Tuned Tape Drums WAV ALP-DECiBEL

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Tuned Tape Drums WAV ALP

Team DECiBEL | 20 Jan 2019

44.1K: 963.0 MB | 96K: 1.95 GB | ALP: 696.9 MB

Classic drum machines, with a twist…

A labour of love from start to finish, Tuned Tape Drums provides a unique twist on the classic machines we all know and love; delivering over 8,000 characterful tape drum samples from a jaw-dropping line-up of iconic drum machines and layered sound sources – processed impeccably using a 100% hardware chain throughout, and lovingly tuned across two full octaves (per sound) in the analogue domain using tape machine Varispeed!

The line-up
From quirky drum synths such as the SDSV and Syncussion, to timeless classics such as the 808, 909 and everything in-between; we sourced a collection of beautifully restored drum machines specifically for the purpose of this project:
– 808 (2 different machines)
– 909
– Syncussion
– Linndrum
– Drumtraks
– CR-78
– 707
– SP-12
– 606
– CR-8000
– Drumulator
– 727

Mixed Machines – a unique selection of lesser known drum machines, hybrid drum sounds, synthesized and never heard before drums… Layered – a unique collection of heavily layered modern drum sounds. We carefully layered sound sources from modern drum machines, synths, foley / found sound, acoustic drums & percussion and many more creative sources.

Ableton Live & Push Integration
As well as the included 8,000+ drum samples (in WAV format), Tuned Tape Drums also boasts a powerful, custom built Ableton Live Pack (for Live 9 and 10)…
– Easily mix and match any drum sound using our extensive modular Drum Rack environment
– Tune drums in the analogue domain using our powerful ‘Tape Pitch’ macro control. This gives you real-time analogue tuning of every drum sound!
– Easily load full, pre-built drum kits for each drum machine, and control their parameters via our custom macros
– Get creative with our ‘Drum Modules’ presets and create your dream drum machine by mixing and matching drum sounds in real time
– Get musical with our ‘Melodic’ and ‘Pitched’ presets, which offer hundreds of multi-sampled patches; allowing you to play any sound across your keyboard chromatically, in a musical way Think huge 808 bass lines, moody percussive arps, chords, and melodic percussion
– Deep Push and Push 2 integration. Control everything directly from your Push / Push 2 controller
– As a bonus, we’ve also included a powerful collection of Drum loops presets, which can be previewed and brought into your Live Session. (Ableton 10 required for this bonus loop content)

What’s included? Let’s Recap…
– 8,889 drum samples, recorded from a mouth-watering line up or iconic drum machines and layered sound sources
– All sounds impeccably processed via high-end outboard, and recorded to a Studer analogue tape machine for extra character
– Two full octaves of tuning per sound, all pitched 100% in the analogue domain using tape machine Varispeed
– Feature-rich and powerful Ableton Live Pack environment, with full Push / Push 2 integration
– 25 ready-to-play drum kits, conveniently mapped for the following software sampler formats: Battery, EXS24, Halion, Kontakt, Reason NN-XT and SFZ.
– A bonus collection of lovingly processed drum machine sounds, recorded pre-tape machine for a cleaner sound
– Download includes both a high definition 96K version, and a 44.1K version of all samples – giving you a choice to suit your workflow

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/X8OO
Tuned Tape Drums WAV ALP-DECiBEL

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