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Ableton Live Tips & Tricks TUTORiAL

ilfsn | 31.08.2017 | 440 MB

3 Hours

“Ableton Live Tips & Tricks” is presented by remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan, whose remixes have reached #1 on the UK dance charts and placed high on US Billboard, DMC and Australia ARIA charts. In this series, Tim digs deep into his Ableton Live locker and shows you the tips and tricks he uses most when working in Ableton Live. Tim starts the series out with inspiring effect tricks that will improve your production’s sound and impact, then covers cool mixing and production tips designed to open new doors when working in Ableton Live. Finally, Tim wraps up the offering with important workflow suggestions that will speed up your production process and make your life in Ableton Live easier, more enjoyable and productive. Move your Ableton Live knowledge up a notch and improve your workflow and creativity with these awesome power packed tips and tricks from remix superstar Timothy Allan today.

Ableton Live Tips and Tricks TUTORiAL

Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X: 1 Audio Post Workflow TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Workflow, Tutorial, Post, Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X, Audio Post, Audio

Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X: 1 Audio Post Workflow TUTORiAL

P2P | 31 August 2017 | 1.92 GB

In film, sound is a crucial part of good storytelling. A film’s audio carries the information, data, and plotline of a movie to its audience. Although Final Cut Pro X has wonderful sound editing tools, there are many advantages to using a dedicated digital audio workstation (DAW) for your final mix. In this course, video editing pro Michael Towe looks at using Logic Pro X for doing just this. He covers what steps to take in Final Cut Pro X to prepare your footage, as well as how to export your film to Logic Pro X, import and mix your soundtrack in Logic Pro X, and then import and re-sync your soundtrack in Final Cut Pro X. Upon wrapping up this course, you’ll be better equipped to enhance your final mix by leveraging the tools in a DAW.

Topics include:
* What version of Final Cut Pro X should you use?
* Creating the 2-pop and tail pop
* Assigning roles in Final Cut Pro X
* Working with roles in the timeline
* Setting up your timeline for export
* Exporting to Logic Pro X via FCPXML
* Exporting to Logic Pro X AAF
* Working with the composite mix

Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X: 1 Audio Post Workflow TUTORiAL

Organic Techno WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Techno, Organic, MAGNETRiXX

Organic Techno WAV


Waveform bring a dark, deep, & groovy tech sound with this latest release, Organic Techno. 650+MB ready for the dancefloor this pack contains it all. From funky tech to the heavy big room techno sound no matter what your genre this pack has it all. Organic Techno stretches from music/synth loops, big subsynth basslines, driving teched-up and dubby beats, analog kick-free tops and percussive loops, trippy vox loops, mind-bending FX and drum hits.


  • Bass Loops – 32 deep and driving sub-smackers for maximum low-end power.
  • Percussion Loops – 31 rhythm-rocking tribal-infused grooves – some with variants.
  • Tops Loops – 68 kick-craving tech tops loaded with analogue shots, tribal hits and quirky circuit-derived sounds.
  • Music Loops – 21 afterhours leads, deep chords and dark riffs built to inspire.
  • Beat Loops – 77 tracky, techy, tribal-infused beatdowns bristling with depth and warmth. All offered with variants for complete arrangement control.
  • Vox Loops – 17 vocal cuts tweaked and processed with the trademark Waveform feel.
  • FX/Textures – 47 bending & morphed synths, noises, & more.
  • Drum Hits – 140 essential kicks, claps & snares, cymbals & hats and percussive hits to build your own beats from the ground up.
  • All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm and presented as 24-bit Wavs.

Organic Techno WAV

Automated Machinery MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 presets patches kontakt samples audio aiff, Tekno, Techno, MULTiFORMAT, Machinery, KRock, Industrial Tekno, Industrial, Hardcore, DNB, Automated

Automated Machinery MULTiFORMAT

TEAM KRock | June 05 2012 | 457 MB

Open fire on your DAW with Automated Machinery, a ruthless pack of menacing sounds to conquer the darkest sides of Industrial, Hardcore, DnB, and Industrial Tekno. From the heart of The Hague, Hardcore/Industrial heavy-hitter shapes raw, mechanical realms, threading captivating patterns with utter chaos. Automated Machinery is maxed out with more than 800mb of shattering sounds that reflect this ambitious producer, DJ, performer, and sound designer’s most cutting-edge creations. You’ll hear an onslaught of twisted loops, distorted kick drums, sharp percussion shots, and thunderous effects to mangle at will.

