SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.134 AAX STANDALONE x86 x64 WiN R2R, windows software aax plugins, x86, x64, WiN, Standalone, SpectraLayers, R2R, Pro, AAX

SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.134 WiN

Team R2R | 07 May 2018 | 66.4MB


Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor. In SpectraLayers Pro 5, you can work with the individual sounds in an audio file fully visually. Transpose, extract and optimize sounds in ways never imagined thanks to the unique layers concept for the frequency spectrum. SpectraLayers Pro transforms sound into a unique visual world of multidimensional audio data. Outstanding program design, a high performance audio engine and seamless integration with other DAWs make SpectraLayers Pro one of the world’s most revolutionary spectral editing platforms.

SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.134 AAX STANDALONE x86 x64 WiN R2R, windows software aax plugins, x86, x64, WiN, Standalone, SpectraLayers, R2R, Pro, AAX

What’s New:
– A visual Spectrogram for unrivalled sound design, editing and restoration
– Make precise edits and create incredible audio in real time
– NEW! High definition Spectrogram for pin-sharp visual detail
– NEW! Redesigned GUI for a smooth and fast workflow
– NEW! Professional tools for repairing and restoring audio
– NEW! Powerful algorithms for high-precision visual editing

Enhanced user interface for the perfect workflow
New buttons, direct editing of wave samples and volume control for groups are just some of the new program features. A preview is now available for every tool to illustrate the functionality of the tool before selection for use.

Spectral Casting Spectral Casting
Use the frequency spectrum of one layer as a cast for the overall mix. Using Spectral Casting, seamlessly integrate elements such as vocals into an existing mix by precisely “blanking” overlapping frequencies.

Spectral Molding
Spectral Molding Spectral molding uses frequencies to materialize crosses between recordings for creative sound design. For example, imagine a guitar recording with an acoustic texture of vocals!

Cleaning with noise prints
SpectraLayers enables you to identify noise within a waveform in a matter of clicks and save it as a noise prints. This “print” can then be used for various types of noise reduction.

Who needs SpectraLayers Pro?
Audio mastering engineers
From small fixes to radical, project-wide transformations, use SpectraLayers Pro to repair, filter, and remix audio in ways you never thought possible.

Sound design
Isolate individual sounds in an audio file, select material by frequency, and construct new music directly on the spectral graph.

Audio-for-video producers
Apply bandwidth-limited noiseprints across entire files, or perform surgical cuts to remove isolated sonic events.

Forensic audio mastering
Audio extraction is a SpectraLayers Pro specialty. Pull target sounds for analysis, replacement, or rights management purposes.

Audio archivists
Isolate individual sounds in an audio file, select material by frequency, and construct new music directly on the spectral graph.

Apply bandwidth-limited noiseprints across entire files, or perform surgical cuts to remove isolated sonic events.

NEW! Heal Action
In contrast to the Delete function, the “Heal Action” reconstructs types of background noise.

NEW! Repair Frequency Tool
Repair damaged frequencies by dragging from one end of the frequency to the other.

NEW! Spectral Marker
You can now draw Spectral Markers and Spectral Ranges and save them to the project files. It’s especially useful for a forensic workflow.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/7Ngd
SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.134 AAX STANDALONE x86 x64 WiN-R2R

PCDJ DEX 3 v3.10.0.4 x86 x64 WiN, windows audio software dj, x86, x64, WiN, PCDJ, P2P, DEX 3, DEX

PCDJ DEX 3 v3.10.0.4 WiN

P2P | 07 May 2018 | x64: 52.65 MB | x86: 49.56 MB

PCDJ DEX 3 is professional DJ Software for MAC and Windows that allows you to seamlessly mix music, music videos and host karaoke shows. DEX 3 gives you full control over your media, allowing for more creative freedom while mixing than ever before. With our beat-grid based automatic beat mixing it’s easy to blend tracks, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your mix. Since DEX 3 offers no-latency playback; loops, hot cues, and all playback features are ultra-responsive. Use DEX 2 with a keyboard or mouse, or use one of the 65+ supported DJ controllers for tactile hands-on control. So download DEX 3, import you tunes, and cue up your imagination – DEX 3 is the complete DJ mixing software solution.

