRiXX, Kontakt, CHOIRS, Brass, Arps, Arpology, ARP

Arpology v1.2 KONTAKT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 18 July 2014 | 4.85 GB

ARPOLOGY ™ most groundbreaking achievement to date; the world’s first virtual instrument and MIDI effect dedicated entirely to arpeggiated/sequenced instruments. ARPOLOGY goes far beyond, breaking the box of the everyday arpeggiator. It employs an entirely new approach to step sequencing. The core of ARPOLOGY has been designed around newest invention, the powerful Step Animator™ – a step-sequencer and arpeggiator fused into a single engine for animating complex melodic and rhythmic patterns on a per-step basis, eliminating the limitations of traditional sequencing.  ARPOLOGY is powered by Kontakt player and is not only an amazing sample library of 550+ instruments and multis spanning all musical genres, but is also a MIDI effect with the ability to transfer Step Animator patterns to any virtual instrument loaded in a DAW. This means you can drive all of your virtual instruments with the creative power of ARPOLOGY’s Step Animator. It also comes preloaded with over 150 unique and inspiring Step Animator preset patterns that will dramatically change the sound of any loaded instrument and in real-time.

Arpology v1.2 KONTAKT MAGNETRiXX, kontakt samples, World Instruments, WoodWinds, Strings, Sound Effects, MAGNETRiXX, Kontakt, CHOIRS, Brass, Arps, Arpology, ARP

Instruments & Multis
In the design of ARPOLOGY,  felt that it was important to use a wide spectrum of instrument recordings spanning all genres and sound types such as: choirs, woodwinds, brass, strings, world instruments, sound effects, various field recordings, industrial tools, machinery, synths, and much more. Sample material was carefully and selectively hand picked from key sample sets from the entire vault of over 200 gigabytes of already recorded material used in SL’s previous products. Once gathered and selected, this material was then used as the clay, which now has been morphed and animated into a series of never before heard instruments that will blow anyone away.

The instruments are divided into 3 main categories:

  • Cinematic / Organic
  • Electronic / Effectual Percussive
  • Percussive

Multis are also divided into 2 categories:

  • Instrument Stacks
  • One Note Glory


Fallen (Loop Kit With Stems) WAV, wav samples, WAV, Stems, Loop Kit, Fantastic, FALLEN

Fallen WAV

FANTASTiC | 21 December 2018 | 240 MB

(Loop Kit With Stems)

450MB of Professionally Designed Melody Loops with Stems!

Fallen (Loop Kit With Stems) WAV

LSB Solo French Horn KONTAKT, kontakt samples, Solo, P2P, LSB, Kontakt, Horn, French Horn, French

LSB Solo French Horn KONTAKT

P2P | 21.12.2018 | 2.61 GB

After a long period of silence, Aria Sounds is very pleased to present the LSB Solo French Horn for Kontakt 4 and above. This instrument is yet another step up for Aria Sounds, packed with features, and carefully sampled to produce a powerfully convincing sound. The library is 5GB extracted and runs in Kontakt 4 and above. The instrument contains true legato sampled at three true dynamic layers, cross-fade-able via MIDI CC1 (mod wheel), as well as a variety of other articulations… The Solo French Horn comes with a mixer allowing you to blend between FOUR mic positions; close mono, spot pair, stage (mid) and room (far), to create anything from a close, dry sound, to a massive, distant, cinematic soundscape.

– Polyphonic – Play chords and other polyphonic passages (three dynamic layers)
– Legato – True legato (three dynamic layers)
– Trills Major 2
– Trills Minor 2
– Staccato (three dynamic layers with a massive 7RR repetitions per note giving a total of 21 variations per pitch)
– Flutter tongue
– Rips

The full version of Kontakt 4 or above is required to run this software.

LSB Solo French Horn KONTAKT

AI 30 v1.1 KONTAKT, kontakt samples, Synthesizers, Synth, Rompler, P2P, Kontakt, AI, 90s

AI-30 v1.1 KONTAKT

P2P | 05.12.2018 | 2.18 GB

P2P | 21.12.2018 | UPDATE: 1.31 MB

Retro PCM and AI Based Synthesizer

The AI-30 is a Kontakt 5 based sample library inspired by hardware ROMpler synthesizers using PCM and AI technology from the early 90s. The included presets resemble sounds from that era and also include newly created sounds that will inspire and fill the requirements of your retro compositions. Contains 110 multisampled instruments recorded at 44.1Khz | 24Bit. Most of the samples are seamlessly looped and edited manually for the best possible quality. There are over 1800 samples (Over 6GB before compression).

