In At The Deep End MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz presets patches nn xt kontakt halion exs24 samples, Textures, MULTiFORMAT, Melodies, End, DISCOVER, Deep, Basses, 125 BPM, 120 125 BPM, 120 BPM

In At The Deep End MULTiFORMAT

DiSCOVER | 20 MARCH 2013 | 436 MB

In At The Deep End is an incredible collection of copyright free samples, each sample Dripping with Atmosphere and Rock Solid Grooves featuring Emotive Melodies and Textures, Warm Irresistible Basses with plenty of Fat Beats ready for Old and Nu Skool producers worldwide. Trevor started recording in the early 1990s after being inspired listening to producers such as Ron Trent, Abacus, Blaze and Masters At Work. After buying a synth and Akai sampler and after spending a year developing his sound and production skills he released his first single, Soul Motive on Nuphonic Recordings. This release caught the attention of producers and music press alike, gaining respect from Deep Dish, Kevin Mckay and Everything But The Girl’s Ben Watt.

 In At The Deep End collection weighs in at 614MB and includes 623 24 Bit samples, with 124 Loops between 120 – 125 Bpm, and 393 one Shot House samples. You also get 63 ready to play patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, Kontakt and SFZ compatible soft samplers.

In detail you get 30 Bubbly Bass Loops, 45 Heavy Swung Beats, 44 Dreamy Music Loops, 7 Elegant Synth Hits, 21 SFX Samples, 106 Warm Punchy Drum One Shots, 5 Bouncy Percussion Loops, 10 Old School Bass Multi Sampled Instruments, and 10 Beautiful Synth Multi Sampled Instruments.

Tech Specs:

  • 614Mb
  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 30 Bass Loops
  • 45 Drum Loops
  • 44 Music Loops
  • 7 Synth Hits
  • 21 SFX Samples
  • 106 Drum One Shots
  • 5 Percussion Loops
  • 10 Bass Multi Sampled Instruments
  • 10 Synth Multi Sampled Instruments
  • 129 Rex2 Files
  • 63 ready to play patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, Kontakt and SFZ compatible soft samplers.


In At The Deep End MULTiFORMAT

AutoTrig v1.0.1 MAX For LiVE ALP SYNTHiC4TE, presets patches max for live alp ableton live, SYNTHiC4TE, Max for Live, AutoTrig, ALP

AutoTrig v1.0.1 MAX For LiVE

SYNTHiC4TE | June 22 2018 | 17.7 MB


AutoTrig is a MIDI notes generator designed to create mainly percussive beats and grooves with a different approach. Four tracks are driven by a common time resolution, so they will always stay in sync, but each track hosts exclusive time handling parameters and trig processing operators, to create complex structures.

Multiple Always-in-sync Time Resolution
You set a main time resolution, then you can set ratio individually for each tracks, in order to get complex rhythmic structures.

Each track comes with multiple functions that will let you create your beats with an innovative approach.

Velocity Rules
Two tracks come with dynamic velocity settings, the other two have static velocity.

Chance Rules
The tracks with static velocity offer a chance-based system to trig multiple notes.

MIDI Notes or Audio Signal?
Use free included device MiMu6 to convert MIDI notes to Gate/Trig/CV signals!

Save up to four snapshots, recall them by hand, automation, or chance.

AutoTrig v1.0.1 MAX For LiVE ALP-SYNTHiC4TE

Maniac Massive Presets KONTAKT, presets patches massive kontakt samples, SYNTHiC4TE, Presets, Massive, Kontakt, DISCOVER

Maniac Massive Presets KONTAKT

DiSCOVER-SYNTHiC4TE | May 07 2014 | 1.51 GB

The sounds of the maniac, by the maniac, for the maniac! 204 presets for NI Massive, Bass(16), FX(63), Lead(18), Pluck(16), Poly(20), Sequence(40), Wobble(31).

Bonus EZ Complextro Kontakt Instruments

Maniac Massive Presets KONTAKT

Future Bass House For SPiRE DiSCOVER, spire sbf presets patches patterns midi, Spire, House, Future Bass, Future, DISCOVER, Bass House, Bass

Future Bass House For SPiRE

DiSCOVER | 10 JANUARY 2016 | 6 MB

…..::::: 50 Spire Presets! + Bonus :::::…..

‘Future Bass House Spire & MIDI’ contains all the Future Bass and House sounds and presets to get your next hit sounding big and club ready. Inspired by all the top Future Bass House artists from around the world. This pack contains all you need to get those perfect Deep Bass House sounds going for your next big hits. Get inspired by the Spire presets included or even with the wide selection of Future House bass MIDI loops.

