Future Bass Melodik WAV MiDi PRESETS DiSCOVER, wav sylenth1 spire presets patches patterns midi massive samples sounds, WAV, Sylenth1, Spire, Presets, MIDI, Melodik, Massive, Future Bass, DISCOVER

Future Bass Melodik

DiSCOVER | February/08Th/2019 | 490 MB


Future Bass Melodik! We’ve included everything you need for your next big Future Bass banger! Featuring 6 huge inspiration kits packed full of infectious melodic content supplemented perfectly with our corresponding preset patches.  The wav inspiration kits are 100% royalty-free, fully customizable and ready for you to put your own unique stamp on! Users will need Massive, Sylenth1 & Spire in order to use the included synth patches.

……:::::: What’s In The Pack? ::::::……
Full Song Starter Inspiration Kits: 6 x Huge key labeled track starter kits of combined Drums, Bass, Synth, Melodics & Vocals broken out into individual professionally mixed and mastered Wav stems. – (Including: Full (.MIDIs) And (.VSTi Presets)Files).

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/S0v3
Future Bass Melodik WAV MiDi PRESETS-DiSCOVER

Around The Trap For SPiRE DiSCOVER, spire presets patches, Trap, Spire, RNB, R&B, Hip Hop, Future RnB, Future R&B, Future Bass, Future, DISCOVER, Around

Around The Trap For SPiRE

DiSCOVER | January/31Th/2019 | 3.31 MB

Around The Trap! A secret weapon in your way to the top! One of the most popular virtual synthesizer ever, plus our main sound designer! It means only one thing! That you can expect a top-quality product with great and fresh sounds for your favorite instrument! You will find here 128 Reveal Sound Spire presets. Everything was made around the Trap. You will be able to produce all urban style genres from R&B, Hip Hop to Future R&B, Future Bass and Trap! 11 Basses, 17 Leads, 23 Pads, 19 Synth, 6 Organs, 15 Plucks, 16 Drums, 11 Sequences and 10 FX sounds. – Enjoy!

……:::::: Please Note ::::::……
• The MP3 demo was made only with sounds that come with Spire Kings – Around The Trap. Presets used: DR1, DR6, DR5, DR8, BA9, BA11, PD5, PL6 and PD22! This pack contains only Spire synthesizer presets.

……:::::: Royalty-Free ::::::……
• All loops & samples, presets in this library are licensed to you Royalty-Free so you can use them in your commercial compositions with no extra costs. For more details see the license agreement. (Here)

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: (.Synthesizer VSTi SoundBank)
• 128 x (.Synthesizer VSTi Presets) For (Reveal Sound Spire)
• 011 x (Basses) Sounds
• 017 x (Leads) Sounds
• 023 x (Pads) Sounds
• 019 x (Synth) Sounds
• 006 x (Organs) Sounds
• 015 x (Plucks) Sounds
• 016 x (Drums) Sounds
• 011 x (Sequences) Sounds
• 010 x (FX) Sounds
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free
Requirements: Reveal Sound Spire v1.1.12+ or higher.

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/q5LE
Around The Trap For SPiRE-DiSCOVER

Massive Trap Chiefs 1 For MASSiVE DiSCOVER, presets patches massive, Trap, R&B, Massive, Future R&B, Future Bass, DISCOVER, Chiefs, Afro Pop

Massive Trap Chiefs 1 For MASSiVE

DiSCOVER | January/31Th/2019 | 3.45 MB

Fresh presets for massive! Massive Trap Chiefs 1. One of the best and most popular virtual instruments. It means that you can expect tons of inspiration in one place. A Massive bomb ready to help you create your own smash hits. Created from scratch in one of the most popular genres of the past years – Trap. Also great for all kind of modern styles like Future Bass, R&B, Future R&B, Afro Pop and others. Our presets for massive were designed to be a lead instrument in your track so you are receiving from us a lot of potential ideas for new tracks.

……:::::: What Is In This Pack? ::::::……
• You will find here 64 x presets for massive ready to be used. 10 x Bass, 5 x Fx, 10 x Keys, 10 x Leads, 10 x Pads, 10 x Plucks, 5 x Perc and 4 x Sequences. All you need is the latest Native Instrument Massive Vst and your creativity – that’s it!