AI-30 uses a clever ‘Combi Mode’ that enables you to combine up to 8 sounds (groups), each with dedicated controls. Each part has a power switch, volume, panning, detune and transpose controls. Please take a look at the user guide for full details of all modes and a patch list of all 110 included patches.

v1.1 Update contains:
+ 26 new combi presets
+ 6 new single programs

The FULL version of Kontakt 5.6.8 is required!
AI-30 v1.1 KONTAKT

Flowrency Drum Kit Vol.1 WAV FLP, wav presets patches flp fl studio samples, WAV, FLP, Flowrency, Fantastic, Drum Kit

Flowrency Drum Kit Vol.1

FANTASTiC | 20 December 2018 | 692 MB


•18 808’s
•8 KICK’s
•1 FLP
•8 CLAP’s
•15 HI-HAT’s
•31 PERC’s
•67 FOLLEY’s
•45 FX’s
•23 REESE’s
•75 SAMPLE’s
•3 RIDE’s


Flowrency Drum Kit Vol.1 WAV FLP

SSS Polysynth KONTAKT, kontakt samples, Vintage Sounds, Vintage, Sounds, Polysynthi, polysynth, Kontakt, EMS Polysynthi, EMS


P2P | 21.12.2018 | 3.91 GB

Vintage Sounds from the EMS Polysynthi

The Polysynthi was produced in 1978 by EMS during a period of financial difficulty and was therefore discontinued later, that same year. EMS produced less than 30 Polysynthi Synthesizers and so the EMS Polysynthi is an incredibly rare instrument. The Polysynthi had a fully polyphonic 4 octave keyboard controlling a Voltage Controlled Oscillator Bank (VCBO). There was only 1 VCA and 1 Filter, switchable between 2 pole (12dB) or 4 pole (24dB) available for all the voices, therefore the instrument was really only ‘para-phonic.’ The Polysynthi featured 2 x Voltage Controlled LFO’s (VCLFO) with sine and variable pulse waveforms which could modulate each other or be frequency modulated by either of the 2 ADSR’s. The LFO’s could also trigger the ADRS’s allowing performers to control parameters such as the filter or the analog delay line. The Polysynthi’s voltage controlled analog delay had a switch for short echoes (which could produce chorus, flanging and reverb effects) and long echoes of upto 1 second. The Polysynthi’s sound sources were two VCO’s producing triangle, square and pulse waveforms and there was also a noise generator. These sound sources could be mixed independently via the Polysynthi’s VCBO mixer section.

All sounds in this track (except drums) were created using the SSS-Polysynth

The SSS-Polysynth Sample Library contains 3 x Kontakt Instruments:

There are a total of 213 multi-sampled “patches.” Each patch has been created by carefully sampling the EMS Polysynthi at various pitches across several octaves.

Loop Machine
The Loop Machine contains 186 looped sequences. Each sequence has been stretched across the keyboard from C1 to G8 and has been ‘Beat Machined’ to allow all sequences to be played in sync with the tempo of your host DAW.

SFX are a collection of 184 one-hit and looped sound effects and ambiences perfect for creating soundscapes and special effects. The samples are spread across the keyboard. There are 2 ‘banks’ of SFX that can be selected via the instrument’s preset menu.

Main Edit Panel Features:
– Multi Filter (LPF / BPF /HPF)
– ADSR Amplitude Envelope
– Multi Filter ADSR Envelope
– Pitch Envelope
– Multi Wave LFO (controls filter freq. cutoff)
– LFO controlling the Multi Filter ‘Type’
– Vibrato / Auto Panner / Tremolo
– DBD Envelope
– Limiter
– Stereo Width Control
– Tape Saturation
– Portamento

Effects Edit Panel Features:
– Chorus
– Phaser
– Delay
– Flanger
– Lo-Fi / Bit Crusher + Noise Generator
– Rotary
– Parallel Compressor
– Tube Drive
– Convolution Reverb
– Speaker Cabinets + Preamp Drive (Distortion)

The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 or above is required.


Dream Journeys KONTAKT SYNTHiC4TE, kontakt samples, SYNTHiC4TE, Pads, Kontakt, Journeys, Dream, ATMOSPHERIC

Dream Journeys KONTAKT

SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 20 2018 | 1.55 GB

Mind opening sounds for Ambient and relaxing projects with cinematic’s a long journey to the ancient world. Long notes are looped especially on Atmospheric and Pads sounds to save sample memory and for the first time custom gui interface are created with some knobs reverb fx and cutoff frequency to give you a good experience

Contains: 1.69GB – 11 NKI patch 24bit crystal clear multi samples instrument
Available Formats: kontakt 5.6.1 FULL Version or higher thank you and hope you enjoy.


