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Maniac Massive Presets KONTAKT

DiSCOVER-SYNTHiC4TE | May 07 2014 | 1.51 GB

The sounds of the maniac, by the maniac, for the maniac! 204 presets for NI Massive, Bass(16), FX(63), Lead(18), Pluck(16), Poly(20), Sequence(40), Wobble(31).

Bonus EZ Complextro Kontakt Instruments

Maniac Massive Presets KONTAKT

Cinematic Tension FX1 KONTAKT, kontakt samples, Tension, SYNTHiC4TE, Kontakt, Cinematic

Cinematic Tension FX1 KONTAKT

Team SYNTHiC4TE | March 19 2014 | 158.5 MB

Developed by a team of composers and sound designers Cinematic Tension FX is an experiment in sound design. The morphing function allows 2 sounds to be simultaneously played and blended together. So, for example, a vocal chant can be combined with a flute to create interesting sonic textures that evolve and blend over time. Each sound can be manipulated and then saved as a preset. Presets can be recalled instantly using dynamic keyswitching and then ‘morphed’ together using the modwheel. “Frank Macchia’s ‘Cinematic Tension’ suite is loaded with wild and fun performance effects. The “Chinese Flute” alone, is worth the price of admission. But there are many more interesting and useful instruments in this collection, especially the string clusters and prepared piano. The simple interface makes the navigation and customizing of sounds fast and easy. Add a delay and additional effects, and you’ll discover another portal in your atmospheric palate. Ruling!” – Tyler Bates, composer 300, Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead


  • Woodwind EFX: Frank Macchia
  • Electric Guitar EFX: John Hoy
  • Vocal EFX: Tracy London
  • String EFX: Moscow Symphony Orchestra

Full Version Kontakt 4.2.3 or above only.

Cinematic Tension FX1 KONTAKT

Cinematic Tension FX2 Vol.1 Bass Flutes KONTAKT, kontakt samples, Tension, MAGNETRiXX, Kontakt, FX2, Flutes, Cinematic, Bass

Bass Flutes KONTAKT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 30 March 2014 | 1.56 GB

Cinematic Tension FX2 Vol.1

Continuing where Cinematic Tension FX1 left off is the new offering Cinematic Tension FX2 – Vol 1: Bass Flutes. We will be offering more of these grouped woodwinds over the next months, with each set featuring 8-10 woodwinds performing over 2 gigs of runs, spills, pushes, hits, gestures, ostinatos & textures to give your music a new set of unique sounds that can help with transitions, tension, suspense & horror! This first volume features 8 bass flutes, a unique sound that is both beautiful and intense. Future volumes will include bass clarinets, piccolos, clarinets, contrabass flutes, saxophones, contrabass clarinets, & ethnic winds. This new library features a tempo sync function where the phrases and samples will lock into your DAW’s tempo making that transition into a new scene time perfectly with your composition. Also we have a very cool set of reverse samples that can be engaged by utilizing the mod wheel for even more crazed sonic textures. Add to this an effects section that includes reverbs, delay, chorus, flange, rotary panning, EQ & you have the makings of one amazing sonic effects beast!

Recorded with loving care on a pristine audio set-up of an A Designs Pacifica preamp, a rare Lucas CS-1 microphone and Lynx Aurora convertors.

Full version of Kontakt 4 or 5 required. Tempo sync in K5 gives superior results.

Cinematic Tension FX2 Vol.1 Bass Flutes KONTAKT

Future Bass Vocals 2 WAV MiDi, wav patterns midi samples, WAV, Vocals, P2P, MIDI, Future Bass, Future, Bass

Future Bass Vocals 2 WAV MiDi

P2P | 19 June 2018 | 270 MB

“Future Bass Vocals Part II” continues our series of royalty-free vocals sample packs tailored towards Future Bass productions. Each song includes “dry” (no reverb, no delay) lead and backing vocal, and “wet” (fully effected and mixed) version that is 100% ready to be used instantly in your tracks. As usual, we’ve also included MIDI harmony (chords) to each kit to give you the full flexibility.

Songs list:

  • From Within – 72.5 Bpm, Key Am
  • In Your Eyes – 97 Bpm, Key A#m
  • Touch From Within – 97 Bpm, Key A#m
  • Morning Sun – 106 BPM, Key Em
  • What I Need – 130 Bpm, Key Fm


Future Bass Vocals 2 WAV MiDi

Afro Tech Vocals WAV AUDiOSTRiKE, wav samples, WAV, Vocals, Tech, Essential, AUDIOSTRiKE, Afro, 126 BPM, 124 BPM, 120 BPM

Afro Tech Vocals WAV

AUDiOSTRiKE | 23/06/2015 | 1.07 GB

Essential Afro Tech Vocals has been compiled from the vaults from their Hot and Award vocal packs. 5 collections including Afro Tech Vocals 1, 2, 3, 4 and Afro Tech Glitch Vocals make up this insane 1.62GB of the coolest loops available. Whether you make Deep House, Techno, Glitch, EDM or DnB this behemoth pack of audio weaponry will keep you in vocals for ages to come. Use these ready to go vocals straight out of the box or get crazy crafting your own by mix and matching from the 1280 loops included. Dry, processed and side chained versions are available so you can work fast or take your time moulding those vocals into your next killer track. Finally a vocal collection that has everything you need to give your music that hook or percussive groove it needs to keep your tracks riding high in the charts and tearing up those dance-floors.

