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ProMix FL Studio Mixer Presets

FANTASTiC | 30 April 2018 | 4.49 MB

Want to take your mix to the next level? Get your kicks knocking and your 808’s shaking with our latest FL Studio mixer preset kit!

•50 Professionally Designed FL Studio Mixer Presets!
•Royalty Free!*

ProMix FL Studio Mixer Presets

Ghost SYLENTH1, sylenth1 presets patches, Sylenth1, Ghost, Fantastic


FANTASTiC | 30 April 2018 | 6.4 MB

Looking for those ghostly trap sounds? This Sylenth1 Preset Bank is for you!

•Royalty Free!


Draco SYLENTH1, sylenth1 presets patches, Sylenth1, Fantastic, Draco


FANTASTiC | 30 April 2018 | 280 KB

70 professionally designed Sylenth1 Presets!

•Royalty Free!


Symphonic Impact MULTiFORMAT MAGNETRiXX, wusik presets patches wav sf2 sampletank presets patches kontakt halion giga emu bunker 8 audio samples, Symphonic, MULTiFORMAT, MAGNETRiXX, Impact, Bunker 8

Symphonic Impact MULTiFORMAT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 08 Januar 2013 | 838 MB

Symphonic Impact MULTiFORMAT, The ultimate percussive/transit/string library for clued-up composers of film, TV, video game and soundtrack composers, packed with 1.28GB of the most explosive, detailed and exciting transition FX ever created. The Symphonic series by Bunker 8 has become the go-to series for soundtrack producers throughout the media industry. Now for the first time Bunker 8 present a mammoth collection of FX booms, combos, transitions, piano hits, thuds, bangs, plucks, discordant dings and bashes to satisfy the needs of composers the world over. Bunker 8 have taken the time to create a custom set of convolution symphonic halls and spaces in which the instruments are placed, offering a level of realism and depth one would expect in a collection costing four times as much.


Street Swarm MASCHiNE EXPANSiON WiN MAC, windows reaktor presets patches mxsnd mxprj mxgrp maschine macos, WiN, Swarm, Street, OSX, New York, Maschine Expansion, Maschine, MAC OSX, MAC, Hip Hop, Expansion, 90s

Street Swarm MASCHiNE WiN MAC

P2P | 08.07.2017 | MAC: 1.01 GB

P2P | 31 August 2017 | WiN: 655 MB


– Captures the explosive sound of 90s New York hip hop – Features Kits packed with specially recorded acoustic drums and melodic elements ready to be sampled – Exclusive FX Macros to add additional texture and personalization

STREET SWARM stings with razor-sharp acoustic drums, sliced 70s cinemascapes, vintage funk instrumentation, and raw grooves to bring 90s New York hip hop to MASCHINE.

In early 90s New York, hip hop swarmed from the underground onto Main Street. Raw and unpolished, it crackled with boom-bap drums spliced with sonic textures ripped from old soundtracks. Funky bass oozed beneath dusty pianos. Single-note psychedelic hits danced between disjointed vocal stabs. The sound exploded with power and strength, representing a new style that would change hip hop, forever.

A crate digger’s dream, STREET SWARM captures the funk found in blaxploitation soundtracks. From romantic string interludes and triumphant horns, to sinister melodies, dirty bass phrases, and energetic drums, it’s full of undiscovered gems chopped with extended tails to emulate the SP-1200’s loose editing. Bass guitar, electronic keyboards, horns, and retro synth stabs are organized by key. And special FX macros add additional texture and flair so you can create something sonically different.

– Kits 50
– Projects 5
– Instruments 20
– MONARK patches 14
– REAKTOR PRISM patches 7
– Total number of patterns 183
– Sample breakdowns 953 instruments / 480 drums / 189 one shots / 83 loops
– Library Size 1.03 GB

System requirements:
– Software: MASCHINE 2.6.5 or higher.


Golden Kingdom Maschine Expansion HYBRiD MATRiX, windows presets patches ni sounds mxsnd mxprj mxgrp maschine macos audio samples, Matrix, Maschine Expansion, Maschine, Kingdom, HYBRID, Hip Hop, Golden Kingdom, Golden, Expansion


TEAM MATRiX | 01-06-2015 | 268,26 MB

Begin your ascent to the throne with samples pooled to represent contemporary hip hop styles. Craft your beats with monolithic drums – 52 kits of exclusive sample content. Then add dark, grungy synths with new MASSIVE presets and overdriven breaks that hold a vice-like grip on everyone in earshot. GOLDEN KINGDOM gives you a solid-gold seat amongst the megastars of contemporary hip hop.

