80s Spaces v1.0.0 AAX VST VST3 x86 x64 WiN CE V.R, x86 x64 windows vst3 plugins vst plugins nomad factory aax plugins, Win, Spaces, Reverb, Delay, 80s

80s Spaces v1.0.0 WiN

TEAM V.R | Dec 30 2017 | 157.98 MB

(Win32/64; AAX*, VST3, VST)

80’s Spaces is the most original and creative plug-in ever built by Nomad Factory.

– 380 Presets
– Pre Delay
– Chorus
– Width
– Hi/Low Pass Filters
– Dry/Wet Control
– Gate
– Decay
– Parameter Display with intelligent Waveform Overview

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/dmPi
80s Spaces v1.0.0 AAX VST VST3 x86 x64 WiN CE-V.R

BP Audio Plug Ins Bundle v2.0.0 VST VST3 x86 x64 WiN CE V.R, x86 x64 windows vst3 plugins vst plugins, x86, x64, Win, VST3, VST, V.R, Plug Ins, CE, Bundle, BP Audio, BP, Audio

BP Audio Plug-Ins Bundle v2.0.0 WiN

TEAM V.R | Dec 30 2017 | 9.03 MB

(Win32/64; VST3, VST)

– BPAGate v1.3.2
– BPADucker CE v1.4.3
– BPADuckerPro CE v1.1.3
– BPAGatePro CE v1.1.3
– BPACrossfader CE v1.4.3
– BPAATC CE v1.0.2
– BPAListener v1.0.2

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/i42X
BP Audio Plug-Ins Bundle v2.0.0 VST VST3 x86 x64 WiN CE-V.R

djay Pro 2 v2.0.3 MAC OSX TNT, macos audio software dj apps, TNT, Pro, Pack, MAC OSX, FX Pack, FX, DJay, Collection

djay Pro 2 v2.0.3 MAC OSX

TNT | Dec 29 2017 | 270.72 MB

+ Complete FX Pack Collection

djay Pro provides a complete toolkit for performing DJs. Its unique modern interface is built around a sophisticated integration with iTunes and Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. Pristine sound quality and a powerful set of features including high-definition waveforms, four decks, audio effects, and hardware integration give you endless creative flexibility to take your sets to new heights.

Powerful DJ Interface: turntables, waveforms, four decks, sampler
– Spotify Integration: instant access to over 20 million songs.
– Music Library: Spotify + iTunes, history, queue, preview, search, light / dark switch
– Four Deck Mixing: horizontal / vertical layouts, crossfader assignments
– Waveform Layouts: horizontal / vertical, two deck / four deck, variable zoom level
– Sampler: live sampling and presets editing, pre-bundled content
– Recording: AAC / WAV, iTunes export
– Advanced DJ Tools: sync, cue points, looping, skipping, slip, beat grids
– Audio FX: 30 audio effects by Sugar Bytes (In-App Purchase), chain-able effects
– Audio Processing: time stretching, pitch shifting, EQ, pan, highpass, lowpass, limiter
– Audio Analysis: BPM with dynamic beats, colored waveforms, key, auto-gain
– Hardware Integration: over 50 MIDI controllers, MIDI learn, multi-channel USB audio

Tech Specs
djay Pro is compatible with any Mac running OS X 10.9 or later.

What’s New Version 2.0.3 ?
• Fixed EQ sometimes being reset incorrectly when loading new song
• Fixed sorting by “date modified” column sometimes causing track list to scroll back to top
• Fixed various localization issues

INFO/DEMO/DEMO: https://mage.si/70iD
djay Pro 2 v2.0.3 MAC OSX-TNT

Logic Pro X Maximize, Manage and Command TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Maximize, Manage, Logic Pro X, ilfsn, Command

Logic Pro X Maximize, Manage & Command

ilfsn | 30.12.2017 | 1.5 Hours | 692 MB

Ready to become a Logic Pro X super hero? Pro Producer delivers and incredible video tutorial series covering the best ways to learn when watching tutorials, how to manage sample libraries, and better use Logic’s Channel Strips, Plug-In Manager, Key Commands, as well as powerful Sound Design Workflows! Chris begins with an introduction welcoming you and explaining what this series is all about, and what it will do for you when using Logic Pro X. Next, Chris presents eye-opening practices you can use when watching and studying video tutorials. See how to implement simple but effective ways to maximize your time when learning. Sample Management is next, and with today’s often huge libraries, things can get out of hand quickly. See how to access and manage your libraries quickly and easily using Chris’s techniques.

Repeating and re-setting up commonly used settings just doesn’t makes sense. See how you can utilize Logic’s Channel Strip settings and Plug-In Manager to do all the hard work, making your production life much easier.

