Basses Vol.2 Agressive Basses WAV

Basses Vol.2 Agressive Basses WAV, wav samples, WAV, P2P, Basses, Agressive

Agressive Basses WAV

P2P | 08 Jul 2018 | 70 MB

“Have a think about neuro-bass sound design for a second. Now put the gun away… don’t shoot your d*ck… BAD BOY – it’s fine, I have all the neuro basses right here for you, you don’t have to go through the tyrannous b*llshit to make them yourself. This pack contains 133, 24-bit, 44.1kHz WAV files of str8 notch filter, assery (plus may or may not contain secret anti-d*ck shooting formula – which you’re likely gonna’ need anyway if you try to make neuro basses yourself, so just get the pack either way to be safe).”

Basses Vol.2 Agressive Basses WAV

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