……:::::: Please Note ::::::……
• Snare and HiHats are NOT INCLUDED in this pack and they are used in the MP3 Demo for demo purposes only! This pack contains only synthesizer one shots.

……:::::: Royalty-Free ::::::……
• All loops & samples, presets, sounds in this library are licensed to you Royalty-Free so you can use them in your commercial compositions with no extra costs. For more details see the license agreement. (Here)

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: Synthesizer VSTi Presets
• 64 x Presets For (Native Instruments Massive)
• 10 x (Bass) Sounds
• 05 x (FX) Sounds
• 10 x (Keys) Sounds
• 10 x (Leads) Sounds
• 10 x (Pads) Sounds
• 10 x (Plucks) Sounds
• 05 x (Percussions) Sounds
• 04 x (Sequences) Sounds
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/B7yS
Massive Trap Chiefs 1 For MASSiVE-DiSCOVER

Sylenth Highlands 2 For SYLENTH1 DiSCOVER, sylenth1 presets patches, Trap, Sylenth1, SYLENTH, RNB, R&B, OVO, Hip Hop, Highlands, Future R&B, DISCOVER

Sylenth Highlands 2

DiSCOVER | January/31Th/2019 | 3.44 MB

If you are looking for fresh and not outdated presets for Sylenth you are in the best place right now! Inspired by the newest Drake album ‘Scorpion’ and as always made from scratch! Warm, catchy and ready to be a part of your upcoming tracks! You will find here almost everything that you need to create your own hits. 64 presets for Sylenth will bring you tons of inspirations! 12 Bass, 8 Keys, 10 Leads, 10 Pads, 6 Plucks, 8 Sequences, 3 drums, 2 Arp and 5 SFX sounds! Everything in the OVO vibe. Trap, R&B, Future R&B or even Hip Hop can easily be made with our product. Everything depends from your creativity.

……:::::: What Is Inside This Pack? ::::::……
• You will find here 64 Sylenth1 presets closed in one bank (.FXB) file. You can easily import it to your Sylneth synthesizer by clicking ‘Import Bank’ in the main menu.

……:::::: Please Note ::::::……
• Kick, snare and hi hats are NOT INCLUDED in this pack, all other sounds from the demo come from ‘Sylenth Highlands 2’. Also, sounds that you can hear in the demo file are only carefully processed to mix sounds together. We did not use any drastic processing on the stems!

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
• Format: Synthesizer VSTi SoundBank
• 64 x Presets For (Sylenth1)
• 12 x (Bass) Sounds
• 08 x (Keys) Sounds
• 10 x (Leads) Sounds
• 10 x (Pads) Sounds
• 06 x (Plucks) Sounds
• 08 x (Sequences) Sounds
• 03 x (Drums) Sounds
• 02 x (Arp) Sounds
• 05 x (SFX) Sounds
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free
• Requirements: Sylenth1 v3.0+ or higher.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/B3Ce
Sylenth Highlands 2 For SYLENTH1-DiSCOVER

WRLD MiDi MASSiVE, presets patches patterns midi massive, Wrld, WORLD, MIDI, Massive, Fantastic


FANTASTiC | 30 January 2019 | 9 MB

Inspired by the sounds of Juice WRLD, this Massive Preset bank is bound to take your creativity to the next level.

•(40) Professionally designed Presets for “Massive”!
•Bonus MIDI Loops !
•Preview this kit below!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/GW1T

Future Bounce and EDM For Sylenth, sylenth1 presets patches, SYLENTH, Future EDM, Future Bounce, Future, Fantastic, EDM, Bounce

Future Bounce & EDM For Sylenth

FANTASTiC | 28 January 2019 | 372 KB

‘Future Bounce & EDM For Sylenth’ features 128 game-changing presets for this flagship VSTi. Gnarly acid arps, sub-shaking basslines, anthemic plucks, peak time saws, Melbourne quacks, drums, all manner of transition FX and atmospheric pads make this a powerhouse for producers . In detail, you’ll find five dark and dastardly Drones, 28 Basslines to help you deliver a wall of sound, four 303-inspired Acids, 33 quirky but on-genre leads and 35 hands-in-the-air plucks. The seven drum presets include kicks for a variety of genres and the most perfect clap you’re likely to hear. Add sidechaining to the six fat strings-style pads and build out your sonic landscape even further with 10 FX presets, covering everything from risers and sweeps to 8-Bit style sounds.  Featuring flawless sound design and a plethora of highly useable presets, this collection will instantly offer you inspiration and the quintessential Big Room sounds your tracks are calling out for.

