Analogue Hip Hop Cuts Vol.2 WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, House, Hip Hop, Garage, Future Beat, Future Bass, Funk, Fantastic, Electronica, Downtempo, Disco, Deep House, Cuts, Analogue

Analogue Hip Hop Cuts Vol.2 WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 02 2017 | 0.97 GB

Analogue Hip Hop Cuts Vol 2 is a paradise-like collection for all Hip Hop junkies. This comprehensive sample pack offers up 505 fine crafted sounds to give you a fresh and yet rough approach on intelligent music. Containing a huge range of useful, creative and inspiring materials for producers, classy, organic Rhodes figures, soulful synth leads and funked-up basslines are just a few key elements of this extensive collection. From dusty guitar phrases to funked-up basslines, wonky drums to organic percussion, spacey piano riffs to soulful synth-leads, lazy chord progression to rhythmic synthlines, atmospheric pad sounds to piercing percussion to sizzling SFX, thundering kicks to warped and woozy leads and more, all is here and ready to be used within your productions.

‘Analogue Hip Hop Cuts Vol 2’ is perfect for any Hip Hop/Urban producer looking for some inspirational melodic and rhythmic elements. Also this sample pack can be used in various genres such as Electronica, Downtempo, Future Beat, House, Disco, Deep House, Garage, Future Bass, Funk and whatever style you are into.

This pack has enough energy to turn the Hip Hop scene upside-down so listen to the demo now to see what’s inside.

• 1.5 GB
• 505 Files
• 300 Loops
• 120 Drums
• 60 Instruments
• 40 Basses
• 40 Synths
• 20 Pads
• 20 Percussions
• 205 One-Shots
• 20 Basses
• 20 Chords
• 20 FXs
• 145 Drums
• 65 Hi-Hats
• 40 Kicks
• 40 Snares

Analogue Hip Hop Cuts Vol.2 WAV

Hamsa Vol.2: Arabic Percussion WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Percussion, North Africa, Middle East, Hamsa, Fantastic, Darbuka, Arabic, 80 140 BPM, 80 Bpm

Hamsa Vol.2: Arabic Percussion WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 03 2017 | 1.29 GB

Hamsa Vol 2: Arabic Percussion presents an exploration into the mystical world of Oriental percussion and grooves from distant corners of the Middle East, North Africa, and Arabic musical traditions. Extolled for its rhythmic complexity and rich diversity, Middle Eastern percussive traditions feature a variety of hand drums that form the mainstay of the practice. Included in the bundle are the Dumbek, a classic ‘goblet’ shaped drum with a deeply resonant sound, the Darbuka which is also ‘goblet’ shaped, and said to be a modern variation of the Dumbek, and the Riq which is a frame drum with five sets of cymbals, usually skinned with goat or fish skin. A journey into the esoteric, these rare loops and samples will add an unmistakably other-worldly touch to any production.

The bundle offers producers a broad spectrum of hypnotic grooves and unusual rhythmic patterns to choose from, traversing a range of traditional styles. See what is included below.

– Originating in Egypt and Lebanon, this fast rhythm is often played as an intro for classical orchestral compositions, especially created for a belly dancer’s entrance and exit.

– This hypnotic rhythm is often used for the sensuous movements of the belly dancer, such as undulations of the torso, floor work, or when the dancer moves with snake like arms.

– An urban folk rhythmic style, a derivative of which is the Maqsoum rhythm, the most common rhythm in Arabic belly dance music.

– Originating in Pakistan, this is a fast rhythm commonly found in modern Egyptian and North African music.

• 24-Bit Quality
• 1.86 GB
• Tempos between 80-140 BPM
• 108 Darbuka Loops
• 219 Darbuka & Dumbek Loops
• 156 Darbuka, Dumbek & Riq Loops
• 132 Darbuka & Riq Loops
• 114 Dumbek Loops
• 152 Dumbek & Riq Loops
• 65 Riq Loops

Hamsa Vol.2: Arabic Percussion WAV

Gamble Kid KONTAKT SYNTHiC4TE, kontakt samples audio, SYNTHiC4TE, Kontakt, Kid, Gamble

Gamble Kid KONTAKT

SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 03 2017 | 1.32 GB

Gamble Kid is a virtual instrument for Kontakt, giving you the classic sound of a very famous Japanese 8-bit handheld console from 1989 (GB DMG-01). The original GB sound chip features four sound channels: Square (CH1/CH2), Wave (CH3) and Noise (CH4). To enable MIDI support a self-built “Arduinoboy” MIDI interface was used in addition to the soft­ware mGB V1.3.3 running on the GB. To reduce audio noise the GB was modified with an addi­tional audio output bypassing the internal speaker (“Pro Sound Mod”). The audio was recorded using an A-Designs P-1 microphone preamp.