PCDJ DEX 3 v3.10.0.4 x86 x64 WiN, windows audio software dj, x86, x64, WiN, PCDJ, P2P, DEX 3, DEX

Transport And DJ Mixer Controls
DEX 3 makes it easy to mix everything. The DEX user interface emulates the look and feel of CD Decks and includes mixer controls much like you find on physical DJ mixers. Use a traditional 2-Deck interface with or without video mixing controls, or layer in your mix with one of the included 4-Deck skins. BPM beat-sync, looping, key-lock, hot cue points, filters and effects all work flawlessly whether youíre mixing audio or blending music videos.

DEX 3 Advanced Media Browser
Advanced Media File Browser With Search, Playlists And Automix
DEX 3 includes an advanced media file browser for all your music, music videos and karaoke files. The included library filters allow you to view only the file type you want to work with, and the fast search feature displays results as you type. Create custom playlists or generate lists from directories on your hard drive. Album art and color coding makes it easy to find the song/s you’re looking for. Playlist playback automation is built right in; engage Automix or Shuffle Play if you need a break.

DJ Controllers provide hands-on tactile control over PCDJ DEX, allowing for more creativity while mixing. Over 65 DJ controllers from popular DJ equipment manufacturers are natively supported, which means zero-configuration for you so you can get into the mix right away. When you press a button, twist a knob or scratch a platter on your DJ controller PCDJ will react immediately, without latency.

DJ Music And Music Videos For DJs
PCDJ has teamed up with two great record pool services for pro DJs. Our partners at the iDJPool have the hottest new music in 320kbps MP3, plus 2 years of back catalog available in all popular genres to subscribers.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/9yrd
PCDJ DEX 3 v3.10.0.4 x86 x64 WiN

NCH Zulu DJ Masters Edition v4.13 WiN LAXiTY, windows audio software dj, Zulu, WiN, NCH, Masters Edition, Masters, Edition, DJ

NCH Zulu DJ Masters Edition v4.13 WiN

Team LAXiTY | May 08 2018 | 5.1 MB

Zulu virtual DJ software is the complete DJ software solution for amateur and professional DJs. Powerful features united with an easy to use interface makes mixing your favorite tracks easy. Zulu lets you mix your music live whilst applying effects on the fly.Your songs will always stay on the beat with Zulu’s advanced, automatic beat detection. Load a track onto a deck and Zulu D J software can automatically scan the file for a beat, assign a beat per minute (BPM), and change the tempo in the second deck for perfect synchronization.

Drag and drop your music anywhere in Zulu DJ Software, and preview upcoming tracks before they play. Zulu DJ Software also supports all the latest audio file formats so playing your music is never a problem.

DJ Mixing Features

  • Cross fade between two tracks
  • Supports mp3, wav and all other popular audio formats
  • AutoPlay mode for hands-free, seamless music play
  • Automatic beat detection
  • Synchronization between the decks
  • Real-time pitch and tempo control
  • Apply effects in real-time, including distortion and reverb
  • Effects can be applied to each deck and globally
  • Graphic equalizer on each deck
  • Record DJ mixes and save as an audio file
  • Loop sections within a track and synchronize to the BPM
  • Tap your space bar to the beat to set the BPM manually, or input your own BPM value for greater control
  • VST plugin support for additional effects
  • Add over 30 loops and samples to the sample bank
  • Set multiple cue points to play from anywhere in a track
  • Safe live mode and full screen mode for flawless shows
  • Preview tracks with separate output for DJ headphones
  • Use with USB DJ Mixing Consoles and MIDI devices
  • Broadcast DJ mixes live using BroadWave audio streaming software


INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/UK55
NCH Zulu DJ Masters Edition v4.13 WiN-LAXiTY

