Scene Switch: Transitions and Textures WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Transitions, Textures, Switch, Science Fiction, Sci Fi, Scene, Horror, Dystopian

Scene Switch: Transitions & Textures

FANTASTiC | 21 February 2019 | 99 MB

Scene Switch: Transitions & Textures features 64 sound elements ready to bring an extra dimension to your cutaways, wipes, time shifts or any kind of motion change. From subtle swooshes and smooth synth tones to glitched-out, abstract phrases and dramatic noise rushes, as well as serving as a ready-to-go sonic toolkit, this highly malleable bag of tricks is also useful for sound designers looking for inspiring source material to mangle. With a raw, dark and edgy feel to a lot of the sounds, they are particularly well-suited to Science Fiction, Horror and Dystopian projects. If you’re looking for quick fix scene stitch sounds, this one is handy to have around!

Scene Switch: Transitions and Textures WAV

Arena Rock Metal Stage WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Stage, Rock Metal, Fantastic, Arena

Arena Rock Metal Stage WAV

FANTASTiC | 21 February 2019 | 161 MB

Welcome to the hardest, most driven, stadium-shaking sound of Arena Rock! This Nu-Metal collection will pound your pulse faster than anything we’ve ever created. Arena Rock delivers pure electric and acoustic Rock power across seven individual styles. Electric bass deeply roots the foundation. Raw electric guitar slashes through with texture. Then heavy acoustic drums smash it all together with the galvanizing energy of a thunderstorm. Arena Rock features a complete, balanced sound that forms the basis for Heavy Rock, Nu-Metal, and most cross-over Rock/Pop applications. Fill your own arena and leave your fans breathless with these dark-energy Rock loops.

– 7 Arena Rock Constructions Kits
– 120 Arena Rock Loops
– 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo Samples.

Arena Rock Metal Stage WAV

Disco House WAV REX, wav rex2 samples sounds, Synthwave, House, Electronica, Downtempo, Disco, 124 BPM, 115 124 BPM, 115 BPM

Disco House WAV REX

FANTASTiC | 21 February 2019 | 663 MB

‘Disco House’ a super-chic collection of dreamy Disco sounds with the shimmering sounds and sparkling production you’d expect disco all-nighter. All content is 100% Royalty-Free, ready to enrich your sound and fully fit for use in all your music productions. ‘Disco House’ delivers over 700 MB of sounds, with loops, one-shots, sampler patches and MIDI files to inspire your next Disco fling. 212 loops come in the pack, with groovy basslines, swinging drums, groovy synth tops, glassy synths and tip-top percussion. In addition to the loops you’ll find in excess of 250 one-shot samples including rich basses, sweet SFX, dazzling drums and single-shot synth heaven. Each one-shot comes with a dedicated sampler patch for your favourite DAW making for immediate production pleasure wherever you are. Additionally, 11 stunning sounds have been Multi-sampled to put synths and basses at your fingertips.

‘Disco House’ has parallel lines of audio and musical data included with 19 MIDI files to sequence, transpose and tune within your tracks form the word go. The pack comes at tempos from 115-124 BPM, making it ideal for Disco, Synthwave, Electronica, House, Downtempo and many other genres.

This pack is a sleek collection of sounds to get your groove on from dusk till dawn.

• 24-Bit/44.1kHz
• 62 Perc & Top Loops
• 59 Synth Loops
• 38 Bass Loops
• 30 Drum Loops
• 11 Synth Top Loops
• 6 Kick Loops
• 6 FX Loops
• 65 Drum Hits
• 24 FX
• 24 Synth hits
• 23 Bass Hits
• 6 Bass Multis
• 5 Synth Multis
• 215 REX2 Files

Disco House WAV REX

Deeper House WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Tech House, House, Fantastic, Deeper, Deep House, 122 BPM

Deeper House WAV

FANTASTiC | 21 February 2019 | 376 MB

Deeper house delivers a useful set of production tools with this awesome ensemble of Deep House beats, grooves, basses, synths, and FX. This library offers Deep House producers the latest club-approved high-quality-loops and samples. In addition, the library can also be used for related genres such as Tech House and House.

– 33 Full Drum Loops
– 30 No Kick Loops
– 30 Top Loops
– 29 Stripped Loops
– 30 Synth Loops
– 30 Bass Loops
– 29 SFX

All loops are at 122 bpm and presented as 24-bit Wavs.