Tech Specs:

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 877.5MB


  • 21 Synth FX
  • 6 Fx Hits
  • 12 Sei2ure FX
  • 31 Hi Hat samples
  • 61 Basic Kicks
  • 28 Hardcore Kicks
  • 21 Weird Kicks
  • 72 Percussion Samples
  • 27 Snares
  • 15 Ambient Drones
  • 22 Lead Loops
  • 35 Misc Loops
  • 34 Percusion Loops
  • 91 Rex2 Loops
  • 91 Apple Loops
  • 5 Battery3 Kits
  • 2 Maschine Kits
  • 8 Kontakt Kits


Automated Machinery MULTiFORMAT

Detroit Sessions WAV MAGNETRiXX, wav samples audio, WAV, Sessions, MAGNETRiXX, Detroit, 125 BPM, 124 BPM, 122 125 BPM, 122 BPM

Detroit Sessions WAV

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 27 JUNE 2012 | 485 MB

Dark, downreaching underground Detroit techno, featuring rumbling sub basslines, dark thick synths, twisted vocal cuts, heavy grooves, & fresh sounding modern analog percussion.  Detroit Sessions is a forward-thinking modern fusion of cutting-edge techno & tech house, full-on Detroit floor-freakin’ techno monsters. Detroit Sessions packs in 900+MB of deep and dark music/synth loops, big subsynth basslines, driving teched-up and dubby beats, analog kick-free tops and percussive loops, drum fills, processed vox plus FX and drum hits.


  • Beat Loops • 81 driving & dubby tech/techno beats with heavy analogue warmth
  • Bass Loops • 50 deep and driving synth sub-smackers for maximum low-end power.
  • Music Loops • 70 afterhours leads, deep chords and dark riffs built to inspire.
  • Tops Loops •103 kick-craving tech tops loaded with analogue shots, fresh perc hits and quirky circuit-derived sounds.
  • Percussion Loops •55 rhythm-rocking analog perc-infused grooves.
  • Vox Loops • 12 raw dark techno vox loops.
  • Drum Fills • 20 precision programmed fills built to work with the beats straight out of the box.
  • FX • 55 bending & morphed synths, noises, & more
  • Single Hits • 71 Huge Analog Kicks, Claps & Snares, Cymbals & Hats, and Percussive hits.

All Loops are tempo labeled at 122, 124, &125bpm 911.8 MB
Detroit Sessions WAV-MAGNETRiXX

Ukulele Strum 2.0 KONTAKT EXS MiDi VON.G, wav midi patterns kontakt exs24 samples audio, VON.G, Ukulele, Strum, MIDI, Kontakt, Exs

Ukulele Strum 2.0 KONTAKT EXS MiDi

TEAM VON.G | 2014-03-23 | 595.42 MB

We sampled real strummed major and minor chords of an ukulele (upstroke and downstroke) recorded in stereo. It’s been sampled the same way as our acclaimed instrument StrumGTR Electric.


It’s divided in 5 octaves, so with the right hand you play downstrokes and with the left hand you play upstrokes:

  • • Major Upstrokes
  • • Minor Upstrokes
  • • Major Downstrokes
  • • Minor Downstrokes
  • • Noises


We also sampled, apart from the chords, fret noises, open strings and mutes. All with 5 velocity layers and 3 round robin (repetitions). With the purchase of this instrument we also include midi files with predefined patterns to help understand the way it works, you can use these patterns to build your own ones. For EXS24 and Kontakt 3.5 or superior. Full version of Kontakt required, Kontakt Player (free) will run in demo mode.


Tech Info :

  • • Major and Minor chords.
  • • Upstrokes and Downstrokes.
  • • Stereo WAV files 44.1 kHz 24 bits.
  • • Full natural decay.
  • • Recorded in stereo.
  • • HQ mics, preamps and converters.
  • • 5 velocity layers.
  • • 4 round robin (repetitions).
  • • Midi patterns included.
  • • For Kontakt and EXS24.
  • • Full version of Kontakt 3.5 or superior required. Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.
  • • 1.07 Gb installed.


Ukulele Strum 2.0 Update
New GUI, 2 mapping options, doubler with spread and delay controls, imaging, reverb and EQ.

Screencast here:

If you bought the library you will get an e-mail with the download link for the update.