• 128 Presets
• 1 Sylenth Bank File
• 4 Arps
• 28 Bass
• 7 Drums
• 5 Drones
• 10 FX
• 33 Leads
• 6 Pads
• 35 Plucks
• PC/Mac Compatible
• Requires Sylenth v2.21

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/tm9D
Future Bounce and EDM For Sylenth

Singing Bells for Noiiz Player, presets patches sounds samples, Singing, Player, Noiiz Player, Noiiz, Fantastic, Bells

Singing Bells for Noiiz Player

FANTASTiC | 25 January 2019 | 594 MB

‘Singing Bells’ is a beautiful set of aluminium bells recorded with both hard and soft mallets. Both presets provide a unique sound, similar to a church bell or Tibetan bowl. Create eerie and mythical melodies, or try adding the reverb and delay effects to help craft enchanting landscapes. Recorded at Temple Studio in London, we took no liberties in capturing the extraordinary sound of this instrument. Played with extreme precision by percussionist Sara Loewenthal, multiple velocities and layers were recorded in exceptional detail.

Key Features…
•Multi-sampled aluminium Singing Bells
•Extensive velocity and round robin layers for ultra-realistic sound
•5 Octaves sampled + additional notes resampled
•Hard and soft mallet presets
•Pitch, filter, drive, delay & reverb for quick effects

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/uAZm
Singing Bells for Noiiz Player

Big Band Essentials v1.1 ALP SYNTHiC4TE, sounds samples alp ableton live, SYNTHiC4TE, Essentials, Big Band, Big, Band, ALP

Big Band Essentials v1.1 ALP

SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 24 2019 | 707 MB

Multi-sampled big band ensembles, a groovy rhythm section and solo lead instruments – professional tools for scores, soundtracks and productions that call for detailed jazz instrumentation. Featuring a clean and streamlined user interface, Big Band Essentials revisits the worlds of jazz and film scoring with a diverse collection of sounds specifically recorded to provide a professional sounding mix right out of the box. Big Band Essentials features recordings of a full big band, individual sections and solo instruments – each in a range of dynamics and with multiple articulations that cover the full palette of sound a big band can produce. Additionally, chords and grooves provide another level of realism. Lead instruments in Big Band Essentials include baritone sax, double bass, bass and tenor trombones and vibraphone. The ensembles include a big band ensemble and a sax ensemble, each with presets for chords, shorts, sustains and the full range of the ensemble.

Key features:
– Three big band ensemble articulations
, plus chords
– Three sax ensemble articulations
, plus chords
– Three Trumpet section articulations
– Rhythm section including jazz guitar, double bass, jazz and big band drum kit
– Lead section including baritone sax, double bass, bass and tenor trombones and vibraphone
– Includes 39 drum and instrument clips
– All sounds designed to blend together perfectly
– All Instrument Racks come with eight dedicated macros for accurate musical control

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/rH73
Big Band Essentials v1.1 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE

Architecture ABS Waveforms 2 For ABYSYNTH NoGRP, presets patches absynth, WaveForms, NoGRP, Architecture, ABYSYNTH, ABS

Architecture ABS Waveforms 2

Team NoGRP | 06-26-2007 | 8.09 MB

Architecture ABS Waveforms 2, is a collection of over 1,800 meticulously designed wavetables provided in Native Instruments Absynth (GLY) format. Wavetables are single cycle periodic waveforms that form the most fundamental building block of synthesis. They are the sound generators, and can be thought of as the oscillator of a classic analog synth, but they provide infinitely more variability in shape and spectrum. They are chiefly responsible for determining a given sound’s primary timbre, or “tone color”. This collection offers a huge variety of waveforms logically organized in sub-folder categories.

