Sterloid MULTiFORMAT DVDR iSO DiSCOVER, wav refills presets patches maschine kontakt exs24 battery samples audio ableton live, Sterloid, MULTiFORMAT, ISO, DVDR, DISCOVER


DiSCOVER | August/24th/2017 | 2.56 GB

Every note is meaningful. His style is singular. In a lot of ways, he’s the industry standard for that Cali, grubby, lo-fi, over-processed, LA sound. If you’re familiar with his work at all, you knew we weren’t going to make it too far into this description without mentioning his work on John Mayer’s last few albums. We could spend this entire description on his resumé because it isn’t shy. And neither is his drum sample library, Sterloid. This library boasts 5000+ multi-velocity samples and nearly 200 total loops. What this library brings to producers and mixers is special. We’re not just talking about playing some kick, hat, snare combinations onto some good drums into some good mics. Nah. Aaron pulled out metal sheets, appliances, toys, and other strange gadgets and apparatuses to capture some of the most compelling samples.

But if kicks, snares, and hats, are your thing, there are plenty of those as well… in multiple velocities with round robins at the top for an added sense of realism. The samples inside Sterloid are usable and versatile. And the grooves? They just keep coming at you. They feel so good that when they stop you keep going. Top it all off with custom built, LA inspired kits for Ableton, Reason, Battery, Maschine, Kontakt and Logic’s EXS24.

Like the man himself, it’s not hard to see why Sterloid is a winner for producers and mixers.

……:::::: SAMPLES ::::::……
• 5,000+ multi-velocity samples, 4 kicks, 7 snares, 2 sets of toms, 3 sets of hats, 3 crashes, 2 rides, 25 percs, 25 effects and accents. each set of samples has multiple velocities with the highest velocities in round robins and 5 mix options: big, dry, natural, overheads, and 1 set of rooms

……:::::: LOOPS ::::::……
• 187 total loops in 11 different tempos and 51 variations.

……:::::: PRESETS ::::::……
• Trigger 2, EXS24, Battery, Kontakt, Maschine 2, Ableton, and Reason.

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……


Ethereal Instruments For ABLETON LiVE DiSCOVER, presets patches samples audio alp ableton live, Instruments, Ethereal, DISCOVER, Ableton Live, Ableton

Ethereal Instruments For ABLETON LiVE

DiSCOVER | August/24th/2017 | 1.59 GB

Blurring the lines between performance and samples, organic and electronic, our latest offering of bespoke Ableton Live instruments places tangible textures & stunning instruments right into your favourite DAW.  Utilising over 2.0GB of pin point accurate recordings of live and bowed notes, textures, location recordings and analogue synths in conjunction with Ableton Lives samplers and macros, Ethereal Instruments provides you with a first hand opportunity to explore a new world of expansive pads, cinematic ambiences, bowed instruments, found sound textures and bespoke recordings.

The collection is divided down into 12 Ableton Live Racks, each with it’s own set of 6 corresponding macros that control everything from rich piano overtones to analogue choruses, alternate waveform variations and a whole wealth of beautifully sculpted Ableton Live FX. With the greatest flexibility in mind, we’ve individually created the most creative set of Ableton Instrument macros to compliment the original recordings ensuring each instrument is as expressive and malleable as possible. Inside this beautiful collection you’ll find:

12 Ableton Instrument Racks – Multi-sampled across multiple octaves including: 6 Macros per instrument: Including stereo reverbs, overtone control, Rhythmic control, granular delays, speaker emulation & more.

