Seinfeld Bass KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Seinfeld, P2P, Kontakt, Bass

Seinfeld Bass KONTAKT

P2P | Nov 25 2017 | 117 MB

Remember Seinfeld? Remember that poppin’ slap bass sound all over the show – in the titles, in the end credits, in every sting and transition? Well, this is the little box of tricks that made that sound. The 360 Systems MIDI Bass was an early sampled bass unit, later upgraded to a Pro version that rackmounted. It was a limited but (for its time) powerful-sounding machine that had swappable EPROMS to access additional sounds. We managed to score an original tabletop MIDI Bass plus a set of EPROMS covering a range of both classic and unusual sounds with a distinctly 80s vibe. There is, of course, ‘that’ Seinfeld Slap bass; but if you don’t fancy reliving the glory days of American comedy, there are seven other sounds to choose from – a great Fender Jazz bass, through a punchy 80s synth bass to a rather cool Stick bass (think Tony Levin playing Peter Gabriel’s live gigs and you’ve got it)… and more.

Seinfeld Bass KONTAKT

Hardstyle Riot MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches maschine kontakt battery samples audio, WAV, Riot, MULTiFORMAT, Maschine, Kontakt, Hardstyle, Battery

Hardstyle Riot MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | Nov 25 2017 | 949 MB


Hardstyle Riot is back to deliver a superb collection of underground sounds for this ever-popular and ever-growing style. Hardstyle and Main Room producers looking to bring these massive kick drums and ripping leads into their next production or remix need to look no further. This 100% Royalty-Free pack delivers the goods. The pack comes with NI Battery 4 and NI Maschine Kits so all the drum shots are ready for you to start programming the beats with no fuss. Of course the pack has all the shots in 24-Bit WAV to use in any sampler or DAW. All the fierce sounds in the demo are in the pack and the demo was made with the Native Instruments Kontakt instrument included in the pack, so you know this pack comes correct.

• 20 Music Loops
• 2 NI Maschine
• 2 NI Battery 4

Synth Audio:
• 60 Hell Lead Audio
• 60 Invader Lead Audio
• 60 K-Fear Lead Audio
• 60 Z-Fear Lead Audio
• 60 Abyss Pluck Audio
• 60 Sky Pluck Audio
• 47 Angel Screams Screech Audio
• 36 Levitan Screech Audio

Drum Audio:
• 20 Music Loops
• 13 Clap Loops
• 9 Cymbal Loops
• 7 Percussion Loops
• 7 Industrial Kick Loops
• 6 Snare Loops
• 11 FX Hits
• 24 FX Snares
• 18 Bass Drums
• 48 Bomber Kicks
• 108 Darkness Kicks
• 48 Jabber Kicks
• 2 Claps
• 4 Crash
• 5 Hi-Hat
• 4 Percussion
• 4 Snares
• 21 Kick FX

Kontakt Instruments:
• 4 Lead
• 2 Screeche
• 2 Plucks
• 8 Kicks

• 24-Bit WAV
• NI Kontakt 5.0.1
• NI Maschine
• NI Battery 4

Hardstyle Riot MULTiFORMAT

Chronic Smoke WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Smoke, Fantastic, Chronic

Chronic Smoke WAV

FANTASTiC | Nov 25 2017 | 0.99 GB

‘Chronic Smoke’ contains 5 Construction Kits which brings the classic West Coast vibe to your productions. This pack was inspired by artists such as Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Mac-10, Scott Storch and many more. This pack comes with high quality WAV loops of all beats you here in the demo broken down into separate melody lines, as well as the One-Shot drum hits used.

•5 Construction Kits
•72 WAV Files
•BPM Tempos & Keys Available
•100% Royalty-Free
•Size: 3.4 GB (Unzipped)

Chronic Smoke WAV

The Shady Secret Pack Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT, wav sylenth1 presets patches midi patterns fl studio samples audio, Shady, Secret, Rap, Pack, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop, Fantastic

The Shady Secret Pack Vol.2

FANTASTiC | Nov 25 2017 | 502 MB

One of the rarest sounds in the Hip Hop industry, inspired by the most powerful cluster, The Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit Records sound that took over the game at the beginning of the century. This pack contains 7 construction kits in the style of Eminem and 50cent, with groovy swung beats with mysterious, haunting melodies that are the formula to create the Shady mood. Individual Loops and MIDI files are given for every Beat and Melody, in addition to a Drumkit of unusual hard sounds used by Luis Resto and Eminem. 2 Sylenth banks and 18 Multisample instruments are added to the pack to help you use the right sounds in making your own melodies.