GOLDEN KINGDOM blends the spirit of southern hip hop with the expansive depth of cinematic drums and a dose of EDM’s lifting energy. Inside you’ll find traces of trap programming, dirty breaks, and raw, in-your-face synths – the key elements of each genre combined to create a stylistic hybrid. The result is a bold, undeniable sound that stepped onto the world stage with authority.

Golden Kingdom Maschine Expansion HYBRiD-MATRiX

True School v1.1.1 MASCHiNE EXPANSiON HYBRiD R2R, presets patches ni sounds mxsnd mxprj mxgrp maschine audio samples, True School, True, School, R2R, P2P, Maschine Expansion, Maschine, HYBRID, Expansion

True School v1.1.1 MASCHiNE EXPANSiON

Team R2R | 03 Dec 2015 | 1.1 GB

P2P | 31.08.2017 | UPDATE: WiN: 725.33 MB | MAC: 1.01 GB

Old school + new school = TRUE SCHOOL. This MASCHINE Expansion shares the spirit of creative beatmakers who use their deep knowledge of hip-hop production to break the rules. Forget dusty clichés, and aim high with a new future aesthetic The kits, synths and patterns in TRUE SCHOOL combine inspired sampling, hi-tech sound design and creative drum programming to lay new foundations for the future of beatmaking.

Bold, raw, and gritty
– 40 Kits, 70 instruments, and 6 MASCHINE Projects
– Includes drums, pianos, synth leads and basses
– Also available for iMASCHINE on the App Store

Acoustic and electronic drums are enhanced with artifacts and sonic embellishments, with the organic room sound intact. These drums have a bold signature: sharp, warm and gritty at the same time. Strings, brass and pianos (both modern and vintage) have been re-sampled, filtered and processed for a harder attack and a vibrant tone. Hard-to-find vintage and modern synthesizers, including the Arp Quadra, Rhodes Chroma, and Moog Minimoog Model D, were recorded through a Trident analog console and processed for an up-front sound to fit right into the mix. Basses and leads from Studio Electronics SE-1 and ATC-1 synths were recorded through a Steven Slate Fox preamp.

– Full MASCHINE Projects 6
– Kits 40
– Instruments/Sounds 70
– Download size 1.02 GB (uncompressed 1.32 GB)

True School v1.1.1 MASCHiNE EXPANSiON HYBRiD-R2R

Caribbean Current v1.0.0 MASCHiNE EXPANSiON R2R, presets patches ni sounds mxsnd mxprj mxgrp massive maschine audio samples, Soca, Reggaeton, R2R, Moombahton, Maschine Expansion, Maschine, Expansion, Dub, Dancehall, Current, Carribean

Carribean Current v1.0.0 MASCHiNE

TEAM R2R | 2014.10.11 | 187.33 MB

CARIBBEAN CURRENT is a club-ready tour of the Caribbean, visiting dancehall, dub, soca, reggaeton, moombahton, and more. Loaded with all-new patterns, custom MASSIVE presets, a dub siren, and artist-designed special kits, this is an infectious rhythm injection for your MASCHINE.

CARIBBEAN CURRENT is a tour of the Caribbean, visiting dancehall, dub, soca, reggaeton, moombahton, and more. Loaded with all-new patterns, custom MASSIVE presets, a dub siren, and artist-designed special kits, this is an infectious rhythm injection for your MASCHINE.

CARIBBEAN CURRENT delivers a versatile set of melodic tools to add to its tropical rhythms. Start with exclusive MASSIVE basses, screaming leads, dub chords, and vocal samples. Then infuse your creations with authentic steel drum, melodica, and accordion samples, as well as a Dub Siren special kit – fully-playable and with pre-mapped macros for on-the-fly tweaking.

CARIBBEAN CURRENT features kits inspired by artists from all around the Caribbean. A number of these artists, including Cero39, DJ Rata, and DJ Dever will feature in the forthcoming Native Instruments documentary, Sabroso! A road trip to Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Watch the trailer for a look at the sounds, people, and places that helped inspire this very special MASCHINE Expansion.

Maschine Expansion Caribbean Current v1.0.0-R2R

METEORIC RiSE MASCHiNE EXPANSiON ISO, presets patches mxsnd mxprj mxgrp maschine battery audio samples, Trap, RiSE, P2P, METEORIC, Melodic, Maschine Expansion, Maschine, ISO, Hooks, Expansion


P2P | 29 Apr 2018 | ISO | 1.06 GB


A feel-good fusion of soul, trap, and cutting-edge pop. 59 BATTERY kits and 50 MASCHINE kits bursting with pristine drums and melodies. Over 400 construction loops of complex trap beats, melodic hooks, and more

A new sound has taken over the mainstream. Bold, bright, and bursting with soul, it’s an irresistible pop fusion that blends cutting-edge EDM production, intricate trap-style beats, and infectious R&B melodies. A diverse range of artists have embraced this style, including Flume, GTA, Palmistry, and Chet Faker. METEORIC RISE is the forward-thinking yet mainstream-friendly sound for the post-genre generation.

