Upright Piano MULTiFORMAT

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Upright Piano MULTiFORMAT

P2P | 05.01.2019 | MULTi: 191 MB | ALP: 109 MB

Piano is a multi-sampled Upright Piano. Hosted in a small venue right beside an auto shop it has undergone numerous Jazz and Blues sessions throughout the decades. Upright Piano in Universal Format contains the velocity-layered sustain samples plus release sounds as separate patches. Both patches can be combined in numerous software samplers like Kontakt, NN-XT. EXS 24, Directwave, Halion as well as each other software sampler that supports the Cakewalk sfz format.

The Live Pack contains the Piano with adjustable sustain and release samples plus 7 additional instruments that push sound far beyond the original.
– Arper adds some heavenly arpeggios
– Damped sounds like a huge piano behind a wall
– Looped introduces random patterns during performance
– Morph combines formant-shifting with interesting side-noises
– Piano is the pure velocity-layered piano sound
– Peak brings in the taste of a prepared piano
– Remember 2133 can be tweaked from Grand to Honky Tonk
– Synth is a polyphonic stereo synthesizer

Live Pack:
– requires Live 8.4 / 9 / 10
– 8 Instruments Racks, 121 Samples, 240 MB

Universal Format:
– SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP included
– 2 x 5 Patches, 119 Samples, 233 MB

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/0xfe
Upright Piano MULTiFORMAT

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