– 7 Construction Kits ( 71 Tracks )
– 107 Loops
— 60 Music Loops
— 26 Drum Loops
— 12 Percussion & FX Loops
— 9 Bass Loops
– 229 One Shot Hits (Full Drum & Percussion Kit)
– 22 Midi Files
– 2 Sylenth1 Banks ( 476 + 128 Presets )
– 12 Multi Sample Instruments
– 2 Fl Presets

BPM and Notes available

The Shady Secret Pack Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT

Boom v1.2.11 VST x86 x64 WiN R2R, x86 x64 windows vst plugins, x86, x64, Win, VST, R2R, Boom

Boom v1.2.11 WiN

Team R2R | 22 Nov 2017 | 20.7 MB


Boom is part of the Creative Collection of instrument plug-ins included as part of Avid™ Pro Tools™. As the popularity of Pro Tools grew, more and more musicians and producers relied on the incredible sonic firepower of this amazing Drum Machine. Boom continued to evolve, and demand grew. Boom is now available on its own by popular demand, available to anyone who demands instant creativity in AU/VST formats. Boom features a slick modern interface that pays homage to the most popular vintage drum machines of the past. Boom has been used on many famous projects since its launch, ranging from hit albums, feature films and radio projects. It’s one of the most loved Pro Tools Plugins. Boom includes a diverse collection of 10 different classic electronic drum kits, offering variations on the classic 808 and 909 kits, more aggressive Dance and Urban-style kits and a powerful retro style kit modelled on the concept of a ‘CR78 merged with a 606’. Each one has been created with great attention to detail and provides serious sonic impact.

Each kit contains 10 different drums, and you can adjust the panning, volume, tuning and decay of each drum within a kit. Each drum channel also contains a special tuning screw that can be turned to make a sonic adjustment, specific to a particular drum. This tweaking ability provides for nearly limitless possibilities with a user-friendly interface.

You can mix and match drums from different kits to make your own custom kit, and the drum sounds can be triggered individually via standard MIDI pitch mappings. For instant inspiration, over 50 presets are included cover contemporary, classic electronic/urban musical genres. Boom also has an on-board sequencer that enables you to create and trigger your own patterns, which can be saved and recalled as presets.

You can select different patterns using the keys along the bottom of the interface, when you’re in Pattern Select mode, and these are conveniently color‑coded to show you how they map to a MIDI keyboard from middle ‘C’ upwards for remote selection.

The Matrix display in the top left enables you to program a pattern, but if you prefer you can also use the keys along the bottom, this time with Pattern Edit mode selected. You’ll find some nice touches, such as the ability to copy one pattern to another, and some simple controls for adjusting the way in which the pattern plays back within your host: normal, double, half or triplet time, and there’s even a swing control mirroring classic MPC’s and other vintage drum machines/samplers.

Boom v1.2.11 VST x86 x64 WiN-R2R

Vacuum v1.2.11 VST x86 x64 WiN R2R, x86 x64 windows vst plugins, x86, x64, Win, VST, Vacuum, R2R

Vacuum v1.2.11 WiN

Team R2R | 22 Nov 2017 | 9.3 MB


Vacuum Classic as part of their Creative Collection of instrument plug-ins that were included as part of Avid™ Pro Tools™. As the popularity of Pro Tools grew, more and more musicians and producers relied on the incredible sonic firepower of this amazing Synth. Vacuum Classic continued to evolve and demand grew. Vacuum Classic is now available on its own, available to anyone who demands instant creativity in AU/VST formats. Vacuum Classic is a monophonic vintage synthesizer featuring Vacuum Tube Synthesis with vacuum tube circuit modeling that perfectly captures the crunchy, warm sound of the analog era. With analog oscillators, multiple filters and envelopes and built-in audio effects, Vacuum lets you dive deep into subtractive synthesis to recreate those sought-after analog sounds from the 70s and 80s. Tweak the switches, knobs and dials to program anything from basses, leads, pads or unique sound effects.

Vacuum gives you two Vacuum Tube Oscillators. A nice touch with the four available wave shapes is that rather than just picking one, Vacuum lets you ‘morph’ between them. The output of the oscillators goes through a mixer, where you can apply drive/distortion and ring modulation, before being passed through high- and low‑pass filters.

Included are a wide range of pre-sets designed by highly-acclaimed sound designers Richard Devine and Mark Ovenden. Covering everything from Leads, Pads, Bass, Arpeggios, Percussive, and FX sounds this library provides instant inspiration for anyone to tweak to their contentment.

Vacuum v1.2.11 VST x86 x64 WiN-R2R

Echoes T7E v1.0.0 WiN MAC R2R, x86 x64 windows vst plugins macos plugins au for mac aax plugins, x86, x64, Win, VST, Vintage, Tube, T7E, R2R, Modeled, Magnetic, MAC, Italian, Echoes, echo plugin, ECHO, AU, Analog, AAX

Echoes T7E v1.0.0 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 22 Nov 2017 | WIN: 38.6 MB | OSX: 236.7 MB

Analog Modeled Italian Magnetic Echo Plugin. VST, AU and AAX.