Dark Apocalyptic KONTAKT SYNTHiC4TE, kontakt samples, SYNTHiC4TE, Kontakt, Dark, ATMOSPHERIC, Apocalyptic

Dark Apocalyptic KONTAKT

SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 20 2018 | 213 MB

Dark atmospherics textures, Textures and dark atmospheric sounds

Info: Contains 2 Nki Patches, 320MB
Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo all samples are loops perfectly to save sample memory
Kontakt or higher (FULL VERSION ONLY)

Dark Apocalyptic KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE

Aurora Choir v2 KONTAKT, kontakt samples, SYNTHiC4TE, Sopranos, Soprano, Kontakt, Choir, Aurora, Altos, Alto

Aurora Choir v2 KONTAKT

P2P | 21.12.2018 | 6.35 GB

The Aurora Choir is an elegant and powerful choir sample library for Kontakt, and represents somewhat of a milestone for Aria Sounds, being the culmination of many hours of work, study and tweaking. The library contains both Sopranos and Altos (separate instruments for maximum control), and has an absolutely stunning legato tone. On top of this, it has short syllables, arranged into a very conveniently playable sequencer. Simple arrange your phrase in the sequence, and play away – the choir will automatically sing the syllables you enter.

Aurora Choir v2 KONTAKT, kontakt samples, SYNTHiC4TE, Sopranos, Soprano, Kontakt, Choir, Aurora, Altos, Alto

Multiple Legato Modes at Multiple Dynamics
The choir contains four true legato modes (ah, eh, ih and oh) sampled at multiple dynamic layers, giving a total of EIGHT true sampled legato sets, for absolute realism and variation. On top of this, there are a total of twenty four different syllable shorts, sequence-able in the GUI, each sampled at three dynamic layers, giving a total of 72 variations per short note!
Four Mic Positions (48kHz / 24 Bit)

The choir was recorded in a mid sized hall, for a pristine and clear sound, with four mic positions used to ensure that no part of the vocalists’ glorious sound was wasted. Choose from, or create your own personal blend from the four available positions. The positions are ordered from closest to furthest, and you even have the option between close condenser mics, and close ribbon mics (for a darker and warmer sound). If an even more reverberant sound is what you are after, there is a reverb slider on the interface, and you’ll also be pleased to know that this library takes external reverb very well.

All audio is in 24 bit 48KHz .wav format files.
The sequencer (lower) part of the interface allows for the creation of extremely realistic and powerful spoken lines, with the 24 included syllables. The default sequence spells out the “Dies Irae” text, but you can easily customise or completely change this. Simply click on any syllable, and select a different one from the 24 options on the drop down menu that opens… Each syllable was recorded at three dynamics, which respond to velocity. The low G# (in yellow) can be used to reset the sequence to the beginning, in case you don’t want to use all twenty four steps every time, allowing for even greater variation.

The full version of Kontakt 4 or above is required

Updated to V2:
– New dual send level effects with up to 6 selectable effects per send.
– New custom convolution reverbs
– Updated to Kontakt 5.8.1 (Please ensure you have the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 – Not for Kontakt Player)
– Improved Phrase Sequencer
– Limit Number of Steps in Sequencer
– New Sequencer legato Mode
**Please note – Videos and Demos show V1. We have yet to update these to showcase V2

Aurora Choir v2 KONTAKT

Gypsy Swing Guitars Vol.1 WAV, wav samples, WAV, Swing Guitars, Swing, P2P, Gypsy Guitars, Gypsy, Guitars, 200 BPM, 195 200 BPM, 195 BPM

Gypsy Swing Guitars Vol.1 WAV

P2P | 21.12.2018 | 123.26 MB

‘Gypsy Swing Guitars Vol 1’ is perfect if you’re looking for some bright and bouncy Gypsy swing guitars. This pack features 112 sharp and shiny guitar loops ranging from 195-220 BPM and was made by using a mix of steel and nylon string guitars. These tracks, in the Jazz Manouche and Selmer styles, are perfect for electro-swing and swing-pop tracks, or to add a little guitar magic to your existing tracks.

Please Note:
– This pack contains dry guitar loops only.

• 112 Guitar Loops
• 24-Bit WAV
• 195-200 BPM

Gypsy Swing Guitars Vol.1 WAV


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