8 Bit Drum Hits MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz presets patches nn xt machfive kontakt halion exs24 samples audio ableton live, MULTiFORMAT, Hits, Fantastic, Drum Hits, Drum, 8 Bit

8-Bit Drum Hits MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 03 August 2017 | 9.8 MB

Winding the clock back to the early digital era, sound designer Soundbits offers up his retro arcade inspired collection of original 8 Bit one shot drum samples and effects. Perfect for chip tune, glitch hop or anyone looking for highly original, truncated sounds that cut through any mix.

This bargain collection of glitch drums samples 100% royalty free and available to download in Wav format, ready formatted with sampler instruments for EXS24, Reason, NN-XT, Kontakt, Ableton Sampler, Motu, MachFive, Steinberg Halion and SFZ.

Let’s Recap
•71 8-Bit drum samples
•Diverse selection of computer hits and FX sounds
•Perfect for Techno, Glitch Hop and Chiptune
•Sampler instrument patches

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/maDS
8-Bit Drum Hits MULTiFORMAT

55 LinnDrum MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz presets patches nn xt machfive kontakt halion exs24 samples audio ableton live, MULTiFORMAT, Linndrum, Fantastic, Drum Machine, 80s


FANTASTiC | 03 August 2017 | 4.6 MB

Now here is a classic drum machine if ever we saw one! The LinnDrum is a beast of a drum machine which helped define the sound of the 80’s. It weighs a ton and has a distinct lofi sound. This collection of 55 one shot drums sampled from an original machine is perfect for those looking to add some vintage digital character to their sound.

The samples come preloaded in your choice of sampler instrument, including EXS24, Reason NN-XT, Kontakt, Ableton Sampler, Motu MachFive, Steinberg Halion and SFZ. These 24 Bit Wav downloads are 100% royalty free.

Let’s Recap
•55 classic drum machine samples
•Multi-sampled from the iconic hardware
•Sounds including snares, hats, kicks and percussion
•Sampler instrument patches

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/91Co

45 Roland 626 and 707 MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz presets patches nn xt machfive kontakt halion exs24 samples audio ableton live, Roland TR 707, Roland TR 626, ROLAND, MULTiFORMAT, Fantastic, 80s

45 Roland 626 & 707 MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 03 August 2017 | 2.5 MB

Roll up, roll up! Gather round! Introducing to you ladies and gentleman; from a time long ago but still fond in our memories, the Roland 626 & 707. With a unique sound set combining the finest in 1980’s sample technology, the 626 & 707 drum machines offered the users a collection of delicious 12 bit 80’s drum sounds recreating such classic drums as the kick drum, the snare drum and everyones favourite, the hi-hat!

But joking aside, these two beauties have found a home with an eclectic range of artists from Aphex Twin to Vangelis, Nine Inch Nails to Jimmy Edgar, Luke Vibert to Moby and so many more!

Sampled meticulously from a set of freshly squeezed vintage drum machines, these Roland drum samples are guarantee to spice up any piece of music. We offer you the finest 24bit wavs & sampler instruments propelling these beauties right into the 21st century ensuring this is the sample library that no producer can live without.

The samples come preloaded in your choice of sampler instrument, including EXS24, Reason NN-XT, Kontakt, Ableton Sampler, Motu MachFive, Steinberg Halion and SFZ. All sounds and samples in this download are 100% royalty free.

Let’s Recap
•Classic Roland 626 & 707 sounds
•Multi-sampled hardware straight from the hardware
•Iconic kick, snare and hat samples
•24 Bit Wav samples

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/4fn0
45 Roland 626 and 707 MULTiFORMAT

56 Resampled Live Drums MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz presets patches nn xt machfive kontakt halion exs24 samples audio ableton live, Soul, Resampled, MULTiFORMAT, Live Drums, Live, Jazz, House, Hip Hop, Funk, Drums, Breaks

56 Resampled Live Drums MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 03 August 2017 | 4 MB

Calling all Hip-Hop producers, Funk guru’s and beat jugglers alike! This glorious collection of 56 resampled drum hits samples some of the greatest drums from the last 50 years. Prepare to embrace the crisp one shot drums of Funk, Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop in this multi-sampled delight. Expect to hear monstrous kicks, crisp precise snares, delicious vinyl hats and claps a plenty! Each with it’s own little nod to the past.

The sample pack comes pre formatted with playable sampler instruments including Ableton Sampler, EXS24, Kontakt, NN-XT, Motu Mach5, SFZ and Halion. All sounds are recorded in 24 Bit Wav and available to download 100% royalty free.