Additional features (not available on original hardware):
– Adjustable attack noise and note release noise
– Full AHDSR volume envelope
– Low Pass Filter (LPF) with AHDSR envelope
– Chorus, Reverb, Rotator, Tremolo and Vibrato (with mod wheel)

Total number of samples:
– 4,576 (@44.1 kHz/24 bit, mono)

System Requirements:
– Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.4 or above


Black Powder WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Powder, Fantastic, Black

Black Powder WAV

FANTASTiC | Sept 26 2017 | 183 MB

BLACK POWDER makes the walls shake! Massive cannon shots, ancient hand mortars and large saluting guns let you revive the old days of gun battles. You’re looking for a huge cannon shot to end a sea fight? That big explosion at the end of the movie is missing that one amazing crispy impact sound? Use BLACK POWDER and your search is over! This is our Big Bang Theory. These explosion sounds are a must-have for every sound designer. We recorded small cannons, medium cannons, small & large hand mortars and small & large saluting guns. Each of it comes in three styles. Each file contains four variations of a single sound to provide you with a great flexibility when forging your unique and convincing sound effects. All sound effects are royalty free and delivered in 96 kHz, 24-bit, giving you the best quality for heavy editing, pitching, and fx processing while keeping a top notch level of clarity and precision. To provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible all files contain extensive metadata.

•Library ships in 96kHz/24bit High Definition Audio
•72 royalty free black powder explosions
•3 different styles, 4 variations per style
•Don’t waste time: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

18 files | 96kHz/24bit, WAV

Black Powder WAV

Twisted Foley WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Twisted, Hip Hop, Foley, Fantastic, Drum And Bass, Downtempo, Breaks, Ambient, 95 BPM

Twisted Foley WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 03 2017 | 367 MB


Twisted Foley is a sample pack like no other. Filled to the brim with sublime organic textures just waiting to be discovered. This multi-genre pack will give you the inspiration to explore the depths of the foley world, bringing a vast range of different methods and ideas to your production.

If you produce anything from Ambient, Downtempo, Hip Hop, Breaks and Drum and Bass you’ll definitely find something in here for you! With loops ranging from 95bpm all the way up to 170bpm, your bound to get a lot of use out of this pack.

Not only is this sample pack jam packed with vibrant loops, it also has a wide range of brittle foley one shots as well as more traditional snare and kick samples. The sound of crispy autumn leaves and shattering trees are the perfect way to fill out the top end in your tracks and make your next production stand out from the crowd.

•425 Lush Beat loops and samples
•Pristine 24 Bit Wav
•100% Royalty Free Loops & Samples

Twisted Foley WAV

How to Improve your Audio Recording TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Your, Tutorial, Recording, Improve, ilfsn, How To, How, audio recording, Audio

How to Improve your Audio Recording

ilfsn | 03.10.2017 | 30 Mins | 550 MB

In this class Gary will go through how to record audio into your digital audio workstation (DAW). He’ll give you advice on best practices when recording audio into your computer and also how to get the best audio recording performances

You’ll learn the following:
– Setting Up a Track to Record to
– Recording Audio to a Track
– Using Punch-In Recording to record in new parts
– Recording Multiple take and Comping these takes
– Recording to Multiple Tracks Simultaneously
– After watching this class you’ll have a much better understanding on how audio works in a DAW, and the best way to record your audio parts in

How to Improve your Audio Recording TUTORiAL

How To Use Prophet V TUTORiAL SYNTHiC4TE, audio tutorials, Use, Tutorial, SYNTHiC4TE, Prophet V, Prophet, How To use, How To, How

How To Use Prophet V TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 03 2017 | 1.32 GB