Moving on, Chris now gives you some great Key Command videos that are guaranteed to speed up your Logic Pro X workflow and boost your creativeness, making for better tracks and productions.

Wrapping it all up, Chris gives you helpful ideas and techniques when experimenting with sound design in Logic Pro X. See how to do your own shootouts in Logic, so you can decide on the best plug-in or settings, or to train your ears. Also see how to export regions, stems or sections for more detailed work, freeing up your main session’s CPU and processing power.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for detailed info. If you’re a Logic Pro X user, this series is a must have. Get the most out of your learning time and see how to better manage and command your DAW… Watch “Logic Pro X – Maximize, Manage & Command” today!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/9RsD
Logic Pro X Maximize, Manage & Command TUTORiAL

Cubase 9.5 Production Tips and Tricks TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Tricks, Tips, Production, ilfsn, Cubase 9.5, Cubase 9, Cubase

Cubase 9.5 Production Tips & Tricks

ilfsn | 30.12.2017 | 163 MB

51Mins + Preset

Cubase guru shares cool production tips and tricks when using some of the new features added to Cubase 9.5. See how these new features can serve as a starting point for inspiration, as well as provide endless creative options! Paul begins by welcoming you and then starts with the new Click Track options in Cubase 9.5. See how something as innocuous as the metronome can be used to inspire complex and creative grooves. Moving on, Paul reveals the new Automation and Direct Offline Processing functions, and you’ll see how to use the new Bezier Curves and Range Tools to sculpt and duplicate automation. You’ll also learn how to manually create a side-chaining effect, and get a quick look at direct offline processing for non-destructive pre-rendered effects.

Next, Paul revisits the Sampler Track and shows how to extract melodic samples from drum kits, slice drum loops, and create granular pads, using only MIDI and the Sampler Track!

Wrapping it up, Paul gives you 2 videos on the powerful new FLUX Wavetable Synth included with HALion Sonic SE3. Get an in-depth tour of the new synth, as well as how to make staple sounds such as a Pad, Bass and Arpeggiated Pluck sound, all from scratch.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re looking for some cool, inspirational info on using some of the new features found in Cubase 9.5, look no further. Watch “Cubase 9.5 Production Tips & Tricks” today!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/qAA9
Cubase 9.5 Production Tips and Tricks TUTORiAL

KONTAKT 5 Working with the Factory Library TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, WORKING, Tutorial, Library, Kontakt 5, Kontakt, ilfsn, Factory Library, Factory

KONTAKT 5 Working with the Factory Library

ilfsn | 30.12.2017 | 1 Hour | 494 MB

In this video tutorial series, studio guru shows you some cool ways to work with KONTAKT’s Factory Library, and get the most out of it! Eli begins by welcoming you and gives an overview of what will be covered in this series, as well as a brief refresher course on the basic architecture of KONTAKT instruments. Next, Eli reveals tips and tricks for when working with the Group Editor, Snapshots, Mod Wheel Amp, Pan Routing, and setting up Key Switch Groups. Moving on, you’ll learn how to save Insert & Send effects chains, and how to set up some simple LFO based pan modulation controlled by the mod wheel, as well as how these various Factory Library elements can be used and repurposed when constructing new instruments from scratch. Eli then gives you some fun videos on using Amp Envelopes creatively, working with Urban Beats and its powerful built-in Step Sequencer, creative Effects use, Routing techniques, advanced Signal Flow and more!

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you use Native Instrument’s KONTAKT virtual sampler, this is a great foundation of info when working with its factory Library. Get the most out of KONTAKT, watch “KONTAKT 5 – Working with the Factory Library” today!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/hC2b
KONTAKT 5 Working with the Factory Library TUTORiAL

Navigating Chord Progressions TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Progressions, Navigating, ilfsn, Chord Progressions, Chord

Navigating Chord Progressions TUTORiAL

ilfsn | 30.12.2017 | 45 Mins | 421 MB

Theory pro reveals some of the most common but most important chord progressions and how to train your ear to instantly recognize them, so you can better understand their structure and apply them to your own compositions! Tom starts off by welcoming you and then bestows upon you the four foundational principles when learning to navigate and identify different chord progressions, including the importance of using your ears. Next it’s on to the basic progressions starting with the I, IV, and V chords, and then minor chords and the sequences commonly used for them. Tom then goes way back and reveals how the simple concepts outlined in basic progressions can apply to seemingly more advanced harmonic sequences such as those used by the great composer Chopin. You’ll then jazz it up by looking into the language of Jazz and its familiar chord progressions, including those that are often used in the great Jazz Standards.