Let’s Recap
•56 dusty one shot drum samples
•Vast array of snares, kicks, hats and percussion
•Ideal for Hip Hop, Breaks, House and more!
•Sampler instrument patches

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/DpsB
56 Resampled Live Drums MULTiFORMAT

Vintage House MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches nn xt kontakt halion exs24 samples audio, Vintage, MULTiFORMAT, KRock, House, Disco, 70s

Vintage House MULTiFORMAT

KRock | June 10 2012 | 530 MB

A future classic in the making, Vintage House transports us back to an era of 909s and 101s, weaving together elements of authentic classic house with soul, disco and techno. Packing in 650+MB of jackin’ beats, pumpin’ bass and classic DX synths- the genre is revitalised with tight and punchy production for the demands of contemporary dancefloors. With deep chords, spacey synths, 70s disco slap bass, vinyl-styled music beds, whistlebump horns, dusky fills, monosynth FX and stacks of live and machine one-shots, Vintage House revives the raw energy of the heyday of house.

Download Contains:
– 1,012 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots
– EXS24, HALion, Kontakt and NN-XT sampler patches
– 12 page digital booklet (including hints and tips, kit list, folder guide and more).

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/WNBT
Vintage House MULTiFORMAT

Organic Synthetic MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz rex2 presets patches nn xt kontakt kong halion exs24 samples audio, Synthetic, Organic, MULTiFORMAT, Fantastic, 78 150 BPM, 78 BPM, 150 BPM

Organic Synthetic MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 01 August 2017 | 1.36 GB

Organic Synthetic, a masterful selection of sounds from this hot production duo, and the latest in our prestigious Artist Series. Every element inside is 100% Royalty free for your music! 1.79GB of sounds from their archive, with over 200 Loops, in excess of 400 One Hits and a load of dedicated Sampler patches to fill your creative boots! Mariobou State deliver lush musical elements with the warm, natural and expressive sounds of Piano, Strings, Guitars, Vocals and some glorious synthwerk from the Roland Juno and Sequential Circuits Prophet amongst others. Expert Percussion, shimmering FX and stomping Drums make up the rest of the sounds, with crafted textures and expert programming the order of the day. Contemporary Bass frequencies come in the form of Guitar, as well as Moogs, Organs and Volcas to ensure a rich range of fatness!

Superb collection of Drums, Bass, FX and Synth One Hits, ready to be sequenced in your DAW. Real world found sounds and field recordings have been included to bring an organic, textural element and breathe atmosphere and tension into the mix. Finally, 10 provided Multi Sampled Instruments will put the studio Synths of Maribou State in your hands – with the sounds of the MS200, Rhodes, Juno, Moog and more.

Over 100 Sampler Patches are included for your favourite DAW, with each one pre-formatted and immediately ready from download. Maribou State cast a broad musical net with tempos from 78-150BPM; ideal for 2Step, LA Beats, Electronica, House, Garage, Downbeat and Leftfield Genres.

In detail expect to find 1.79GB of content with 638 individual WAV files. 202 Loops are included with 33 Bass Loops, 56 Drum Loops [7 Full Drums and 49 Drum Loops], 12 Drum Parts, 8 FX Loops, 62 Music Loops and 31 Percussion Loops. 436 One Hit samples are included with 51 Bass Hits, 142 Tape Drums [27 Hats, 27 Kicks, 58 Percussion and 30 Snares], 34 Found Sound Drum Hits, 15 Field Recordings, 25 FX Hits, 5 Synth Multi Sampled Instruments [85 Samples], 5 Bass Multi Sampled Instruments [45 Samples] and 39 Synth Hits. 253 Rex2 Loops, 10 Kong Patches and 125 Sampler Patches for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Exs24 and Sfz.

•1.79 GB
•24Bit 44.1KHZ
•62 Music Loops
•56 Drum Loops
•33 Bass Loops
•31 Percussion Loops
•12 Drum Part Loops
•8 Fx Loops
•176 Drum Hits
•51 Bass Hits
•39 Synth Hits
•25 Fx
•15 Field Recordings
•5 Bass Multis
•5 Synth Multis
•253 Rex2 Files
•125 Soft Sampler Patches
•10 Kong

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/fM47
Organic Synthetic MULTiFORMAT

CREEP KiT XL WAV, wav presets patches midi patterns fl studio samples audio, XL, WAV, Kit, CREEP


P2P | 03.08.2017 | 1.5 GB


INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/CcaQ

Nu Wave and Disco MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz rex2 presets patches midi patterns nn xt kontakt kong halion exs24 samples audio, Wave, Soul, RNB, OVO, Nu Wave, Nu, MULTiFORMAT, House, Funk, Electro, Disco, 98 126 BPM, 98 BPM, 126 BPM