…..::::: Specifications :::::…..
• 50 Future Bass House Spire Presets (Individual & SoundBank)
• 34 x Basses
• 09 x Leads
• 04 x Synths
• 02 x Plucks
• 01 x FX
Requirements: Spire 1.1+ or higher.
• 100% Royalty-Free

…..::::: Bonus Content :::::…..
• 50 Future Bass House MIDI Loops
• 43 x Basses
• 05 x Leads
• 02 x Synths

…::: DEMO/PREViEW :::…

Future Bass House For SPiRE-DISCOVER

Global Shake v1.0.0 MASCHiNE EXPANSiON iSO, windows wav reaktor presets patches mxsnd mxprj mxgrp massive maschine macos battery samples, Shake, Maschine Expansion, Maschine, ISO, Global, Expansion

Global Shake v1.0.0

P2P | June 20 2018 | 2.3 GB



Celebrating the vitality and excitement of contemporary African music, GLOBAL SHAKE throws off the cliches and blazes a trail across continents to Lisbon, London, New York, and beyond. From the rise of Afro bashment in the UK, to club styles like Afrobeats, gqom, kuduro, kizomba, and Afro house, to the influence on world-conquering artists like Drake and Major Lazer, one thing is clear: Africa is the sound of now. Bursting with infectious melodies, radio-ready vocals, and convention-defying rhythms, GLOBAL SHAKE captures the diverse creativity of contemporary Africa as it overflows onto the international stage.

Get inspired with a vivid palette of sounds suitable for any style. GLOBAL SHAKE bounces with lively drums and ear-catching tuned percussion, packed into kits for BATTERY and MASCHINE. New presets for MASSIVE, MONARK, and REAKTOR PRISM give you characteristic bright leads and thick basses bringing the energy of the club to your tracks. Lush guitar licks, percussion, and original vocals were performed and recorded in Ghana, Cape Verde, and South Africa for a brilliantly authentic vibe that elevates your music.

– Raw drum hits and one-shots come DAW-ready plus tempo-based construction loops give you building blocks for inspiration.
– 556 Construction Loops

– Kits come pre-assembled for MASCHINE and BATTERY, with color coding for BATTERY and FX-enhanced kits for MASCHINE.
– 64 BATTERY Kits
– 52 MASCHINE Kits

– Customizable presets for MASSIVE, MONARK, and REAKTOR PRISM by top sound designers, give you the perfect sounds for your genre.
– 17 MASSIVE Presets
– 20 MONARK Presets
– 10 REAKTOR PRISM Presets

– MASCHINE owners get editable patterns for building ideas fast. Plus, multi-effects macros that are custom-made for your sounds.
– 10 Projects
– 220+ Patterns
– 32 Drum Synth Presets
– 75 Sample Instruments

– Drum Sample Breakdown: 58 Kicks, 75 Snares, 30 Claps, 19 Cymbals, 39 Hi Hats, 77 Percussion, 29 Shakers, 28 Toms
– Installer Size: 2.3 GB

– Hardware

Global Shake v1.0.0 MASCHiNE EXPANSiON iSO

Drumk 2 v2.4 MAX For LiVE ALP SYNTHiC4TE, presets patches max for live alp ableton live, SYNTHiC4TE, Max for Live, Drumk, ALP

Drumk 2 v2.4 MAX For LiVE

SYNTHiC4TE | June 20 2018 | 12 MB

Drumk is the smartest editor for your loops.

From glitch and cuts intricate sequences to realistic drums variations, you will reach a world of different sounds and styles… with just one tool. With its arsenal of builtin effects, the external controls feature, and a lot of functions for time handling and modulation, drumk will become shortly the perfect companion for all your music creations. With its arsenal of builtin effects, the external controls feature, and a lot of functions for time handling and modulation, drumk will become shortly the perfect companion for all your music creations. The detailed control on all parameters drumk gives you make of it a powerful studio tool, while the excellent CPU performance and handy recall functions will let you bring drumk on stage with you, for more twisting fun, even live!!

Based on a grid and multisliders, Drumk 2 is a really powerful and versatile tool: you can use drumk 2 to process drums samples, voices, strings or any kind of source you can imagine. In Drumk 2 you can choose to design sound with your hands, meticulously editing each step parameters and playback modes, but you can also using aleatory functions as random buttons, drunkwalk, walker mode, and time variation probabilities. Drumk 2 stores up to 8 snapshots per preset. This makes Drumk 2 an useful instrument in studio as well as during live performance. Recall snapshots on the fly, trigger random functions from your controller, play steps with your MIDI keyboard: you can create and perform your song with tons of variations using a couple of loops and following your inspiration. Slices are triggered in sync with Ableton Live transport or via MIDI note messages.

No external objects are used in Drumk 2.

– Released on November 21th 2017
– UI and data flow improvements

Drumk 2 v2.4 MAX For LiVE ALP-SYNTHiC4TE

TATAT v1.0 MAX For LiVE ALP SYNTHiC4TE, presets patches max for live alp ableton live, TATAT, SYNTHiC4TE, Max for Live, ALP


SYNTHiC4TE | June 20 2018 | 54 MB

TATAT is a lunatic device designed for three main purposes: to create always-changing sequences, to quickly sketch and store melodic ideas, to add unexpected events to fixed patterns

Multi-Chance Time Resolution
Set chance for each time resolution to rule the stream, and scale results with main ratio to create organic time fluctuations.