Echoes T7E is a faithful recreation of a vintage tube magnetic echo made in Italy in the early ‘60s. This echo effect unit is based on a magnetic spinning drum with both record and playback heads arranged around a recording wire wound around the drum circumference. This solution provides better stability over the usual tape transport with reduced wow and flutter. Since the main “core” of this effect is based on the above mechanism, we modelled both the mechanics and the electronics. Echoes T7E also provides 3 different playback modes allowing you to set different spinning speed or ever synchronize it to your host tempo extending the original delay length from ~310ms up to ~1100ms.

– Analog Modeled Vintage Tube Echo
– 3 Playback Modes: Classic, Varispeed and Sync
– 4 Playback Heads (equally spaced)
– EM81 “Magic Eye” Tube Level Indicator
– 3 Echo Modes: Echo, Repeat and Swell
– 12 Heads combinations
– Tone, Error and Volume controls for each head
– Magnetic Drum Age and Speed settings
– Internal hum noise (for increased realism and self oscillation)

Echoes T7E v1.0.0 WiN MAC-R2R

KickBox v1.0.2 AU AAX VST VST3 WiN MAC, x86 x64 windows vst3 plugins vst plugins macos plugins au for mac aax plugins, x86, x64, Win, VST3, VST, MAC, KickBox, AU, AAX

KickBox v1.0.2 WiN MAC

P2P | 24.11.2017 | WiN+MAC: 13.76 MB

AU AAX VST VST3 x86 x64

The kick drum is the backbone of many modern music genres, both electronic and acoustic. It’s Often times the thing you start with in a new mix, but to get it sounding just right can be a complex task. A well mixed kick drum has a warm sounding low end, doesn’t sound too boxy and pierces through the mix in a very natural way. When designing KickBox, these are the qualities we’ve focused on, simplifying the mixing process for any modern kick drum. The KickBox is modelled after analogue filters and separates the relevant frequency ranges in a very transparent way. KickBox can help you get your kicks sounding extremely tight in a matter of just a few clicks.

KickBox can be used directly on both mono and stereo tracks. For most electronic kicks it is best used first or early in your mixing chain. For live recorded acoustic kicks however, it can be beneficial to use a shelving equaliser to achieve a general frequency balance before applying KickBox.

We designed the KickBox for kick drum processing, but as there are no rules in music, we decided to experiment with other source materials and discovered it also has many other interesting uses when used on other low end instruments like bass guitar, toms and other types of percussion. Why not experiment a little yourself.

+ Fast and intuitive workflow.
+ Analog modeled filters.
+ Suited for electronic and acoustic kick drums.
+ Extremely light on CPU and RAM.

KickBox v1.0.2 AU AAX VST VST3 WiN MAC

Speakerphone v1.03 VST RTAS WiN AiR, windows vst plugins plugins rtas, Win, VST, Speakerphone, RTAS, AiR

Speakerphone v1.03 VST RTAS WiN

Team AiR | 03/2008 | 97.61 MB

Speakerphone, the “end-all” speaker simulator plug-in, with a host of environments to put them in. A bad GSM connection on a busy sidewalk, a bullhorn with feedback and a helicopter overhead, or a 1952 rockabilly guitar amp in a recording studio live room: Speakerphone gives you authentic speakers of any size together with their natural environments. All the walkie-talkies, distant transistor radios, Guitar cabinets, upstairs TV sets, bullhorns and cell phones you’ll ever need. Speakerphone will add dial tones, operators and static, and you can select from a wealth of ambiences on either the caller or receiver’s end. And with a click you can send anything from the sample-playback bay right to the cursor in your Pro Tools track.

Speakerphone v1.03 VST RTAS WiN AiR, windows vst plugins plugins rtas, Win, VST, Speakerphone, RTAS, AiR

Operation is extremely quick: you just call up one of the hundreds of carefully crafted and archive presets. If you’re a tweaker just click ‘show controls’ and the whole dashboard slides out, at your disposal, with the most minute detail. Speakerphone, powered by Altiverb, combines a wealth of effects including a convolution engine that uses actual samples of hundreds of original speakers, a radio receiver tuning dial, record player scratch and static generator, GSM cell phone data compression, distortion, tremolo, delay, a variety of EQ and dynamics, bit crushing, sample rate reduction, a full blown convolution reverb, and a library of samples to combine into entire environments.

You want to have the artist rap through a cell phone? Rather than pull up an eq and distortion, why not make him rap through one of Speakerphone’s actual GSM connections? Perhaps surrounded by the acoustics and sounds of an idling car at a gas station?

And then there’s the host of classic guitar amps, complete with tailor made distortion, spring reverbs, and everything else to build guitar tone like you’ve never heard from a plug-in.

Speakerphone v1.03 VST RTAS WiN-AiR


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