Nu Wave & Disco MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 01 August 2017 | 720 MB

Nu Wave & Disco is a dreamy collection of stylish samples laden with soul and sparkle for discotheques around the globe.  ‘Nu Wave & Disco’ comes with over 1 GB of content featuring loops, hits, sampler patches and REX2 files to use in your dancefloor productions. Fernando has lovingly crafted and captured the feel of his live recording sessions for this collection. With over 100 drum loops fusing the perfect mix of acoustic drumkits, percussion and analogue drum machines, this collection has the beats fully locked out. The melodic section of this sample pack features 60 shimmering synth hooks whilst the rhythm section is glued together with live funky electric bBass. Over 250 one-shot samples are included with bass, drums, synths and FX, each with their own sprinkle of Fernando’s production magic. 11 multi-sampled instruments are included so you can play the parts as they were originally intended, with 19 MIDI files to transpose, edit and transform your music immediately. A whopping 75 sampler patches and 264 REX2 loops are included to bring you an ever greater collection of sonic diversity.

‘Nu Wave & Disco’ comes at tempos from 98-126 BPM, making it ideal for Disco, Nu Wave, Funk, House, Soul, Electro and many other funky genres.

A rundown of the gear used in this pack is a synth enthusiasts dream. Roland Juno 106, Yamaha CS5, Oberheim Matrix, Dave Smith Tetra, Dave Smith Prophet 08, Fender Precision Bass, Fender Musicmaster Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Musicman Stingray Bass, Gibson Les Paul, Ampeg amp, SSl Preamp, SWR AMP, Boss DM-100 Analog Delay, Boss DR-55, Linn Drum, Roland TR-808 & 707, Elektron Analog Four and various percussion instruments were used in the creation of this Funk-laden pack.

• 1.03 GB
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz
• 58 Synth Loops
• 51 Perc Loops
• 35 Electric Bass Loops
• 30 Full Drum Loops
• 28 Top Loops
• 16 Synth Bass Loops
• 13 Kick Snare Loops
• 11 Drum Part Loops
• 2 Guitar Loops
• 1 Key Loop
• 64 Drum hits
• 27 Bass Hits
• 24 FX
• 19 Synth Hits
• 6 Bass Multis
• 6 Chord Hits
• 5 Synth Multis
• 264 REX2 Files
• 75 Soft Sampler Patches
• 8 Kong
• 19 MIDI Files

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/3nAO
Nu Wave and Disco MULTiFORMAT

Soul Tronic MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz presets patches midi patterns nn xt kontakt halion exs24 samples audio, Trip Hop, Trap, Soul, RNB, OVO, Neo Soul, Neo, Hip Hop, Fantastic, Electronica, Downtempo, 78 115 BPM, 78 BPM


FANTASTiC | 04 August 2017 | 831 MB

Soul Tronic – a soothing voyage over the electronic airwaves, forging Neo Soul with RnB to create a subtle yet electrifying fusion of sound! 100% Royalty Free content all the way; for your music, games and film productions – so slip inside our Soul Tronic sound now! Soul Tronic brings you 1.25Gb of inspiration, from Bass-heavy Subsonics to shimmering Top Loops – with punchy Drums, rich Pads, and warm Synths to generate the smoothest flow in town. Over 300 Loops are included, with every layer required for the ultimate electronic masterpiece – from layered Drums to sizzling Basslines, sharp Top Loops and the rich sound of the Rhodes, all tempo-synced to drop into your music. Defined by tight, crisp Beats, smooth Synths, and pitched Vocals – Soul Tronic is the perfect genre to lay back and get immersed in. In addition to Loops, Soul Tronic brings you over 200 one Hit samples, 324 Rex2 Loops and 69 Sampler Patches – with Basses, Drums, FX and Synths; primed for sequencing and playback in your DAW. An additional 29 MIDI files are included for melodic inspiration and variety from the word go!

Soul Tronic rolls in at 78-115BPM, making it suitable for Hip Hop, Trap, Soul, Trip Hop, Electronica and Downtempo Genres. If you’re a fan of artists like Anderson Pak, MOVEMENT, Majid Jordan, Rationale, Phoenix and the Flower Girl, Jamie Woon and SBTRKT – the Soul Tronic is just what you need!

In detail expect to find 1.25Gb of content with 532 individual 24 bit WAV files. 324 Loops are included with 67 Bass Loops, 32 Full Drum Loops,32 Kick Snare Loops, 25 Hat Loops, 22 Perc Loops, 46 Keys Loops, 28, 38 Synth Loops, 47 Top Loops, 7 Kick Loops, 4 Guitar Loops and 4 Vox Loops. 208 One Hit samples are included with 28 Bass Hits, 60 Drum Hits [13 Claps, 17 Hats, 16 Kicks and 14 Snares], 92 FX Hits and 28 Synth Hits. 324 Rex2 Loops and 69 Sampler Patches are included for SFZ, NNXT, Halion, Kontakt and Exs24.