Ukulele Strum KONTAKT MiDi EXS

Disco Strings Vol.2 WAV MiDi REX SiBELiUS FANTASTiC, wav sibelius rex2 presets patches midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Strings, Soul, Sibelius, RNB, REX, MIDI, House, Funk, Fantastic, Disco

Disco Strings Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 03 December 2015 | 1.66 GB


Disco Strings 2 is an emotive collection of orchestrated string sections guaranteed to make your productions stand out from the crowd. These authentic instrumental sounds will fit perfectly into any House, Disco, Funk, Soul and RnB track. A total of 60 string ensembles have been recorded here in two musical keys. Disco Strings 2 contains uplifting melodies, dramatic stabs and soulful chord progressions – with all the nuances, overtones and harmonics that only real instruments can bring. Pete has captured a sublime mix of Cellos, Violins and Violas, which have each been recorded with tremolos, glissandos and vibratos to add depth and character to the recordings. You will find full mixed versions of the arrangements that areready for direct use in your DAW, as well as the individual stripped down stems to combine and arrange how you see fit. The whole session has been recorded at the Classic Disco tempo of 120BPM making them also useful for House producers looking to add an air of sophistication and style to their productions.

In detail expect to find 2Gb of content comprising of 600 Loops delivered as 24Bit Wav files: 120 Full mix Loops, 240 Violin Loops, 120 Viola Loops and 120 Cello Loops. There are 600 Apple and 600 Rex2 Loops formatted for your Daw. As an added bonus Loopmasters have included 39 String runs, and 16 pull down One Hits. Recorded at 24 Bit, this collection delivers a richness and clarity unparalleled by synthesizers and impossible to recreate from samples alone.

– 24Bit 44.1kHz
– 600 Loops Total
– 240 Violin Loops
– 120 Cello Loops
– 39 String runs
– 120 Full mix Loops
– 120 Viola Loops
– 600 Rex2 Loops

Disco Strings Vol.2 WAV MiDi REX Sibelius-FANTASTiC

Sessions in Post WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Sessions, Post, P2P

Sessions in Post WAV

P2P | August 30 2017 | 388 MB

“Here are some sounds that can hopefully be useful: a winsome collection of processed field recordings and synthesis, made with care and shared with good intentions.” – Amon Tobinl

Sessions in Post WAV

Salva Clips Samples WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, SAMPLES, Salva, P2P, Clips

Salva Clips Samples WAV

P2P | August 30 2017 | 176 MB

Salva’s sample pack debut on Splice accompanies his “open-source” beat tape Clips. Clips is inspired musically from audio and movie clips, which you can hear in the 40-some odd minutes of various musical stylings like UK Grime, endless of southern trap, and bits of Cali, New York, Miami and Chicago all with an underlying 808 backbone. This sample collection consists of Salva’s favorite drum, percussion and fx. The concept behind Clips is a forward-thinking approach pushing a new “open source” music format where everybody is encouraged to collaborate and share content instead of being forced to illegally remix songs, which results in so much great underground music going to waste or never being discovered in the first place.

Salva Clips Samples WAV

Express Yourself MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches midi patterns nn xt massive kontakt exs24 battery samples audio, Tropical Bass, Trap, Reggaeton, Moombahton, House, Bass

Express Yourself MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 31 August 2017 | 1.16 GB

Express Yourself allows you to express your soul, and let it go, shake-shake your butt and lose control. Included is 1.6 GB of pure inspiration and experiments suitable for Trap, House, Moombahton, Tropical Bass, Reggaeton, Bass and more. Inspired by a wide range of different music from artists like Munchi, Diplo, Dillon Francis, Skrillex, Bro Safari, RL Grime, Happy Colors, Tropkillaz, Baauer, Flosstradamus, Drake, GTA, Valentino Khan and a lot more. All samples in this pack have been processed by HQ studio equipment like Avalon VT 747, Manleq Passive EQ, UAD-2, LA2A compressor, hardware synths like Moog Voyager, Virus TI, Korg MS2000, Korg M1, Roland V-Synth and mixed at professional studio on Focal Solo 6 BE and Dynaudio bm12.

• 1.59 GB
• 30 Bass Loops
• 60 Drum Loops
• 80 FX
• 80 Bass & Synth MIDI Files
• 6 Multi Kits
• 20 Bass Hits
• 20 Claps
• 10 Crashes
• 20 Hi-Hats
• 20 Kicks
• 50 Perc
• 10 Rides
• 20 Snare Rolls
• 20 Snares
• 20 Synth Shots
• 30 Vocal Shots
• 180 REX2 Files
• 52 Soft Sampler Patches for Battery, EXS24, Kontakt2.2+ & NN-XT
• 50 Synth Loops
• 40 Vocal Loops
• 10 Synth Presets for NI Massive

Express Yourself MULTiFORMAT


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