Deeper House WAV

Trap Heavy Drops WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Trap Drops, Trap, Hip Hop, Heavy, Fantastic, Drops, Deep Trap, Construction Kits

Trap Heavy Drops WAV

FANTASTiC | 21 February 2019 | 571 MB

DEEP TRAP is a brand new hot series. Bringing you 4 brand new Trap/Hip Hop Construction Kits featuring 24 Bit WAV Loops, 24Bit Wav Stems, This pack is inspired by the top urban artists around the world and is sure to play a part in your next massive hit. Inside this superb download you’ll find sounds inspired by Drake, Young Chop, Rick Rozay and many more in this essential Construction Kit pack.

Features: 4 Construction Kits, 24 Bit WAV Stems For Each Kit, BPM & Key Note Information included, 1.5 GB Unzipped, 600 MB Zipped.
Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free.

Trap Heavy Drops WAV

DRUM FURY KONTAKT, kontakt samples sounds, P2P, Kontakt, Fury, Drum


P2P | 21.02.2019 | 9.13 GB


SL opens 2019 with a bang… quite literally. DRUM FURY is an extensive 11 GB collection of over 100 apocalyptic KONTAKT drum instruments. This is epic cinematic percussion at its finest, featuring multi-sampled performances that have been captured and programmed to perfection. A world of percussion awaits you, from thunderous Taiko ensembles to one of the most extensive collections of Tom instruments available. DRUM FURY crashes onto the scene to redefine epic drum libraries with a bold and characterful sound. This collection sports an intuitive user interface with simplicity at the core, allowing you to get straight to the good stuff without excessive clicking.

DRUM FURY combines exceptional content with streamlined creativity, sporting an intuitive user interface for fast and easy performance. The idea was to create interface controls around simplicity yet with the essential tools to instantly shape the sound to your liking. The connection between you and your drums has never been more direct as DRUM FURY takes a streamlined approach with user experience at the forefront. Explore the organic acoustic sound without losing your way in the interface. Tailored sound shaping parameters within the main window give you enough control for broad-stroke scoring while the pop-up menus allow you to dive deep into EQ, Compression, Delay and Reverb.

Mammoth right out of the box, these instruments will set your cues ablaze. DRUM FURY was recorded at multiple locations; from the legendary scoring stage at Skywalker studios to cavernous spaces including churches and auditoriums. Not only is there a vast variety of newly sampled percussion material, but the SL engineers also dug deep into their previous recording sessions to gather the most massive sounds they’ve ever recorded, resulting in a collection of samples that gives DRUM FURY its big bombastic sound. The fury doesn’t stop there…the team has also included a curated selection of sounds from highly regarded developers that culminates in the most apocalyptic drum library yet to be heard…and all at an affordable price.

The driving force behind DRUM FURY is to deliver epic drums in all their forms; from deep lows to thumping mids and slamming highs. Using the building blocks of DRUM FURY, it’s super-simple to stack multiple instruments together and build your own wall of sound. From sparkling solos to larger-than-life ensembles, this collection covers all the bases and will surely become your go to library for creating cinematic epic drum parts.

⁃ Cinematic Impact Collections
⁃ Concert Bass Drum (Multiple Sticks)
⁃ Cymbals (Multiple Sizes, Strikes, Swipes & Scrapes)
⁃ Gong (Hits, Rolls & Rubs)
⁃ Marching Drums (Multiple Sticks, Solo & Ensembles)
⁃ Bass
⁃ Cymbals
⁃ Snares
⁃ Tenors
⁃ Taiko (Multiple Sticks, Solo & Ensembles)
⁃ Toms (Multiple Sticks, Solo & Ensembles)
⁃ Timpani (Multiple Sticks)
⁃ World Percussion
⁃ Conguita
⁃ Darbuka
⁃ Djembe
⁃ Doumbek
⁃ Dununba
⁃ Kpanlogo
⁃ Sakra
⁃ Udu

– 113 instruments
– 10.64 GB Sample Content / 35,149 Samples
– Powerful Mastering Tools via Energizer and Polisher
– Entirely streamlined interface
– Essential parameter controls to shift keymap range to stack multiple instruments and create custom ensembles

Built for full retail Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (Will not work in the free Kontakt Player!)


Shaker Chimes KONTAKT, kontakt samples sounds, Shaker, P2P, Kontakt, Chimes

Shaker Chimes KONTAKT

P2P | 21.02.2019 | 2 GB


Perhaps the most unusual instrument ever created by the percussion company J.C. Deagan Inc., Shaker Chimes were invented by John Calhoun Deagan in 1900. Also known as Organ Chimes, they are one of the rarest Deagan instruments, with only a few dozen sets still known to exist. Deagan claimed his organ chimes to be “universally conceded as being the greatest novelty instrument ever invented.” Indeed, they were popular among vaudeville musicians during the early 1900s, though they ultimately failed to create a significant market niche for themselves. Although called a “novelty” instrument, Shaker Chimes can produce a wide range of beautiful and unique sounds. A single Shaker Chime consists of four bell metal tubes mounted in a frame. The chimes hang on a floor rack and are played by striking or shaking them by hand. Or they can rock back and forth via their own centripetal motion, creating lush harmonic soundscapes. Shaker Chimes are based on the Indonesian bamboo angklung, but the timbre is altogether different due to their bell-metal construction. Several performances with the instrument can be seen on Youtube.