Individual pack releases:
– Afro Tech Vocals 1
– Afro Tech Vocals 2
– Afro Tech Vocals 3
– Afro Tech Vocals 4
– Afro Tech Glitch Vocals

– 24 Bit quality
– 1280 Vocal Loops
– 2 Bar & 4 Bar Loops
– Dry, Processed & Sidechained Loops
– 120, 124 & 126BPM

Afro Tech Vocals WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE

dmoox for KONTAKT, kontakt samples, MAGNETRiXX, Kontakt, dmoox

dmoox for KONTAKT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 24 May 2013 | 830 MB

Welcome to the sound of dmoox, recapturing the heart and soul of vintage instruments. dmoox is a sampled instrument. It uses pre-recorded audio clips to generate sounds. Is neither a virtual synth nor a plugin. dmoox benefits from the extensive script programming of Kontakt – the world leading software sampler, bringing you an enhanced experience in music making technology. We looked back into our gear room to recreate the Midimoog by Studio Electronics, one of electronic music’s forgotten legends. We wanted to represent all its sonic magic into one single digital instrument for total recall at your finger tips. We have sampled every note of this analogue monster individually for approximately 4 seconds using high end converters, recording everything at 24bits. Once the sound was sorted we decided to give the user a more pleasant experience by crafting a truly unique 3D interface not yet seen in a product of this kind.Add to this 7 onboard effects, pitch envelope, arp and unison, then you begin to realize the truly powerful nature of this instrument.


  • Type: Kontakt 4 Instrument Synthesis Type: Sampled based
  • Voice Modes: poly/mono Polyphony:
  • Max: 512 or computer limitation. Typical in use: 1 – 128
  • Multi-Timbral (number of parts): 1
  • Oscillators per Voice : 3 Min : 1 Max : 3
  • Waveforms per Oscillator: 6 Triangular Saw Up Saw Down ( Osc 3 Only ) Saw Triangular Square Wide Pulse Narrow Pulse
  • Noise Generator: 1 White Pink
  • Filter Modes : 4 Low pass Hi Pass Band Pass Vowel Filter
  • LFO : 1 ( 5 Selectable Waveforms ) Oscillators Pitch Amplitude
  • Filters Insertion Effects: 8 Delay Lo-Fi Reverb Flanger Stereo Tool Distortion Saturation & Compression (Magic Knob)
  • Auxiliary Effects: 1 Impulse Response Reverb Arpeggiators: 1 ( Polyphonic ) Rate : 1/128 – 1Bar
  • Octave Range : +5 / -5
  • Swing : +5 / -5
  • Order : Up – Down – Up & Down – Down & Up – Chord – As Played – Random
  • Strike :1 – 5
  • Controllers : Mod Wheel assigned by default on most presets. Midi assignable to any parameter.
  • Memory : 128 Factory presets – Xpandable.


dmoox for KONTAKT

Global Shake v1.0.0 MASCHiNE EXPANSiON iSO, windows wav reaktor presets patches mxsnd mxprj mxgrp massive maschine macos battery samples, Shake, Maschine Expansion, Maschine, ISO, Global, Expansion

Global Shake v1.0.0

P2P | June 20 2018 | 2.3 GB



Celebrating the vitality and excitement of contemporary African music, GLOBAL SHAKE throws off the cliches and blazes a trail across continents to Lisbon, London, New York, and beyond. From the rise of Afro bashment in the UK, to club styles like Afrobeats, gqom, kuduro, kizomba, and Afro house, to the influence on world-conquering artists like Drake and Major Lazer, one thing is clear: Africa is the sound of now. Bursting with infectious melodies, radio-ready vocals, and convention-defying rhythms, GLOBAL SHAKE captures the diverse creativity of contemporary Africa as it overflows onto the international stage.

Get inspired with a vivid palette of sounds suitable for any style. GLOBAL SHAKE bounces with lively drums and ear-catching tuned percussion, packed into kits for BATTERY and MASCHINE. New presets for MASSIVE, MONARK, and REAKTOR PRISM give you characteristic bright leads and thick basses bringing the energy of the club to your tracks. Lush guitar licks, percussion, and original vocals were performed and recorded in Ghana, Cape Verde, and South Africa for a brilliantly authentic vibe that elevates your music.