Get crystal-clear productions right out of the box, with perfectly-cut drum kits for BATTERY and MASCHINE. Special melodic kits give you soulfully-chopped vocals, lazer-sharp synths, and infectious guitar licks for creating future classics. New presets for MASSIVE, MONARK and REAKTOR PRISM supply you with deep basses, sparkling leads, and shimmering pads for full-sounding productions that shine.

Drum Sample Breakdown: 82 Kicks, 71 Snares, 17 Claps, 4 Cymbals, 66 Hi Hats, 129 Percussion, 35 Shakers, 3 Toms
Installer Size: 1.17 GB


Serene Worlds Soundset for THORN, thorn presets patches, Worlds, Thorn, Soundset, Serene, Fantastic

Serene Worlds Soundset for THORN

FANTASTiC | 26 April 2018 | 161 MB

The Serene Worlds Soundset contains 150 high quality presets for the utterly beautiful Thorn synthesizer from Dmitry Sches and is suitable for any contemporary electronic and ambient music genres. This soundset has been lovingly crafted since Thorn’s release, nearly half a year ago, while being tweaked over and over on monitors, computer speakers, and headphones for optimal balance between sounds. It includes over 180MB of noise samples and attacks embedded within the presets, in addition to over 100 custom presets for Arp, Glitch, MSEG, Effects, and Harmonic Oscillator Modules.

An optional MIDI and Noise Sample pack is also available for an additional $5, which includes nearly 24 MIDI Files (over 50 merged patterns) used in the audio showcases and 80 samples, 240 MB in .wav format, which can be used used inside thorn or in other synths. These are extremely useful and sound great on there own! They can add the icing to an already beautiful sounding patch to make them truly inspiring.

Serene worlds contains many exceptional beautiful pads, atmospheres, and sounscapes that sound truly unique thanks to Thorn’s additive/wavtable properties combined with the original harmonic oscillator – thorn is capable of some amazingly beautiful sounds. In addition, many of the patches utilize the noise layer to the full extent. Nearly 80 original soundsources were created just for using this oscillator, using granular methods, and layering multiple sounds with real world recording to aid the atmospheric ambience of the patches, including bamboo rain sticks, village gongs, synthesized choir samples, flutes, wind chimes, glistening shimmers, etc. Some of the noise oscillators could have as many as 5 layers blended into one source. The goal was to subtlely aid the beauty and power of thorns beautiful unique sound, without ever masking it.

In addition, Serene Worlds also includes 17 bpm synchronized bass sequences ideal for a cinematic and modern electronic vibe. A major advantage of sequences is the ability to transpose the layered patterns in one go, and use creative legato to add interesting variations. Furthermore, some utterly gorgeous plucks and keys were also included, truly coming alive with vibrance with velocity and modulation settings. There are just so many wonderful routings Thorn has to alter the sound, including the oscillator fx, the harmonic oscillator, the fitlers, gorgeous fx, and glitch pattern. All of these were use as modulation sources. So a pluck or pad could turn into something completely wild and different sounding than the original with the modulation wheel. I had a lot of fun here.

Finally, but not least, some sharp, modern and tasteful leads are also included, in addition to some awesome analog sounding synthesized drums, in addition to hybrid synthesized and organic instruments like gamelan, and synth choirs — never relying on noise sample, only aiding.

– Includes 150 Presets
– Includes over 180Mb of Noise Samples and Attacks embedded in the presets.
– Include 100 Thorn Module Presets for the Arp, Glitch, MSEG, and Effect Presets
– Optional – Includes 24 Midi FIles (Over 50 merged patterns) from most of the audio demos (excluding leads). They are named identically to the corresponding preset.
– Optional – Includes 80 Noise Samples in .wav format which can be used to layer in patches in thorn or used on there own – including bamboo rain sticks, village gongs, film rolls, synthesized choir samples, flutes, wind chimes, glistening shimmers, pads, layered, and grainularized.
– All patches are volume normalized. (They won’t clip and have equal volume levels when scanning between presets)
– Complex Modulation Wheel destinations for all patches. When appropiate, many patches also utilized velocity sensitivity.
– Patches created in the latest 1.06 version of Thorn.

Patch Breakdown:
– Leads – 18
– Pads – 43
– Basses – 10
– Keys – 12
– Plucks – 21
– Arps – 11
– Bass Sequences – 17
– Drums/FX – 14
– Instruments/Synth Choir – 4

Serene Worlds Soundset for THORN


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