The first version of this collection contained over 1000 waveforms and was originally developed for Architecture Volume One. It was then translated to NI Absynth format in June of 2006 when the first NI version of this collection was  released. In August of 2006 a large part of it was then also licensed to NI to use as composite Wavetables in Massive. This is the second version of the library. We have added more than 800 new waveforms to push the total to over 1,800. We have  added some very interesting new categories and vastly expanded on the some of the previous categories. We have also made some minor revisions to the folder naming and organization to make navigation of this immense library even easier.

* * *
-Sub-folder Category Listing for Architecture ABS Waveforms 2-

  • Additive – NonSine
  • Additive – Partials 2
  • Additive – Partials N
  • Additive – Partials Range All
  • Additive – Partials Range Odd
  • AM – Complex NonSine
  • AM – Complex Sine
  • AM – Simple NonSine
  • AM – Simple Sine
  • Asymmetrical
  • Classic – Pulse
  • Classic – Saw
  • Classic – Sine
  • Classic – Square
  • Classic – Triangle
  • FM – Complex NonSine
  • FM – Complex Sine
  • FM – Simple NonSine
  • FM – Simple Sine High I
  • FM – Simple Sine I=1
  • FM – Simple Sine NF
  • Formants – NonSine
  • Formants – Sine
  • HM – AMFM Sine
  • HM – FMAM Sine
  • Misc – Artificial
  • Misc – Constant DC Lines
  • Misc – INVF
  • Misc – LoFi
  • MIsc – Random Step
  • Misc – Serrial
  • Partials – NonSine
  • Partials – Sine Fixed
  • Partials – Sine Proportional
  • Polynomials
  • UHF – Complex
  • UHF – Simple Noise
  • UHF – Simple Periodic


Feature highlights:
– Over 1,800 meticulously designed wavetables
– Native Instruments Absynth 2.x-4.x (GLY) format (multi-platform)
– Logically organized in sub-folder categories.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/6pm5
Architecture ABS Waveforms 2 For ABYSYNTH-NoGRP

Opaline Drift Expansion v1.0.0 DVDR SYNTHiC4TE, wav presets patches nmsv mxsnd mxprj mxgrp massive maschine battery sounds samples, SYNTHiC4TE, Monark, Massive, Maschine, Indie Electronica, Indie, Electronica, Downtempo, Battery

Opaline Drift Expansion v1.0.0

SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 22 2019 | 1.8 GB

Opaline Drift features a collection of blissed-out, downtempo beats that draws on downtempo indie-electronica and beyond. OPALINE DRIFT echoes the blissful reverie of indie-electronica, shoegaze, and contemporary electronic styles. With shimmering guitars, wistful synths, and warmly-textured drums, OPALINE DRIFT provides producers with a palette of iridescent colors and dreamy textures for building the foundations of sublime sonic excursions. Original recordings of reverb-washed guitars and bass – coming as kits, samples, and construction loops for any DAW – make it easy to create captivating melodies. Warmly-saturated kicks, snares, hi-hats, and percussion come as kits for BATTERY and MASCHINE for building driving, hypnotic beats. While specially-designed presets for MASSIVE and MONARK give producers hazy pads and warm analog basses for adding dream-like textures to their tracks.

OPALINE DRIFT joins a range of over 60 Expansions. Based on the acclaimed MASCHINE Expansions series, these genre-focused sound packs contain everything a musician needs to create a full track in a specific style, and can be used in any DAW. For everything on Expansions

Raw drum hits and one-shots come DAW-ready – plus tempo-based construction loops give you building blocks for inspiration.
– 519 construction loops
– 312 drum samples
– 205 one shots

Kits come pre-assembled for MASCHINE and BATTERY, with color coding for BATTERY and FX-enhanced kits for MASCHINE.
– 50 BATTERY kits
– 45 MASCHINE kits

Customizable presets for MASSIVE and MONARK by top sound designers, give you the perfect sounds for your genre.
– 40 MASSIVE presets
– 20 MONARK presets

MASCHINE owners get editable patterns for building ideas fast. Plus, multi-effects macros that are custom-made for your sounds.
– 7 projects
– 178 patterns

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/1Q5m
Opaline Drift Expansion v1.0.0 DVDR-SYNTHiC4TE


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