Finally, Tom shows you a progression that is a must know for all rockers, folksters, and hopefully, jazzers as well. From James Taylor, to Leonard Skynnard, to the Rolling Stones, this progression has given life to lots of great songs and jams.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re ready to better understand and recognize chord progressions and broad song structure, this is the series to watch. Get “Navigating Chord Progressions” today!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/7MwV
Navigating Chord Progressions TUTORiAL

Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, ilfsn, Epic, Creating, Compositions, Cinematic

Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions

ilfsn | 30.12.2017 | 2.5 Hours | 1.28 GB

Gary begins by welcoming you and goes over what you’ll be accomplishing in the video series, as well as plays you the cinematic production you’ll create together. He also goes over the software needed to produce this type of arrangement. You’ll then jump right in, starting with creating string ostinatos, adding extra strings, horn melodies, brass parts, as well as how to create ambient drone patches to support and mystify the composition. Crafting the piano motif is next, followed by how to use pulsing instruments to create tension and add pace to the arrangement. Gary then shows you how to add riser effects to build up to the big impact moment in the arrangement, for dramatic effect. ’ll then continue on and see how to build up percussion parts, add woodwind flourishes, add a choir for a human element, what a Braam is and how make it more complex with strings and a choir, and how to bring back the piano theme at the end of the arrangement to tie it all together.

Concluding the series, Gary demonstrates how to mix it all with proper level setting, automation, EQ, compression and reverb, as well as how to export your creation as a stereo file and as individual stems to give to other audio and film professionals.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you have ever wondered what goes into creating an epic cinematic composition, or want to start composing your own, this is a great place to start. Begin your journey into this awesome production genre and watch “Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions” now!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/4rDc
Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions TUTORiAL

Future Progressive House WAV MiDi SPiRE, wav audio tutorials spire presets patches midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Spire, Progressive House, Progressive, MIDI, House, Future Progressive House, Future Progressive, Future

Future Progressive House

FANTASTiC | Dec 29 2017 | 535 MB


Are you looking to produce amazing sounding tracks which are going to smash the festivals this summer?  Do you need access to super high quality Audio, MIDI, Presets and video tutorials?!  Inspired by the biggest names in EDM from the likes of Nicky Romero, Tom Swoon, Alesso, SICK INDIVIDUALS and many more…  Future Progressive House!  This must-have pack is packed with over 550MB of bass driven loops, silky melodic synth loops, dance floor destroying drum hits and loops this pack will provide you will all the sounds and resources you need to get your productions into the hands of the biggest DJ’s this summer.  Bass hits and loops, drum hits and loops, FX, MIDI, Presets, songstarters, synth loops… They’re all in here.  Oh, did we forget to mention there’s also 3 Prod-Cast video tutorials showing you techniques used in the pack?  Don’t forget the production booklet containing tips and tricks from the producer!

• Total File Size: 557MB
• Total Audio Files: 478
• Total MIDI Files: 62
• 12 x Bass Hits
• 20 x Bass Loops
• 20 x Claps
• 20 x Kicks
• 20 x Percs
• 20 x Snares
• 40 x Hats
• 20 x Drum Loops (154 with stem variants)
• 20 x Synth Loops
• 15 x FX
• 20 x Presets (Spire)
• 40 x MIDI
• 5 x Songstarters (Containing 127 Audio Files + 22 MIDI Files)
• 3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
• 1 x Productivity video
• 1 x Production Booklet
• 1 x Marketing video

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/UVf9
Future Progressive House WAV MiDi SPiRE

European Pop Vocals Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT, wav refills presets patches midi patterns samples audio alp aiff acid ableton live, Vocals, Pop Vocals, POP, MULTiFORMAT, Fantastic, European

European Pop Vocals Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | Dec 28 2017 | 10.1 GB

European Pop Vocals Vol 3 gives you direct access to a captivating vocalist and the techniques, tricks & sound design skills of a professional producer, all bound together in five superb Construction Kits. Sublime chord progressions, beautiful piano melodies, lush plucks, and ultra-modern drums are complemented by complete vocal tracks that run through the entirety of each mix. We’re sure this pack will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and become another bestseller. Just waiting to form the backbone of your next placement pitch, these tracks offer perfect instrumentals for aspiring songwriters and professional quality vocals for producers who want to bring life to their instrumentals. Ready to “Pop” with over 500 WAV files, this fully-featured collection is designed to offer producers a range of professionally played instrumentation and hit-ready vocals. At the heart of each of these five Construction Kits is a complete vocal track including verses, choruses, other adlibs and vocal effects. You can chop and mangle these vocals, or simply drag and drop them in as-is to form the basis of an entirely new track.

• 5 Construction Kits
• 504 Audio Files
• 82 MIDI Files
• Complete vocal takes
• Full Pop arrangements
• ACIDized WAV Files
• Apple Loops/AIFF Files
• REX Files
• Reason Refill
• Ableton Live! 8.1.3+ Pack
• Loops sync to BPM
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• PC/Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/99a2
European Pop Vocals Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT


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