……:::::: Instruments Within The Collection ::::::……
Roland Analogue: Optional combination of 4 analogue waveforms – Ideal for vast rich chord progressions and dense analogue pads. Macros allow mix between Fuzz Pad & Soft Pads offering huge flexibility.
Voice: Multi-sampled female vocal ideal for ethereal, expansive and ambient pads. Float over the top of beautiful melodies and add that cinematic tone with ease.
CS30: Rich Analogue waveforms. Ideal for epic leads and emotive chord progressions.
Bowed Guitar: Bowed guitar notes – ethereal, cinematic and beautiful. Inspired by Brian Eno & Sigur Ros. Ideal for film score, electronica and organic ambience.
Keys: Multi-sampled piano at low velocities. Noise, texture and emotion exposed to provide a gentler side to this beautiful stringed instrument. Macro control of harmonic overtones for added expression and brightness.
Koto: Multi-sampled and layered stringed instruments. Beautifully expressive with tones familiar to fans of Bonobo. 5th and octave delays offer truly unique and otherworldly overtones to match the oriental influences.
FM: Multi-sampled FM synthesis. Rich chime tones against beautiful modulation. Analogue chorus FX for added movement and authenticity.
Dry Bowed: Dry and up close recording for extra texture and grit. Ultra personal, this unique texture provides a tangible top layer for enhancing pads and leads.
Thumb Piano: Beautifully recorded tuned percussion cuts through the mix against the other lengthier sounds.
Little Synths: Twee, swelling and lush. Ideal for future bass inspired leads but highly flexible for all pallets and genres.
Textures: Manipulated location recordings – This group of textures is perfect for layering over pads, side chaining, macro shifting for textural build ups and so much more. We’ve also included a more Lo-Fi version in the ‘Tape Textures’ macro control.
Little Drums: Foley inspired drum one shots – the perfect accompaniment to all this delicious texture and expanse.
Requirements: Ableton Live 9.7+ or higher.

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……

Ethereal Instruments For ABLETON LiVE-DiSCOVER

Trapical and Modern Pop WAV MiDi FXP, wav sylenth1 presets patches midi patterns fxp samples audio, WAV, Tropical, Trapical, Trap, POP, P2P, Modern Pop, Modern, MIDI, Fxp, Future Bass

Trapical & Modern Pop WAV MiDi FXP

P2P | 23.08.2017 | 686 MB

The first Trapical sample packs on the market. This pack is an innovative blend of Trap, Tropical and Future Bass, the popular sound you hear around the globe. Inspired by names like Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Chainsmokers and alike. You will find six key-labelled Construction Kits loaded with everything you need: Loops, One-Shots, MIDI files and Presets. Each Kit is packed with pure inspiration: Melodies, Basslines, Drums, FX Loops, Vocal Chops and everything else you hear in the demo is included. If you are thinking out of the box and looking to be one step further your competition, then this collection is for you. Get inspiration now to produce the next Trapical hit!

• 6 Construction Kits (Key & BPM Labelled)
• 273 Files in Total
• 15 FX Loops
• 56 One-Shots (Kicks, Claps, Hats & Rides)
• 74 Melody Loops (Bass, Chords, Pianos, Plucks, Pads, Vocal Chops, etc.)
• 54 MIDI Files
• 30 Sylenth1 VSTi Presets
• 33 Drum Loops
• 100% Royalty-Free

Trapical & Modern Pop WAV MiDi FXP

Rawstyle Attack MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 refills presets patches midi patterns samples audio alp ableton live, twisted fills, Rawstyle, Raw Style, Rap Vocals, One Shots, MULTiFORMAT, FX, Fantastic, dark melodies, Attack

Rawstyle Attack MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 23 August 2017 | 1.31 GB

Rawstyle Attack a brand new sample pack. Here you’ll find phat raw kicks, ground-shaking drops, screechy synths, dark melodies, rap vocals, twisted fills, FX, shocking one-shots, distorted vocal shouts and unlimited inspiration. This ultimate sound bank is inspired by Digital Punk, E-force, Warface, Radical Redemption, Endymion, Break Zero, Adaro, Ran-D, Sub Sonik, Titan, Regain, Cainesize and many more. Samples from this sample pack can be applied for production of Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Mainstream Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, Hard Dance and many more hard genres. All samples are saturated with energy and have been processed by HQ studio equipment like Avalon VT 747, Manleq Passive EQ, UAD-2, LA2A compressor, hardware synths like Moog Voyager, Virus TI, Korg MS2000, and mixed at professional studio on Focal Solo 6 BE and Dynaudio bm12. All kick drums inside this pack are tested on a powerful professional club sound setup Function-One (R3, F218).