Uphoria AU VSTi x86 x64 WiN MAC DECiBEL, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti macos plugins au for mac, x86, x64, WiN, VSTi, Uphoria, Trap, RNB, MAC, Hip Hop, DECiBEL, AU

Uphoria WiN MAC

Team DECiBEL | 06 May 2018 | MacOSX: 7.36 GB | WiN x64/x86: 3.67 GB

Uphoria is one of the hottest romplers for Trap, Hip Hop and R&B producers. It was created by AngelicVibes to bring you a whole new world of sound. It is committed to helping you create some of your best music yet. With its expert sound design and stunning user interface, Uphoria outshines many VSTs out there for the modern producer. Take this opportunity and let Uphoria breathe life into your music!

Stand Out From The Rest
Nowadays, everyone basically has the same sound libraries. We wanted to stand out, yet sound contemporary and cater to new Hip-hop and Trap producers while adding our own vibe to it. It’s hard to find one library where you like every sound, and we tried to do that with this! The plugin is designed to fit in your workflow with hundreds of intuitively engineered sounds that you can use to create a sound of your own. Whether you are a producer, a beatmaker or a film composer, Uphoria will amaze you!

A Euphoric Sound
Uphoria contains over 200 factory presets, all crafted by expert producers and sound designers to give you the industry quality sound you desire. The plugin includes a wide range of instruments from deep filtered bass, melodic bells, atmospheric effects, and divine pads to amazing guitars samples, acoustic pianos, tropical mallets and more!

Uphoria comes with a beautiful, rare and unique library of sounds. You get everything from computer generated synth sounds to real live recording instruments.

Unlike many VST plugins, Uphoria has a very modern and sleek look to it. It was designed with an easy to look at user interface. It truly stand out from the rest.

No more headache. The Uphoria VST is super easy to install. For Mac users, the plugin will install itself. On PC, you only need to copy and paste 2 files. That’s it!

Uphoria comes with an array of built-in effects and modulations that you can use to manipulate each sound from reverb, filters, lfos and more.

We will be releasing inspiring expansion packs which will contain a wide range of sounds and instruments from vocal effects, flutes, percussions, drum kits and more!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/Gmuq
Uphoria AU VSTi x86 x64 WiN MAC-DECiBEL

Loopback v1.2.0 macOS, macos software apps, OSX, macOS, MAC OSX, MAC, Loopback

Loopback v1.2.0 macOS

P2P | 07 May 2018 | 6.8 MB

Suddenly, it’s easy to pass audio between applications on your Mac. Create virtual audio devices to take the sound from applications and audio input devices, then send it to audio processing applications. Loopback gives you the power of a high-end studio mixing board, right inside your computer!

Combine Audio Sources
Configuring a virtual audio device from multiple sources is easy. Just add the applications and physical audio devices you want to include to the Audio Sources table to get started.

Available System-Wide
Your Mac will show Loopback’s virtual devices exactly like physical devices. Find them listed among other devices in System Preferences or select them as an input or output in any audio app.

Send Audio Between Apps
Loopback can also create pass-thru devices, which send audio from one app to another. Set the Loopback device as the output in one app and the input in another to make audio flow directly between the applications.

Play Audio to All Your Podcast Guests
Combine your mic with audio sources like iTunes or QuickTime Player, then select your Loopback device as your source in Skype. Presto! Your guests all hear both your voice and your audio add-ons.

Record Gameplay Videos
Making gameplay videos with great audio can often be very difficult. If you’re using a device like Elgato’s Game Capture hardware and you want to record both your microphone and the game’s audio at once, Loopback can assist!

Combine Hardware Devices
Apps like GarageBand, Logic, and Ableton Live only record from a single audio device at once. Thankfully, they offer recording from many channels. With Loopback, you can combine multiple input devices into one virtual device for easy recording.

Create Top-Notch Screencasts
Screen recorders, including QuickTime Player, allow you to include either microphone audio or all system audio at once. Neither option is ideal. Create a virtual device that grabs just the mic and the app’s audio to get exactly the audio you want.

