NoisR MiNi MAX For LiVE

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NoisR MiNi

P2P | 04.01.2019 | 2.81 MB

NOISR MINIs – The same Multi effects from NOISR FX, only modular. Maybe all you need is the AUTOGATE for your background vocals. Perhaps you just want to process your Bass with a little FILTR and not have to open up that big ol NOISR FX. That is why the NOISR MINI’s were created.

Every module in NOISR FX except LIMITR:
1) FILTR – (A sweet sounding multimode filter with a similar interface to the one used in NOISR).
2) AUTOGATE – (Time synced pulses summon the power of “The Force” out of your audio input).
3) DRIVE – (a sweet overdrive distortion).
4) RING – modulator (to modulate circles upside your head!).
5) PITCH – A nice sounding pitch detection engine. Surprisingly useful.
6) ECHO – featuring a panoramic knob and a reverse button!
7) REVERB – A lush sounding verb with a snowflake icon freeze button.

NoisR MiNi MAX For LiVE

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