Set chance for each notes to get triggered, enable the keys toggle to change the notes on the fly, giving a different color to the stream

Double Hit
A special section lets you to set two intervals and the probability they got triggered, adding harmonic weight to the stream. If you are playing a sliced sample, then you can set some double hits

Let’s Process The Stream!
You can process the generated notes with several parameters: add a velocity variation, a delay, set the length, randomize, and mute some notes. It’s easy and fast.

Live Notes vs Memory
When this parameter is zero, a buffer with given length continuously records the stream, when it’s different than zero, the buffer got locked, and you set the chance to get live or buffered notes. You add the stability you want to the lunatic stream!

Clip Export
You found the right mood? You can export all variations you want as Live clips with one click: quick and easy!


Hatsune Miku Glitch Vocal Tool Ableton Live 9.1.6 + and MAX For LiVE, presets patches max for live ableton live, Vocal, Tool, MIKU, Max for Live, Max, Live, Hatsune Miku, Hatsune, Glitch Vocals, Glitch, Ableton Live, Ableton

Hatsune Miku Glitch Vocal Tool

AUDiOSTRiKE | 02/09/2015 | 8 MB

Ableton Live 9.1.6+and Max For Live

The world-renowned Japanese virtual singer HATSUNE MIKU is now available as a glitch vocal tool! “HATSUNE MIKU GLITCH VOCAL TOOL” is an Ableton Live Instrument Rack that employs 80 vocal samples from Hatsune Miku V3 and a glitch engine. The glitch engine itself is made in Max For Live, and allows a wide variety of outputs ranging from lightly glitched vocals to unrecognizable sounds processed to the extreme. HATSUNE MIKU GLITCH VOCAL TOOL is a new must-have plugin for producers wanting unique vocal clips or hooks in any style of electronic music, from minimalistic electronica to the grimiest glitch-hop.

NOTE: Requires Ableton Live 9.1.6 Suite and above, as well as Max For Live.

What is “Hatsune Miku”?
Hatsune Miku is music software, and it enables anyone to make the computer sing by entering lyrics and melodies. As a massive number of users created music using the software and posted their works on the Internet, Hatsune Miku quickly evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Moreover, Hatsune Miku has gained much attention as a character, involved in many fields such as merchandising and live performance as a virtual singer. Now her popularity has spread across the globe.

Ableton Live 9.1.6+ and Max For Live
– 1 Max For Live Audio Effects
– 80 Wav Vox Samples
– 1 Ableton Live Group Set

Hatsune Miku Glitch Vocal Tool Ableton Live 9.1.6 + and MAX For LiVE

WonderWobble Vol.1 Presets for NI Massive, presets patches nmsv massive ksd, Wonder, Wobble, Presets, Massive, MAGNETRiXX

WonderWobble Vol.1 MASSiVE

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 09 May 2014 | 5.1 MB

WonderWobble Vol. 1 is a collection of 25 pulsating synth leads, amazing pads, fat basses and a whole lot more that will make you wonder how they were even conceived – hence the name. This entire collection aims at providing you with the most diverse and broadest range of sounds possible in each and every patch you load. A lot of time and care went into programming each preset with 8 well thought out macro controls to give you incredible amounts of control and flexibility in both live and studio performances. In fact, some change so intensely through macro manipulation, that in the end they offer you a complete polar opposite of the original sound. They all have one thing in common though, The Wobble! And it varies from patch to patch how the wobble(s) are created and how they can be changed, giving you the maximum amount of diverse sounds possible in a bundle such as this. Don’t need a wobble? No problem. As you can hear in the examples below, all you need to do is twist a knob and away it goes.

WonderWobble Vol.1 Presets for NI Massive

Deep Bionic Vol.1 for MASSiVE, presets patches massive ksd, P2P, Massive, KSD, Deep, Bionic

Deep Bionic Vol.1 for MASSiVE

P2P | .KSD | 13.75 MB

DeepBionic Vol. 1 Mini Pack is the first in a line of NI Massive preset collections that aim to push the envelope of what people heave come to expect from this amazing synth. Exploring the outer limits of sound design with a synth this versatile is really a never-ending journey, so join us as we leave the boundaries behind and find new ways to create music, atmospheres, FX, soundscapes and instruments that may leave you wondering how they were ever conceived. This first installment in the series brings you blips, plucks, noises and bass that can be twisted and stretched in ways that will help bring new inspiration to your projects. It also features a couple of intense soundscape pads that are seemingness endless in what they can produce and where you can take them. From haunting and chilling to cute and fun, the sounds can considered avant-garde one moment and pop the next.

The audio file enclosed shares a small sample of each of the five sounds, without any kind of processing applied outside of Massive. The only parameters tweaked throughout the recording are the Macro controls. Each preset, as with all OhmLab preset releases, has 8 fully functional and professionally programmed Macro controls to give you more control in more ways over how you use and interact with these sounds.

Thanks for checking out the sounds!

Deep Bionic Vol.1 for MASSiVE


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