Route Audio For Broadcasts
Set a simple (pass-thru) device as the output at the end of an Audio Hijack chain, and then as the input source in Nicecast. Now listeners can tune in to a live stream of your podcast as you record it!

So Much More…
With Loopback, you gain incredible power and control over how audio is routed around your Mac and between applications. We can’t wait to hear about the incredible new uses you find for it!

Loopback v1.1.7:
•Major Enhancement: Loopback’s virtual devices now have fully adjustable volume controls for both input and output. See this Knowledge Base article for more details.
•Enhancement: Audio Capture Engine (ACE) has been updated to 9.0.3, with fixes and improvements.
•Other: Another update to License window has been made.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/54zn
Loopback v1.2.0 macOS

How To Use Reason 10 Beginner Level 1 TUTORiAL SYNTHiC4TE, audio tutorials, Use, TUTORiAL, SYNTHiC4TE, Reason 10, Reason, Level, How To use, How To, How, Beginner

How To Use Reason 10 TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | May 06 2018 | 1.66 GB

Beginner Level 1

Want to get to grips with Propellerheads Reason 10? Maybe you’ve recently started out using the software or are considering changing your current DAW? Well over the next 14 videos, Joshua Hodge aka DJ @ War will take you through the key areas of Reason 10. This is a Beginner Level 1 course where Joshua will show you how to get up and running with the software, from opening it for the first time to creating your first beats, sounds and finishing your first track. First up we take a look at the audio setup and user interface of Reason 10 showing you all the key areas you’ll need to know, then we bring in some drums to create the groove. Next up we add some synth and bass sounds and lastly, we finish off by arranging the track using some automation, adding transitions and effects, mixing the track down, and then exporting the track so it can be played anywhere.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/d8bM
How To Use Reason 10 Beginner Level 1 TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

How To Use Saturn TUTORiAL SYNTHiC4TE, audio tutorials, Use, TUTORiAL, SYNTHiC4TE, Saturn, How To use, How To

How To Use Saturn TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | May 06 2018 | 540 MB

This week we welcome back Rory from Hyper Production for a look at awesome saturator and distortion plug-in, Saturn. This cool looking plugin has become the go-to saturator/distortion plug-in for most producers out there and it’s easy to see, and more importantly hear why. Saturn is a multiband saturation and distortion unit with a flexible modulation routing system onboard and when you begin to run audio through it, you’re shown a useful real-time audio display. Saturn starts with just one band covering the full spectrum by default but you can then easily and dynamically create new bands by placing dividers on top of the display of the incoming audio. Once you have chosen your bands, Saturn has its own set of controls to affect its section of the audio signal and allows you to pick one of its distortion engines – tube, tape, amp, saturation and experimental. However, this is just scratching the surface of this incredibly useful plugin as each band also includes EQ sliders, frequency and feedback and dynamic knobs not to mention it’s sophisticated modulation system!

Definitely a plug-in worth checking out!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/w3DP

How To Make Alien Eyes TUTORiAL SYNTHiC4TE, audio tutorials, TUTORiAL, SYNTHiC4TE, How to Make, Alien Eyes

How To Make Alien Eyes TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | May 06 2018 | 4.49 GB

How To Make ‘Alien Eyes’, his brand new-genre busting track! Hailing from LA, Matt set up the label Perfect Driver which has grown in success mainly due to his persistent drive and passion as a one-man operation, building his roster of producers and artists from the ground up. Over these 20 videos we get to see Matt’s experimental and creative mind in full flow as he builds this awesome track from scratch, creating a club smasher that could be defined as ‘Tech House’ but ultimately a tricky one to categorise! Starting with the kick, bass and signature percussive elements that he’s amassed while creating previous tracks, we move onto some truly innovative and individual synth lines before using the mac’s own speech function to provide the vocals. Once all the elements are in place we then move on to the arrangement stage using automation, space-age effects, and builds to create tension before the driving, groove-laden drops, and then check out a quick mix and master so we can export the tune ready for DJ’s to get their hands on.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/HBDx
How To Make Alien Eyes TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE


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