– Raw drum hits and one-shots come DAW-ready plus tempo-based construction loops give you building blocks for inspiration.
– 556 Construction Loops

– Kits come pre-assembled for MASCHINE and BATTERY, with color coding for BATTERY and FX-enhanced kits for MASCHINE.
– 64 BATTERY Kits
– 52 MASCHINE Kits

– Customizable presets for MASSIVE, MONARK, and REAKTOR PRISM by top sound designers, give you the perfect sounds for your genre.
– 17 MASSIVE Presets
– 20 MONARK Presets
– 10 REAKTOR PRISM Presets

– MASCHINE owners get editable patterns for building ideas fast. Plus, multi-effects macros that are custom-made for your sounds.
– 10 Projects
– 220+ Patterns
– 32 Drum Synth Presets
– 75 Sample Instruments

– Drum Sample Breakdown: 58 Kicks, 75 Snares, 30 Claps, 19 Cymbals, 39 Hi Hats, 77 Percussion, 29 Shakers, 28 Toms
– Installer Size: 2.3 GB

– Hardware

Global Shake v1.0.0 MASCHiNE EXPANSiON iSO

AVA De Esser v1.0.1 AU VST VST3 32Bit 64Bit MAC HEXWARS, x86 x64 vst3 plugins plugins vst macos plugins au for mac, VST3, VST, MAC, HEXWARS, de esser, AVA, AU, 64Bit, 32Bit

AVA De-Esser v1.0.1 MAC

Team HEXWARS | 17 June 2018 | 18.59 MB

AU VST VST3 32Bit 64Bit

The AVA De-Esser is the latest implementation of Harrison’s renowned De-Esser algorithm, used in ultra high-end post & film facilities worldwide. Now in the fourth generation, the Harrison De-Esser algorithm has been continuously tweaked by our customers in high-end studios around the world. Harrison’s reputation for “True Analog In-The-Box” sound is due to our unique development heritage, where we first created an analog console processor and then converted the processor to digital while retaining the sound and character of the original analog system. The AVA De-Esser implements Harrison’s 4th-generation de-esser algorithm: tuned by our users to detect and eliminate harsh sibilance in real-time.


  • Intelligent algorithm operates on harsh sibilance while ignoring other fricatives.
  • Band Solos and Auto-Solo feature helps the user dial-in the sibilant frequency range.
  • Capable of up to 12dB reduction in sibilance.
  • Adjustable threshold & depth allow fine control over the processor’s onset and strength.
  • Fast and easy-to-use interface with 6 control dimensions accessible in the main graph.
  • Zero-latency processing, suitable for “live” use.
  • Gain-reduction meter appears on ProTools mixer strip. (AAX format only).


The results are quintessentially Harrison: effortless, smooth and transparent.

AVA De-Esser v1.0.1 AU VST VST3 32Bit 64Bit MAC-HEXWARS

AVA Mastering EQ v1.2.1 AU VST VST3 32Bit 64Bit MAC HEXWARS, x86 x64 vst3 plugins plugins vst macos plugins au for mac, VST3, VST, Mastering, MAC, HEXWARS, EQ, AVA, AU, 64Bit, 32Bit

AVA Mastering EQ v1.2.1 MAC

Team HEXWARS| 17 June 2018 | 6.2 MB

..:: Mastering EQ ::..

AU VST VST3 32Bit 64Bit

The first in Harrison’s new series of cross-platform plugins, the AVA Mastering EQ is a powerful tool for controlling your final mix balance.

AVA Mastering EQ v1.2.1 AU VST VST3 32Bit 64Bit MAC-HEXWARS

VCL 373 v1.0.0 AAX VST VST3 x86 x64 WiN CE V.R, x86 x64 vst3 plugins plugins vst aax plugins, x86, x64, WiN, VST3, VST, Vintage Limiter, Vintage Compressor, Vintage, VCL 373, V.R, Limiter, Compressor, CE, AAX

VCL-373 v1.0.0 WiN

TEAM V.R | 18 June 2018 | 3.41 MB

Vintage Comp/Limiter

(Win32/64; AAX*, VST3, VST)

The VCL-373 is a recreation of an early 60s broadcasting limiter/compressor that eventually found its way into many mastering studios. 1963 marks a technological shift in that the famous diode-bridge based gain reduction stage was replaced by a transistor-based circuit that allowed for less THD and more reliable control voltage tracking. The plugin includes a faithful emulation of the audio transformers, the crucial feedback compression circuitry as well as the discrete class A make-up amplifier. Some convenient features including a continuous drive control, gain compensation, GR metering and a dry/wet mix have been added in the digital domain.

•An Intel Pentium 4 compatible CPU
•Mac OS 10.8 or newer (Mac users)
•Windows 7 or newer (PC users)
•A display resolution of 1280×1024 pixels or more
•A VST2, VST3, AAX or AudioUnits compatible host

VCL-373 v1.0.0 AAX VST VST3 x86 x64 WiN CE-V.R


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