•1.25 GB
•24Bit 44.1KHZ
•47 Top Loops
•67 Bass Loops
•46 Keys Loops
•38 Synth Loops
•32 Full Drum Loops
•32 Kick Snare Loops
•25 Hat Loops
•22 Perc Loops
•7 Kick Loops
•4 Guitar Loops
•4 Vocal Loops
•92 Fx
•60 Drum Hits
•28 Bass Hits
•28 Synth Hits
•324 Rex2 Files
•69 Soft Sampler Patches
•29 Midi Files

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/W9q5

Organic Future Hip Hop Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz rex2 presets patches nn xt kontakt kong halion exs24 samples audio, Trap, SAMPLES, Organic, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop Samples, Hip Hop, Future Hip Hop, Future, Fantastic

Organic Future Hip Hop Vol.2

FANTASTiC | 04 August 2017 | 847 MB

Organic Future Hip Hop Volume2 – a richly textured collection of Hip Hop samples and progressions for your next production! Chemo is back once again with another feast of original royalty-free content, with a balanced combination of live instruments and leftfield electronic processing. Organic Future Hiphop Volume2 takes the contemporary sound of Trap & Hip Hop, scaling back the more aggressive, synthetic elements in favour of natural-sounding melodies and warmth. Fusing traditional sounds with deep textures, Organic Future Hip Hop Volume 2 delves deep with lush layers of sound, brimming with life and depth. Inside you’ll find 12 song construction kits, each with lush Melodies, Bass and Drum parts which work together for an organic, ethereal groove. Each kit has a combination of Bass, Kicks, Snares, Hats, Full Drums, Musical elements, Percussion, Vocals and FX – each exhibiting rich analogue vibes enriched with dusty textures and tones. The Drum Loops are included as full mixes and layers to construct your own way – with melodic elements including Rhodes, Pianos, Synths, Plucked Strings and Pads, complete with warm effects and lo-fi processing. Included in this collection are 247 One Shot samples are also included to sequence and play in your tracks, 70 Sampler instruments and over 100 Rex2 Loops will expand your sonic reach into the future.

At tempos from 75-135BPM, Organic Future is ideal for Hip Hop, RnB, Trap, Soul and many other melodic downtempo genres. Taking influence from established acts including the OVO Production team (Drake), Mr Carmack and Kaytranada – Chemo delivers rich and diverse content across the frequency spectrum.

In detail expect to find 928MB of content with 341 individual 24 Bit Wav samples. 94 Loops are included with 12 Full Drums, 8 Basses, 5 Snares, 4 Kicks, 1 Clap, 6 Hats, 3 Subs, 9 Percussions, 3 FX, 2 Guitars, 9 Synths, 4 Drum Fx, 4 Vocals, 1 Piano, 2 Keys, 6 Atmospheres, 1 Wurli, 1 Rhodes, 1 Shaker ,4 Pads, 1 Accordian, 1 Thumb Drum, 5 Leads and 1 Mallet Loop. 247 One Shot samples include 22 Kicks, 13 Snares, 20 Hats, 8 Percs, 14 Pads, 26 Bass, 36 Synths, 5 Leads, 8 Subs, 12 Vocals, 12 FX< 6 Pianos, 3 Wurli, 2 Rhodes, 9 Bell, 8 Rims, 5 Xylophones, 4 Scrapes, 5 Blocks, 2 Claves, 2 Foley, 5 Drum Rolls, 3 Claps, 6 Atmospheres, 5 Leads and 4 Tambourines. 118 Rex2 Loops, 12 Kong Drum kits and 70 Sampler patches are included for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Sfz and Exs24.

•24Bit 44.1KHZ
•12 Construction Kit Tracks
•28 Music Loops
•16 Drum Part Loops
•12 Full Drum Loops
•11 Bass Loops
•10 Perc Loops
•6 Atmos Loops
•4 Vocal Loops
•4 Drum Fx Loops
•3 Fx Loops
•86 Drum & Perc Hits
•55 Synth Hits
•33 Bass hits
•12 Vocals
•12 Fx
•11 Keys Hits
•9 Bell Hits
•7 Guitar Hits
•6 Atmos
•5 Drum Rolls
•5 Xylophone Hits
•4 Scrapes
•1 Foley Hit
•1 Marimba Hit
•118 Rex2 Files
•70 Soft Sampler Patches
•12 Kong

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/jXZg
Organic Future Hip Hop Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT


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