Shaker Chimes Specifications:
– 5 GB Core Sample Library – Over 1800 Samples
– 24 Bit 96 kHz Sampling
– 5 Articulations
– Effects Panel with Impulse Response Reverb Library
– Kontakt 5 Compatible – VST AU RTAS

Shaker Chimes KONTAKT

808 Gallows v2 WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Gallows, Fantastic, 808

808 Gallows v2 WAV

FANTASTiC | 20 February 2019 | 16.7 MB

Needing some new 808’s? Maybe even out of tune? New 2nd volume of this sound pack called”808 Gallows V.2” , and it’s jam packed with fine tuned 808’S that allow user to simply drag a 808 drum and be in tune!  We all know how much of a pain it can be to get your 808 right, well now with this tool that is a problem of the past! Don’t hesitate to pick up your copy today!

– 40 Auto Tuned 808’s
– Wav/24-bit/44.1kHz/Mono
– Windows/Mac Compatible
– All DAW Compatible

808 Gallows v2 WAV

Electric Harpsichord KONTAKT, kontakt samples sounds, Kontakt, Harpsichord, Electric

Electric Harpsichord KONTAKT

P2P | 21.02.2019 | 2.76 GB


Commonly known as the Baldwin® electric harpsichord, the Baldwin® Combo Harpsichord originated in the early 1960’s under the umbrella of a short-lived harpsichord manufacturing firm called The Cannon Guild. Founded by the harpsichord builder Eric Herz, the firm supported an inventor named Caleb Warner, whose idea eventually became the Baldwin® electric solid-body harpsichord. The design was soon sold to the Baldwin Piano Company, who manufactured it with the hope that the 1960s’ surge in Baroque-influenced music would turn it into a success. However, only around 500 of these instruments were ultimately produced.

The Baldwin® Combo Harpsichord has been used in numerous pop songs, most famously on the Beatles song “Because”. An introduction to some of the sounds of the Baldwin® electric harpsichord can be heard on Youtube. It is is equally at home in classical and pop music, though it has been used more often in the latter. However, the prospect of tuning the instrument kept many bands from using it. The Beach Boys toured with one, but they also brought a piano tuner to get it ready for every gig. Now that it’s in digital form, hopefully the Baldwin® harpsi sound will find its way back into more music.

This unique electro-mechanical instrument marries the modern pop timbre of the electric guitar with that of the classical harpsichord, creating a unique sound entirely its own. It features a solid aluminum body with a red formica soundboard, above which a 57-string array is amplified by two pairs of passive pickups. The resulting signal is balanced through a dual volume pedal system. The mellow middle pickup and the brighter bridge pickup each have a very pleasing timbre, and sound even better when mixed together. It also has a damper pedal, which allows the player to create an additional spectrum of sounds ranging from a muted guitar to a pizzicato violin.

Antiquity Music has sold at least twenty Baldwin® combo harpsichords over the years. We sampled the best-sounding one for our Electric Harpsichord virtual instrument. We revoiced and regulated the jacks so that the instrument would play exactly the way it did when it left the factory in the 1960’s. Then we recorded every note with three damper settings, from an open string with no damping to heavy muting without bending the pitch. Both pickup sets were recorded simultaneously through a Great River MP-2NV DI and Mytek 8X192 converter.

When making the controls for this virtual instrument, a faithful recreation of the pickup switch box was added, giving the user exacting control over blending each pickups’ output, but with volume and panning capability.

Electric Harpsichord Specifications:
– 6 GB Core Sample Library – Over 800 Samples
– 24 bit 96 kHz Sampling
– 3 Round Robin Layers
– 3 Damper Pedal Articulations
– Every Note Sampled
– Customizable Velocity Response
– VST AU RTAS Standalone
– Compatible with Kontakt 5.5+

Electric Harpsichord KONTAKT

Sci Fi Ambiences WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Sci Fi, Fantastic, Ambiences

Sci-Fi Ambiences WAV

FANTASTiC | 20 February 2019 | 937 MB

From the Moons of Saturn to the internal workings of a warp engine. These ambiances will set the tone for all types of futuristic sounds scapes. These textures are blended phase modulations and distant radio waves that will drop right into your DAW and transport you to outer space!

What’s in the Pack?
– 50 SoundScapes each 1-2 minutes in length

Sci-Fi Ambiences WAV


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