This week we welcome back pro for an in depth look at the brilliant vsti emulation of Dave Smith’s classic synths the Prophet 5 and the Prophet VS. In How To Use Prophet V we firstly get the story behind these ground breaking synths before we dive firstly into the functions and capabilities of the classic Prophet 5, before moving over to the Prophet VS with its ingenious joystick to switch and merge between the oscillators and then finally checking out the combined synths working together. In the last three tutorials we watch as Matt gives us some incredible examples of what these synths are capable of and why they have gone down in history as one of the pinnacles in music and sound making machines. These synths are tricky and ultimately expensive to get your hands on in person but have made the synth lovers dream more accessible than ever and after watching this course, you’ll be wanting to have as much fun Matt has in creating your own sounds with these timeless classics. Enjoy!

How To Use Prophet V TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

The Blacksmith WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Sound Effects, SFX, FX, Blacksmith

The Blacksmith WAV

FANTASTiC | Sept 27 2017 | 2.58 GB

The Blacksmith Sound Effects Library features 800 files with over 1000 sounds that were recorded while a one day visit at an old Forge from the last millennium. All sounds were recorded in MS using a Sennheiser MKH-8050 + Ambient ATE 208 going in a Sound Devices 788T in 192kHz and 24Bit. The sounds are cleaned and edited for direct use. All mastered and decoded to stereo for instant use. You get tons of hammering metal on an anvil of course but also many other generic forge sounds right up to more unusual sonic experiences. Mostly metallic sounds. From tools handling, metal hits, drops, clank of chains to vibrating metal poles, rattling cranks, wooden hatches and much more These sounds can be used for a vast number of different production types.

•Number of files: 800 Files (1000++ sounds)
•Quality: 192kHz / 24bit / Stereo
•Total Size: 4,05 GB

The Blacksmith WAV

Torch Electric Guitar KONTAKT, samples audio, Torch, Kontakt, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric

Torch Electric Guitar KONTAKT

P2P | March 29 2015 | 1.24 GB

Electric guitar with 3 pickups recorded simultaneously, StrumMaker for creating your own strum patterns and chords, and on-board effects Torch features: Our StrumMaker strumming engine for creating realistic rhythm guitar parts. Choose from many preset chords or create your own! Special articulations for playing leads. The pickup switch on the guitar is “real”. That is, we took a perfectly good strat, pulled off the pick guard, and soldered a separate jack to each pickup. We then recorded the 3 outputs simultaneously to retain the phase relationship between them. You can even switch pickups while playing! No noise reduction was applied.

Torch Electric Guitar KONTAKT

EMOTiVE STRiNGS KONTAKT SYNTHiC4TE, ni sounds kontakt samples audio, SYNTHiC4TE, Strings, Kontakt, Emotive


SYNTHiC4TE | March 08 2015 | 19.7 GB


Soaring legato lines and brilliant arpeggios – expressive, playable melodic string phrases in true-to-life realism. EMOTIVE STRINGS delivers moving, big-screen melodies with authentic legato string phrases and arpeggios. Turn your ideas into scoring gold with 28 GB of live-recorded lines. Play them all on a time-tested, easy-to-use interface designed to give you stunning results in record time – and in luxurious sound quality.

Start scoring an entire string section in minutes with an interface designed to deliver total control with maximum simplicity. Choose professional legato phrases with your left hand and select the musical key with your right hand. Velocity determines major or minor tonality, letting you modulate quickly with only the pressure of your finger. The mod wheel controls crescendo and decrescendo for flowing, fluid dynamics.

After months of analyzing major motion picture hit scores, the essence of what makes them great was extracted. This ‘musical DNA’ was then distilled into the fresh, lively melodic themes and fragments in EMOTIVE STRINGS. Together, they allow you to create original compositions with built-in universal ap-peal.

EMOTIVE STRINGS features the expert players of the Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra. Over five days of tireless recording, this scoring orchestra meticulously played each phrase together for a guaranteed level of precision, realism, and authenticity only a real orchestra can deliver – all captured in crystalline detail for cinema-ready sound

EMOTIVE STRINGS was developed by Dynamedion, to be the perfect complement to ACTION STRINGS and ACTION STRIKES. Together they are a powerful trio of instantly-playable, live-recorded orchestral phrase instruments. The perfect tools for fast, professional, and dynamic scoring.



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