Eeach full pack format (Full Zip, Ableton Pack, Apple Loops Pack and Reason Refill)

Check out this amazing demo track and grab your copy of ‘Rawstyle Attack’ ASAP.

• 1.52 GB
• 150 BPM
• 120 Screech Synth Loops (60 Wet, 60 Dry)
• 60 Dark Melody Loops
• 160 One-Shots (Incl 40 Rawstyle Kicks)
• 40 Drum Loops (Kick Loops, Snare Loops, Ride Loops)
• 20 Rap Vocals (10 Wet, 10 Dry)
• 30 Drum Fills
• 120 MIDI Files
• 270 REX2 Files
• 11 Sampler Patches
• 80 SFX
• 30 Vocal Shouts
• Promo & Discount Folder

Rawstyle Attack MULTiFORMAT

Tropic Thunder Vol.2 WAV MiDi MASSiVE KONTAKT DiSCOVER, wav presets patches midi patterns nmsv massive kontakt samples audio, WAV, Tropical House, Tropical, Tropic, Thunder, MIDI, Massive, Kontakt, House, EDM, DISCOVER

Tropic Thunder Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT

DiSCOVER | September 28 2015 | 979 MB


Tropical House has quickly become one of the most popular EDM genres in the world of music today. Tropic Thunder V.2 picks up right where Volume 1 left off by delivering another 85 unique and high quality presets for NI Massive. Although some of these presets were inspired by the biggest names in Tropical House, a lot of them are unique and will help your productions stand out from other artists. If you are looking for sounds that artists like Kygo, Faul and Wad Ad, Klingande and Matoma use look no further. Tropic Thunder V.2 has sounds inspired by these artists and more. These presets will also work with genres like House, Chill Out and even Pop! All pianos that are heard in the demo are included in the pack as Kontakt instruments.

Tropic Thunder V.2 comes with a bunch of inspiring bonus items like drum samples, loops and MIDI files taken from the demo. These can be used in your own productions royalty free or used as a learning tool. In total, this set has over 1 GB of content.

Here’s everything that’s included in the pack at a glance:
• 85 Massive Presets (All 8 macros assigned on every preset)
• 15 x BASS
• 03 x KEY
• 38 x LEAD
• 05 x PAD
• 14 x PLUCK
• 11 x SYNTH
• 100 Drum Samples/Loops in WAV Format
• 25 MIDI Files (Key and Preset Labeled)
• 10 Kontakt Instruments (Pianos and Bells)

…::: DEMO/PREViEW :::…



Tribal House MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz rex2 presets patches midi patterns nn xt kontakt halion exs24 samples audio, Tribal House, Tribal, Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, House, EDM, 124 BPM

Tribal House MULTiFORMAT

P2P | 22.08.2017 | 343 MB

Tribal House – a chunky, funky mix of Tribal sounds from an established heavyweight! All content is 100% Royalty Free and features Loops, One Hits and Sampler Patches primed for a peak time Tribal transcendence! One of the first to popularize the tough, sexy tribal house sound industry legend. Packed with 389MB of chunky Full Drums, topping Percussion Loops, sleek Synths and bumpin Bass Loops – Robbie Rivera delivers all the equipment you need for a total Tribal experience! Over 100 One Hits are included to track and sequence in your own style – with Drums, Synths, Basses and FX. All to that 97 MIDI Files, 200+ Rex2 Loops and over 60 Sampler Patches – and you have enough sonic supplies to keep you sustained for months!

At a solid 124 BPM, Tribal House is ideal for Tribal House, as well as Tech House, Progressive House, EDM, Techno and other club-inspired genres. As always, all musical content is key-labelled for instant integration in your tracks.

