Sampling on the MPC TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Sampling, MPC, ilfsn

Sampling on the MPC TUTORiAL

ilfsn | 31.05.2017 | 596 MB

Duration: 30 Minutes

Sampling is one of the fundamental features of the legendary Akai MPC Sampler/Sequencer, and a defining characteristic of Hip Hop production. This class will teach students the basics along with some tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout 10 years of MPC-based music production in the context of Hip Hop. This class is geared towards students that already have some basic experience with music production and want to grow their sampling skills.

This class will cover:
– Recording a sample
– Processing a sample
– Chopping/slicing a sample
– Building a program from your sample

Sampling on the MPC TUTORiAL

Songwriting for Complete Beginners, audio tutorials, Songwriting, Make, Learn, How To, How, Complete, Beginners

Songwriting for Complete Beginners

ilfsn | April 19 2017 | 1.52 GB

Learn how to Make your own Music Today

Learn and understand the Fundamentals and Ingredients of Music, Learn what Tools you need to get Started with Songwriting, Start Making your own Songs with all essential elements: Rhythm, Harmony and Melody. Is this Course for You?: Have you ever thought about learning how to make your own music, but don’t really know how to start. Then this course is perfect for you. What will You Learn?: In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of music, so that you can get started with making music yourself. Learn all the ingredients of music, the tools you need to get started, and get actionable tips on how to practice what you learn, and then create your own music.

Anyone can Make Music
Music is not rocket science. It is art, and it comes from your heart and soul. I truly believe Everyone can make music. Why? Because Music is really just a mix of Rhythm, Melody and Harmony. It really is that easy, so you can do it to! =)

Start Making your own Music Today
Are you ready to learn how you can make your own music, without having any prior knowledge? Just click the enroll button, and I am waiting for you in the next video. Soon you will be able to Make your own Music and Songs.

Who is the target audience?
– This Course is for Creative People who want to Learn how to Make Music
– This Course is for Curious People with no prior knowledge of Music/Songwriting

Songwriting for Complete Beginners

Create A Hip Hop Song in Garageband TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Song, P2P, Hip Hop, GarageBand, Create

Create A Hip Hop Song in Garageband

P2P | July 17 2016 | 625 MB

Learn the basics of how to produce, write, and record a Hip Hop song in Garageband! Garageband Tutorial: Create a Hip Hop Song in Garageband! Do you want to produce your own hip hop tracks, lyrics, and instruments? Have you always wanted to make a hit song, but found that recording and producing it to be difficult and time consuming? Did you open Garageband on your computer only to feel overwhelmed by all the tools and buttons in the software?

What this course is about:
This Garageband course is here to help you build out your own complete hip hop song within Garageband for the Mac. This amazing piece of software can help you create a variety of different hip hop tracks, and this is just the course to get your started!

Garageband is very easy-to-use software for creating beats, music, instrumentals, drum tracks, and even melodies. Garageband has an extensive resource of libraries and presets to get you up and running in no time. It lets you have complete control over audio adjustments so you can get the right sound you’re looking for.

You will learn everything, from the basics of writing a hip hop song to the fundamentals of this software. By the end of this course, you will have a complete understanding of how to create your own beats, lyrics, melodies, as well as edit, mix, and master it down into an audio file you can share with the world.

Create A Hip Hop Song in Garageband TUTORiAL


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