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The Resonant Drop KONTAKT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 09 November 2014 | 572 MB

‘The Resonant Drop’ makes great accents for most styles of Electronica and Dance music. Not all science fiction envisions either the future or the vast depths of uncharted space as just a vast playground of wondrous beauty, while back home exists a near-perfect Earth based utopian society where all problems have been solved and all humanity now lives in harmony. Instead, some sci-fi visions of the future are darker, bleaker, and these visions of deep space likewise show that not all exploration might be just fun and games – a future might perhaps be more like that of Prometheus, Terminator, or Blade Runner, than of Star Trek – to use a Cinematic metaphor.  ‘The Resonant Drop’ does contain some pretty and shimmering deep space ambiences but it is mostly intended for that more disconcerting, cyberpunk, perhaps even downright scary future-vision. This pack contains over 1 GB of pristine 24-Bit samples (uncompressed).


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