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Music Business Mastery Program TUTORiAL

Team AUDIOSTRiKE | 04 June 2014 | 187 MB

New course, “Music Business Mastery” will teach you how to start up and grow your own successful music production company. We’ll cover ALL the things you need to know to about starting a production company – even if you have no idea about business. This 10 part video course will teach you the EXACT step by step method to starting your own successful music production company from scratch.

Here is a Small Sample Of What You Will Learn:
– Developing Your Brand (How to develop a strong brand that helps your beats and music like crazy…)
– The three “do’s and don’ts” on picking a great brand name – so you can build your brand on strong foundations…
– How to stand out amongst the sea of competition – so you can not only survive but thrive in the industry…
– How to register a trademark to protect your brand (and why you should never forget to do this) and how you can avoid costly legal fees by doing this yourself.
– Incorporating Your Business: How to protect yourself against lawsuits (You’ll be doing business with musicians, record labels and publishers – so it is essential to get protected)
– How to incorporate your business online (the best services to use to do this easy and cheap – this will save you THOUSANDS in legal fees!
– Hiring your “Dream Team”: How to hire an attorney to help you with copyright, music licensing, publishing, TV & Film etc – make sure you are on SOLID ground when it comes to the legal aspects of your new business.
– How to hire your business manager – (AKA your “right hand man”) He’ll help market you, get you placement opportunities and make sure you get paid on time!
– Becoming your own music publisher (Cut out the middle man and become your own publisher.)
– How music publishing works and how you can exploit music copyrights to generate income for your business.
– How to collect money whether your music is sold on iTunes, MP3, Vinyl, Radio, TV, Cable, Film etc.
– Creating your Business Action Plan (This is the MOST IMPORTANT lesson of the course. You’ll learn EXACTLY how to form a “Foolproof” step-by-step action plan that will ENSURE you take action and reach your goals.

Course Consists Of:
– 10 Video Lessons – 2 PDF Guides
– MODULE 1 – Developing a Brand
– MODULE 2 – Registering Your Trademark
– MODULE 3 – Incorporating Your Business
– MODULE 4 – Finding Legal Representation
– MODULE 5 – Financial Management
– MODULE 6 – Producer Management
– MODULE 7 – Becoming Your Own Publisher
– MODULE 8 – Performing Rights
– MODULE 9 – Designing SMART Goals
– MODULE 10 – Sound Exchange
– Worksheet 1 – Action Plan Outline
– Worksheet 2 – SMART Goal Outline

Music Business Mastery Program TUTORiAL


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