In detail expect to find 389MB of content with 327 individual 24 bit WAV sounds. 209 Loops are included with 66 Percussion Loops, 50 Synth Loops, 50 Bass Loops, 20 Full Drum Loops, 18 Top Loops and 5 Snare Loops. A total of 118 One Hits are included with 60 Drum hits, 26 Synth hits, 25 Bass Hits and 7 Fx Hits. 209 Rex2 Files, 97 Midi Files and 63 Soft Sampler Patches are included for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Exs24 and SFZ.

Tribal House MULTiFORMAT

O V O Sessions MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 presets patches midi patterns nn xt massive kontakt exs24 battery samples audio, Sessions, RNB, OVO Trap, OVO, O V O, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop, Fantastic, Chill Trap, Chill Out


FANTASTiC | 18 August 2017 | 855 MB

Only Very Original – 3 simple words to describe this outstanding sample collection inspired by OVO styled Music and tracks from such artists like Drake, Future, Partynextdoor, Migos, Lil Wane, Zaytoven, Mike Will, Young Metro and more! In detail expect to find 1,16 GB of wav 24 bit samples including 160 One Shots, 60 Music Loops, 50 Drum Loops, 20 Drum Fills, 6 New Multi Kits (54 Wav loops, 6 Full Mixes), 100 Midi Files, 40 Sub Loops, 8 Full OVO Rap Vocals (2 minutes long), 20 Vocal Loops, 70 FX, 27 Sampler Patches, 190 Rex2 Files, 20 VST Synth Patches (10 massive) and Unlimited Inspiration! Samples from this collection are suitable for artists focused on OVO Trap, Chill Trap, Hip Hop, R’n’B, Chill Out and more.

•1.16 GB
•160 One Shots
•60 Music Loops
•50 Drum Loops
•20 Drum Fills
•6 New Multi Kits (54 Wav loops, 6 Full Mixes)
•100 Midi Files
•40 Sub Loops
•8 Full OVO Rap Vocals (2 minutes long)
•20 Vocal Loops
•70 FX
•27 Sampler Patches for Battery, EXS24, Kontakt 2.2+, NNXT
•190 Rex2 Files
•20 VST Synth Patches (10 massive)


Pumping Techno Drums MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 presets patches nn xt maschine kontakt kong exs24 battery samples audio als alp aiff ableton live, Techno Drums, Techno, Pumping, MULTiFORMAT, Fantastic, Drums

Pumping Techno Drums MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 16 August 2017 | 2.59 GB

Powerful industrial rhythms and raw beats for club-friendly constructions. A carefully curated collection of 610 one-shots integrated into an Ableton Drum Rack with custom processing macros – in addition to 400+ stemmed out beat loops to drag and drop into a DAW of your choice. Pounding bass rhythms, warehouse bangers and slamming one-shots all in one easy-to-use pack.

Drum Hit Selector Rack
•8 Drum rack selector pads for ‘Kick 1’, ‘Kick 2’, ‘Perc 1’ ‘Perc 2’, ‘Snares’, ‘Claps’, ‘Hats 1’ and ‘Hats 2’.
•Advanced sample editing and processing macros for swift beat-smithery.

Advanced Sampler Formats
•8 easy to use sample parameter macros for instant tweakability.
•8 tailor-made processing macros.

Download Contains:
•610 x 24-bit Wav one shots
•404 x 24-bit Wav loops
•404 x Apple Loops
•404 x Rex2 files
•3 Custom Kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Kong, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack
•8 Sampler Formats for Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack
•Ableton Live 9 Racks:
•1 Ableton Drum Hit Selector Rack
•8 Advanced Sampler Formats

Pumping Techno Drums MULTiFORMAT

Mainstage Trap Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 presets patches midi patterns nn xt kontakt exs24 battery samples audio, Twerk, Tropical Bass, Trapstep, Trap, Moombahton, Moombacore, Mainstage Trap, MainStage, Fantastic, Electro House, EDM, Dubstep, Drumstep, Drum & Bass

Mainstage Trap Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 18 August 2017 | 918 MB

Mainstage Trap, a hot fusion of Trap, Dubstep and Trapstep.

Inspired by crowd shaking rhythms of Yellow Claw, Jack U, Diplo, Dillon Francis, Dope D.O.D, Skrillex, DJ Snake, Loudpvck, Jai Wolf, Zomboy and a more. In detail expect to find 1.08 Gb of wav 24 bit samples including 170 One Shots, 50 Complex Bass Loops, 60 Synth Loops, 80 Drum Beats (40 Full Drum loops, 40 Top Loops), 30 Vocal Loops, 110 Midi Files, 80 FX, 240 Rex2 Files, 63 Sampler Patches, 20 Snare Rolls. This wide variety of Complex Bass Loops, Experimental Melodies, Processed Vocals, Punchy Drums is suitable for many genres from Trap, Dubstep, Drumstep, EDM, Drum & Bass, Moombahton, Moombacore, Tropical Bass, Twerk, Electro House, Bass and a lot more!

All samples in this pack are oversaturated by energy and have been processed by HQ studio equipment like Avalon VT 747, Manley Passive EQ, UAD-2, LA2A compressor, and a lot more!

•24 Bit Quality
•1.08 Gb
•170 One Shots:
•10 Brass Shots
•20 Claps & Snares
•10 Crashes
•20 Hi Hats
•20 Kicks
•40 Perc
•10 Rides
•20 Subs
•20 Synth Shots
•50 Complex Bass Loops
•60 Synth Loops
•80 Drum Beats (40 Full Drum loops, 40 Top Loops)
•30 Vocal Loops
•110 Midi Files
•80 FX
•240 Rex2 Files
•63 Sampler Patches for Battery, EXS24, Kontakt2+ & NNXT
•20 Snare Rolls

Mainstage Trap Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT

Hip Hop Ultra Pack 2 MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 refills presets patches midi patterns nn xt kontakt exs24 battery samples audio als alp ableton live, Ultra, Pack, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop, Fantastic

Hip Hop Ultra Pack 2 MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 16 August 2017 | 942 MB

Fresh and creative collection of Hip Hop samples – Welcome Ultra Pack 2! Here you will find Hip hop Beats, Scratches, Rap Vocals, Vinyl Cutz, Melodies, One shots, Trackstarters and as always with Ultra Pack series – Unlimited Inspiration! Inspired by mind blowing tracks from 9th wonder Just Blaze Illmind SkiBeatz DJ Premier Apollo Brown Marco Polo to name a few…. In detail expect to find 1.18 Gb of wav 24 bit samples at 83 Bpm, including 50 Bottom Grooves, 40 Drum Fills, 100 Drum Loops, 50 Drumelody Loops (tonal drums mixed with vinyl cuts/melodies) , 100 Music Loops, 350 One Shots, 30 Percussion Loops, 100 Scratch Loops, 100 SFX, 30 Vocals, 470 Rex2 Files, 5 Trackstarters, 125 Sampler Patches, Promo & Discount Folder and unlimited inspiration.

All samples have been created and processed by HQ studio equipment like AKAI PRO MPC RENAISSANCE, Roland TR 909, Technics 1210, Manley passive EQ, Avalon VT747, UAD-2 plugins, Virus TI2, Moog Voyager, Korg MS20 and a lot more! All the drum hits, synths and loops have been lovingly processed to be as punchy and warm as possible so all you need to do is drop them in and watch them go!

Also, contained inside the Full Pack formats (Full Zip, Ableton Pack, Apple Loops Pack and Reason Refill).

•24 Bit Quality
•1.18 Gb
•83 Bpm
•50 Bottom Grooves
•40 Drum Fills
•100 Drum Loops
•50 Drumelody Loops (tonal drums mixed with vinyl cuts/melodies)
•100 Music Loops
•350 One Shots
•30 Percussion Loops
•100 Scratch Loops
•100 SFX
•30 Vocals
•470 Rex2 Files
•5 Trackstarters
•125 Sampler Patches for Battery, EXS24, Kontakt2+ & NNXT

Hip Hop Ultra Pack 2 MULTiFORMAT


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